Friday, February 24, 2012

Current Loves:

She sure is pretty for a crackhead! and I love all her shades for Rimmel! Totally affordable and chic! She also said in an interview that she will sometimes apply it with her fingertip to achieve a more stained look and less color which does look marvelous!

Jurlique is a brand I stumbled onto in 2005 when a Spa in Vail used it for a facial. It is AMAZING. I can't always afford it but I did get some for my winter skin and it feels so wonderful! Sephora started selling it a year or so ago.

These tops from Victoria Secret Catalogue. They have built in bras which is heaven for me since I hate wearing a bra. They are cute too and will be super comfy for Summer.  I have a green one I bought in 2005 that I still wear a lot every summer and it is WORN out so I finally decided to order some new ones. The ruffled bottom one was not as cute on me as it looked in the picture ( surprise surprise) .. ... 

Well that is it for now! I am late posting today because like an idiot I took some cold medicine last night that woke me up at 1am and had me wired like a crackhead. It was absolutely terrible, and i did not get any more sleep last night past 1am so I am exhausted today! 
Looking forward to my hooch Susannah arriving today with her 2 kiddos! Also Sunday we are taking our kids to a brunch with lots of lady bloggers who are in town from Blissdom! So excited!


Britney said...

I just bought some of that lipstick in a red. I've been dying to try the trend, and the price was perfect! I can't wait to try the finger trick! Very cute tops! I love shopping for spring/summer stuff!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I use the exfoliator of that same brand and love it. Next, I always circle so many of VS tank tops from the catalog as I swear by their swimsuits, but have never tried them. Love love the white and pantone orange (did you know that's 2012 color of the year?!?). You look SO great girl and super toned! Do you mind asking what size you get as I've never tried theirs and curious what I would be to fit my boobies ;)

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