Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Speech Therapy Appointment!

Today was our first appointment with the speech therapist for Peebs! It was for screening to see if he was indeed in need of speech therapy.
 It all went really well. Right when she got here he clapped and got down and started moon walking for her. She thought that was hilarious. 
She asked a lot of questions about his lack of shyness, which scared me some. She asked how he differentiates his behavior with  us (parents) as opposed to say friends, family or strangers. That was kind of hard to answer. The only thing that came to mind is he shows out for other people, but not for us.

She played some games with him, like putting tape on the floor and asking him to walk on it in a straight line. 
She asked him to look for objects in a picture.
She asked him to play cup stacking and she would hide things under the cup and move it to see if he followed the object. 
She would give him commands and see if he followed them etc . 
She asked me lots of questions about how he does this or that.

So in the end, she basically said that she thought he was 2 yrs old when she made the appointment. The doctors office told her his birthday was Feb 28, 2010 ( not July 28). When I told her that he was 1.5 then she more or less said she didn't need to come at all because he is not showing any abnormal signs for 18 months. She said some kids can do more and some less but that he was pretty average with his speech and communication.

She said if by 2 yrs old we were in the same place then to call her but she expects him to change alot between now and then. She showed me his scores ( pictured above) and said that he passed all screening areas except "adaptive behavior" and the reason he did not pass that was because:
 he kicks his shoes off instead of undoing the velcro, 
and that he does not eat with a utensil. 

I told her that we rarely give him the chance because it is so messy and she said we need to start letting him try. She also said I need to start making him ask for things rather than catering to him. She said he def knows what is going on and that he has very high cognitive and social developments.
Translation: he is working his momma! He knows he can get what he wants by grunting etc so why should he do anything different?
 I have to train myself to make him ask and communicate for things instead of anticipating his needs. Giving in is much easier and I am guilty of that! 
This is more or less what I thought about his development all along, but it was good to hear my motherly instincts validated.

I asked her if my lack of teaching and drilling him was responsible for his lack of talking and she said no. Which was a relief.

We have never really discussed this on the blog I guess, but part of my parenting style is that I am against drilling small children or pressuring them into learning too much too fast. I  feel like their childhood is so brief, and I want it to be fun and carefree, until school age comes around. I could go on and on about why I feel this way and give you some data, but I will just leave it at that and say no judgment to anyone who does it differently, that is just my own personal style. 

Once this speech thing came around, I was concerned that my parenting style had effected his development but she assures me that it is not that, but more of a personality issue of my boy, where he is very relaxed and laid back about basically everything (but food). 

So all is good! It was VERY interesting and I am glad we did it and I am relieved to know that he is indeed fine and normal and that I am not a terrible mother after all! 


The Macons said...

Now come on, we all KNEW you are a great Momma! Glad to see Peebs did well. Hope to see ya'll soon, Bham trip needs to be in the works. When is E off for a weekend?

grizaham said...

gurl i am still carefreeeeeeeeeee thanks to my parents......
peebs getting the good grades already.

macon i can bee off anytime. just looking at hangout festie in may..


Cory Holder said...

You are a great momma bear LG and glad to hear that the appointment went well! Love that little guy..he's a good little buddy! :)

Susannah said...

Everyone has their own styles and you are doing a great job momma! Can't wait to see y'all on the 23rd!

Michelle C. said...'re an awesome mom, LG! I'm a big proponent of using play as a learning tool. Young children (especially at Peebs' age) learn so much through play. Keep up the great work, Mom...and Dad!! :)

Phala said...

Laura, I promise there's nothing to worry about! Harper wasn't saying hardly any words at 2, so we had her in speech therapy for a while. It basically involved some focused time in her high chair with the therapist, who brought lots of different toys, bubbles, etc. and would try to get Harper to sign the words and then say them, and make that connection. She only had maybe 4 or 5 sessions, and then she really started talking more (I think partially just due to getting older.) Now she's almost 7 and I can't get her to be quiet!
I know that it can be really frustrating, though, to have a toddler that knows exactly what he wants to tell you but can't always communicate! But you're doing everything you can just takes time, and then all of a sudden he'll start talking up a storm!
All 3 of mine started talking at very different times, so it has nothing to do with parenting style! They're just all different! :)

Beach Bum & Baby said...

You are SUCH an awesome mama!! Don't ever doubt yourself!!! And hun I am with you on the not drilling these kids. No flashcards in my house!!
I feel like Trey learns best by us talking about everything as we go - like "look a red slide!""a green turle""can you STEP?" etc. I feel like I'm constantly talking but not in a bad way - just letting him know whats going on around us!!
And ugh the utensils. You have to let him. JD and I fight about this. He gets so mad about the mess Trey makes but each day it gets better. (and I clean it - so what's the issue... anyways...) He actually PREFERS eating with a fork himself now, which is crazy. I had to order an on the go set of silverware from eco mom about 2 months ago so we always had his size stuff when we went out to eat!!!

No stress friend, Peebs is doing great and SO ARE YOU!!! xoxo

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