Saturday, February 25, 2012

Straight to the Crazy House....

Remember those post from me and other blog moms who talk about the "tears of tired momma" when you are in the newborn phase? Well... this is kind of like that except it is a mix of a toddler who can't shake off the germs and some terrible twos coming to roost.
Erik has been working a lot lately ( he is a nurse so he works weekdays and weekends 12 hour shifts) so I have been home bound with the boy being sick and on single parent duty a lot lately. I may be close to losing my mind. (that's not a jab at bubs, he is working extra hard to save money to take us on a special trip) 

anyways.. our day goes kind of like this:

wake up happy
breakfast? yes I think I will have some
Augmentin NONONONONONO! SCREAM! ( me hold him down while I fight his fierce 35lbs and squirt the medicine down his throat)
cry cry cry

Oh Mickey Mouse Club house? YES MOMMA . smile. dance a jig. watch Mickey and snuggle
play... maybe?
change my diaper. NONONONONO scream, kick, maybe hit his head in the process. Kick Kick KICK me right in the gut.
Once off the diaper table, he thinks he can handle life again.
all is well. 
Lunch? "Yes I am hungry!" ( tries to climb into his high chair).. bring out the first course ( mash or yogurt) NONONONO $&^%&*()*NO. Cry, flail, try to knock the high chair over while still in it. Smack the spoon sending mushy food flying everywhere. Then take his hands and finger paint the high chair with what he got on his hands.
Exit the high chair , lay in the floor for  a tantrum.
Get up, smile, try to climb back in the high chair . 
Start over.. next food try something solid and finger food like.. NONONONONONONO SCREAM.  flail, try to knock the high chair over while still in it .
Violently throws all the food that I just slaved over and cut up to the floor for Ralphie.
Commences screaming and trying to throw his back out.
Exit the high chair and have fit laying in the floor. The tantrum is so major that he kicks himself clear into another room. ( all while laying on his back)

and so on and so on. Dinner is the same except we have to have more medicine after dinner so. yeah. that again.

We have not really gone anywhere because I don't want to spread germs, although I do not think we are contagious anymore at this point in the game ( I say "we" because we have both been sick), We try to stay at home unless we must go somewhere.
..... and we both go to bed exhausted at night. I think we are equally happy about hitting the mattress since he does not make a peep when I put him to bed. 

I think I am going crazy. I find myself toward the end of the day losing my patience and becoming super annoyed. The house is a WRECK. 
Thank goodness, sickness will eventually leave and we can go back to good health, however the attitude problem I feel like is gonna need some work.  Either he feels terrible from his medicine, or demons have taken him over.
So I guess when he is well again we are gonna have to start some baby boot camp up in here with his eating habits and tantrums. Either that or I am gonna have to learn how to start an IV, go buy a box of wine and hook that sucker up while I lay in the floor convulsing from the mind blowing experience of a screaming toddler 98% of the day who may or may not have dis-located my nose with his sippy cup when that milk didn't taste like he thought it should.

Ok, Off I go to clean up the 87 pieces of diaper that Ralphie so considerately stole from Susannah's kids and left in the closet for me. sweet.


The Macons said...

OH Lord abby jesus I could have written this myself! Girl I feel ya! Stay strong as I have no advice. Love ya'll and miss ya tons!

The Macons said...

And that was supposed to say BABY jesus, not abby....

Julie Bray said...

Yikes! Unfortunately I know how you feel. Ben went through that about 2 months ago..... We did a bit of hard love which like you said, is hard if not impossible and unfair while he is sick. but we just had to do it. And eventually Ben got over it. Now, he still throws his fair share of tantrums and fits, but he understands the threat of time out and that is currently working well. I fear that will not last forever tho.... one day at a time....

As far as the food goes, we ended up always providing one thing we know he likes at each meal and he was really trying to just feed himself. He got mad if he wasn't eating what we were eating and how we were eating it. It helped a lot to sit down and eat with him, not sure if you are doing that...

Can't wait to hear about the fun trip you are planning. I much needed and deserved trip!!!

Erica said...

So sorry Laura! I hope things look up SOON. It can be so trying, It really does get so much easier. Once they understand the if/then and the concept of wait, it's so much better. Time-out is what worked for us. We also never force food, if she doesn't feel like eating we don't make a big deal, which I think has cut down on a lot of tantrums that I read about.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Ugh, I am so, so sorry. Yikes and a half. I'm guessing that you're probably right - he's likely no longer contagious and it's OK to take him out if you guys are going stir-crazy. I'll be thinking of you guys and hoping that this passes soon. Just keep thinking of that fun trip!

Cory Holder said...

I agree with guys need to get out of the house. It will help your mood out just to have a change of scenery.

We are having food battles also. My new what ya want kiddo, that's what you are getting. He'll eat when he is ready. Once this sickness goes away maybe Fenn's tummy will feel like eating better again.

Hang in there...this parenting stuff is wonderful and frustrating all in a 20 minute span. One day they will be going to prom, leaving for college and getting married. It will flash right by. Enjoy the sweet and sour. I'm tasting these words this morning as I peed with a wailing newborn in my arms this morning. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yikes mama, that sounds like some rough goings around the Grizas household. I hope it gets better for you - saying prayers that Peebs gets healthier and your sanity stays with you. I also think this points to needing Convench sooner rather than later!!

ml said...

Hey girl. I got several discipling tips from some books that I think really helped me with MA. He is not too young to discipline (lovingly, of course) and this is the age that you really need to start because it only gets harder later. Text me if you want book recommendations or a little advice! And yes, I promise MA can be a piece of WORK sometimes.

ml said...

Yeah, that should say "discipline." Not "discipling"

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