Friday, February 3, 2012

The Challenges of Feeding a Toddler

Lately, I feel like I have been letting a lot of things slide b/c of the  Holidays... sickness.. whatever. 
"Sure you can have fig newtons for dinner" sort of mentality. It is driving me nuts, but also paralyzing because I have no idea what to feed the little dude ( that he will eat).
If I feed him simple cooked and chopped veggies or fruits then he will learn to eat simply and be picky. If I give him tasty treats he will learn to eat diverse foods, that are unhealthy and too processed. .....
Finally what I decided I would do, is figure out what he likes to eat often, and make it myself in bulk and freeze it so that he can eat what he likes, and it will taste good/be heathy but also it would not be super labor intensive at each feeding.

Top of that list is Homemade Waffles and Veggie Tots.  My boy loves a good waffle. I also have bought some of the Happy Babies veggie tots in the frozen food section at Publix. The week that I bought food like that for him at the grocery store my grocery bill was literally DOUBLE! Those things are over $6 a box!  They also have a much longer ingredient list that I was expecting.

I found this video on youtube of this guy making them and it was pretty simple!

I shallow fried mine, which if I had it to do over again I would either break out my fryer or bake them because I had to turn them so much to even out the crispy on all sides.
I also probably would add a smudge of cheese, some spices and spinach on the next go round. The price difference is about 5:1. You could make 5 boxes worth for what one box cost in the store. 


Linzy said...

I'm not gonna lie, those look pretty dang tasty. I will have to try to make these!

Emily S said...

You are amazing! I will have to try these (I'm 99.9% sure I couldn't find the packaged version in Monroeville if I tried).

Julie Bray said...

We just give Ben whatever we are eating. It's healthy and balanced meal and he learns to eat with us and what we eat. No need for all that extra work and cost!

Keeps us eating balanced healthy meals too...!

At this age their teeth are able to chew most everything we eat- only rare minor adjustments when needed.

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