Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Update and Some Randomosity!

The blog has been pretty lame lately and I apologize. I have been working a lot. So here are some updates in bullet point fashion :

  • Grizas, is doing well! I have updated my website with the new updates made to the ikid. I have had to get rid of 1 engineer ( who was a fellow AU alum and total disappointment) and 2 manufacturers in this process. It has been a nightmare trying to get it made but I feel like I may finally be on the right track and working with the right people. 
  • Grizas is now on and will be on shortly. the way it works in retail is you need to prove yourself with good sales online before they give you floor space in the brick and mortar stores. HOWEVER. we are in talks with some very large retailers so I am super excited about all that but as always I feel like I can never tell y'all about any of it because it needs to be for real first.
  • I spent the entire day yesterday getting things tagged and ready for consignment sales. I LOVE consignment season and am excited about it, but am also starting to realize that the older they get, the less you have to consign and the less you need to buy so that takes some of the fun out of it. 
  • I am caught  up on MadMen and started watching Friday Night Lights on netflix. It is a really good show! I wish I had seen it before football season because maybe it will make me enjoy football more. 

  • Yesterday was the first day my cubs has been off work in a while so he spent it with peebs and I did some chores. I also went to my guilty pleasure Goodwill and had a blast. I got several brand new LLBean Boat Totes. Most were monogrammed and just FYI you can rip out a monogram from those very easily in about 5 minutes with a seam ripper. I was recently telling someone about my trips to the Outlet and how it works and cracked myself up with how absolutely CRAZY I sounded!  I am starting to learn how they work over there, and prime example would be yesterday. I scored about 20 printer cartridges. In the beginning when I started going there I did notice a girl going around with a ziplock bag ransacking printers for cartridges and thought it was odd, but assumed it was for her crack habit or something. Then last week my printer girl at Staples told me they buy used cartridges for $2! Well heck, I am already digging around may as well grab those too and so I did! ha

Last week I spent about 5 days in a haze convinced I was pregnant. I was late, which never happens! The first 24 hours of being late I was like, "cool" and started looking at maternity clothes online. The next day, I woke up and I was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The novelty of being pregnant had worn off and I was terrified!! I started thinking of all the things I wanted to do and get done and how that would never happen. I also started eating sushi for every meal, as I knew that was about to be over! You never notice how much easier life gets with your toddler, until you relive in flash backs all the sleepless nights and so forth! 
Anyway as I say, I was 5 days late, and so all is well now and I can relax. I have NO idea how I plan to get my other 2 children to this world, as much as I hate being pregnant.

and to make this even funnier, When Erik and I talk about this he says all he remembers is how much " I loved being pregnant" but all I remember is how bitter, mean and ANGRY I was. I was like on fire 24-7 and uncomfortable because of the extra 70+lbs.
 Now how in the world can we have such different versions of what it was like? It's absurd.

SO I was pre-occupied in all of that dramaz, was running around doing all my fun interest projects because I just knew they would not last long if I was preggars, and blogging was on the back burner.

Hooray for a new week. Lets pray for some warm weather again so my boy can play outside. We are planning our new garden now!

Oh and Friday Night we had a birthday dinner for CB at City House and it was so fun and so good!


Anna said...

So excited for you and Grizas! Can't wait to see what's next.

Mad Men is back in March!!!!

grizaham said...


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