Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Project: DIY Pottery Barn Kids Toy Shelves

This weekend, I talked my bubs into helping me with a project . GAH it's been SO long since we did a project and I miss that stuff. Generally the way we approach any project is with me full of ideas and spark, and Erik full of realism and not too confident in his abilities. Good thing I know what his talents are! I also knew that if I could just get him going he would get into it and do a beautiful job and that he did! 
I was catching up on my blogs and glimpsed this in the background of a bloggy pic On Bower POwer:
and was instantly coveting that toy organization. Little did I know, but read on later that she made those, fashioned after the pottery barn kids "Cameron Cubby Storage system". She printed off plans from Ana White's site and edited them a smudge. I prefer her version because she covered the bottom of the units with a door and self closing hinges.

And before Erik was even awake, I had printed of the instructions and planned our day out. I set off to Home Depot and had them cut all the wood out. I planned to make 2 of the units, which was probably best financially because they cut huge pieces of wood to get all the parts and so you either have a bunch of scrap wood on hand, or 2 units. All in all it costs me about $200 to make 2 units. I will break down all the costs later ( and add that info to the bottom of this blog) because that will vary for different people depending on what you have on hand and if you choose to add doors and hardware.

We did all of this inside as it was cold and nasty outside. Erik built them in the kitchen and I painted them in the living room. 

It took him no time to build these, but it took me pretty much 2 full days of sanding, puttying and painting.  That would be my biggest piece of advice for this whole project if you are considering it. The smoother your work surface, the easier it is to paint and the better it looks.  I realized after my first coat that all of the seams of the wood needed some putty in order to have a nice finished look and no black cracks or gaps in the paint. Here is a pic of what I mean:

If you add putty in these crevices, then when you paint it is all just solid and perfect looking. Obviously it shows up much better since I was painting these white. If you are staining them dark then not such a big deal.  I used a paint and primer in one in contractor white and used almost the whole gallon! 

I also used this wood colored Elmer's wood putty. You can see below in the pic where i puttied and sanded over the screws so you can barely see them and it makes a smooth surface for painting.

It was super labor intensive but worth every bit of the work. They have changed the entire room and I love how easy it is to organize and clean now. We still  need to add the cabinet doors to the bottom. I also need to purchase bins to go in some of the cubbies. 

So here is the semi-finished product. I can't decide if we should add the doors on the bottom or just used pretty matching bins? I am looking for some now and will decided that soon and post new pics once it has been completed and styled!


{annie_loo} said...

This looks great!!!!! We have some bins from Target that I really like. There are no doors but we did some baskets that hide the mess!

Anna said...

That's amazing! They look fabulous!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...


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