Thursday, February 9, 2012

FitBit : A Review and Informative

Have you guys heard of the fitbit? I remember hearing about them in like 2007 before they ever hit the market and I wanted one so badly.. then years go by and I forget about it. Well my mom and dad recently got them and have been taunting us with it.  Now Erik, I and my aunt have all jumped on the band wagon. It is fun because we can compare our stats every day:

Mom: " It only took me 6 minutes to fall asleep last night"
Me: " Took me 8 minutes and I woke up 12 times!"

See it monitors your sleep! ( see pic below)

And it also monitors your activity which is super fun because I had no idea what a work out I was getting around this house, although I can sure feel it in my body every night when I am exhausted!  I only wish it would allow me to notate that I do most of this with a 34lb weight in my arms!

Now that I have something count the stairs and reward me for climbing them one bajillion times a day, I don't mind them so much ..
Pre-FitBit " Awww man, I left my computer upstairs. Will you go get it bubs? PUHLEASE? Dang, I guess I will go get it."

Post Fitbit " I left my computer upstairs. Sweet, now I can log ANOTHER flight of stairs!" HA 

** I may or may not be exxagerating that excitement for going up the stairs ***


Cheryl E. said...

My husband has a chance to get one through his work and we keep going back and fourth about it. This does look so cool. You might have sold me on it!

The Macons said...

Oh man this looks cool! I need to invest! How do you wear it when you sleep? Although maybe I don't want to know how many steps I DON'T take while sitting at my desk! It would be cool for running. Tell Erik to wear it running and show me some of his stats!

Anonymous said...

I need one too!! Where did you buy yours?? I am such a numbers nerd - I love it!

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