Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a little Thursday Randomosity...

Let me start by saying it has been a FABULOUS day in Nashville today. Warm, beautiful weather that has me blasting music and in a fantastic mood. My sickle boy and I took to the yard today for some play time and it was awesome, but let me also say that our back yard is GROSS. I found a number of disgusting things back there. For one, today is the first time i really realized that our dogs actually DO poop outside! Albeit on special occasions ( we just had valentines day) but I thought they saved that for our bath rug. Anyway... gonna have to work on that situation before we roll around in the grass again! We got lucky today. He tried out his new sandbox and really enjoyed it!

We strolled around in the car and in the stroller. I love having neighbors that we enjoy so much. We have several great neighbors over here. I think this picture is SO cute because peebs is congratulating our neighbor Chad on his upcoming child. Today was an exciting day for them!

Did you guys realize that the instagram app is social? I had NO idea. I had no idea that I had friend requests or when people could or could not see my pictures. Thanks to JessiDesign for the quick tutorial because I enjoy it so much more now! It is like a visual twitter! I love seeing pics of people's days. 
Anyway I am lg2006 on there if anyone is interested!

Our house is still yucky! I took Peebs back to the doctor the other day because he had a bad fever again. Turns out his ear infection had not gotten any better, so he got a new antibiotic. UGH. This joker hates taking medicine these days and it has gotten so bad that just when we walk into the kitchen he starts a MAJOR meltdown, which is making it hard to get him to eat. In fact he has eaten very little in the last few days.  I am ready for us to all be well again. 

I searched high and low but I finally found the last bin to complete my shelves for the playroom. ( I got them all at Target) and printed labels from the BHG Website that is pinned on pinterest. Loving it so far! Still gotta add the doors to the bottom. But this has given me project fever! I Have so many new projects I want to start! 
I saw this today at Goodwill and think it would be so fun to refinish! It would be so PURTY white!

I swear I love pinterest! It has inspired me to do sooo much! The best thing is that I have been so lame in the kitchen for  my whole life ever, and the problem was I never knew "what" to cook. Now I have new ideas every week and have been menu planning. It makes me feel so good about myself when I cook for my family! 
One of the recipes I tried and really loved was this chicken with roasted veggies

So that is what's happenin with us! What's up with y'all?


Marilyn Bell said...

I think that thing would be purtier espresso brown or matte black.

Anna said...

I am loving this weather too! Great pics of you and Fenn! And I'm super jealous of your Goodwill find, as usual.

Tiny Ocean said...

i fiiiiinaly got an iphone and am totally going to follow you and fenman on instagram. Great to see all your updates on your family. And I love all the tidbits on the iphone. I'm learning so much!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Aww, so sorry that he's still sick! And I know what you mean about Pinterest. My meal planning these days is done entirely on there. It's so easy and convenient :-)

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