Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Fenn Turns 19 Months Old!

This month has really marked the transition of my little baby into a little boy! I do not know why, maybe it is because he wears jeans all the time now instead of jammers, or maybe it is because he is starting to talk and stuff like that? It has certainly not been without it's challenges.

Sometimes he likes to go stand straight up against a wall? See below:

Height : 34" (Last check in)
Weight: 34 lbs.
Head : larger than life.

Clothes Size: 2T in most things. He can stills wear 2T Jammers but he needs 3T in Tshirts and jeans now. Shoes are still an 8 but they are starting to get small!

Milestones: TALKING! finally! When I say talking I mean, he not just says words or syllables but knows what/who they are.  Momma and DaDa are his 2 most used phrases. He does not do it a ton, he is still signing LOTS. He has kind of melded together his "more" and "help me" signs and does that when he wants something, but then I have to try and guess what he wants. When I get it wrong he almost loses his mind. (until we started disciplining the melt downs)

- He seems more interested in TV these days. He has always check out out when he played but not for very many minutes or seconds at a time. He now will sit and almost watch a full episode of Mickey Mouse Club House! and now you are wondering why I am excited he likes TV? ha well I want to be able to take this joker to Disney movies ! I can't wait till he cares enough to watch one of those.

- Dancing! I have been wanting him to dance forever and now he finally does and it makes me LAUGH so much! He will do it at the most random times too. 

Baby Gear : 

Toys : His favorite toys right now are: Fisher Price Little People Race Track , his SANDBOX, his playhouse, BALLS !!!!! any and all balls . He really loves all his fake food too, although he doesn't treat it as though its food, its more like bullets, or missiles or whatever. 

Books : He has reached the point where he is VERY opinionated about the books we read and now likes to read the same ones OVER AND OVER again. His current books on repeat are:
Easy Street and Sleep Baby Sleep

Diaper Bag: Just using my purse these days. Diapers and Snacks

Eating: Ugh. Working on that. Now that my boy is on the mend we will have a show down over his eating and I will only offer healthy stuff and he will have to miss meals until he eats what he is given.

Sleeping: Great. napping twice a day most days for an hour each time.

Teeth: Mouth FULL

Diapers: Back on the cloth! Going well and is super easy but they are still pretty tight around the ham hocks.

Discipline: Yowsa! This will require a separate post. The gist is that he is having a lot of frustration over not being able to talk and so he acts out. I have been having to place him in a time out spot to wail away until he learns that is not an OK way to act. It took him about 1.5 days to curb all that fit throwing and it has actually been so wonderful for me not having to navigate or fear his tantrums anymore. 

He likes to call this his "sexy jeans model pose" HA jk but i thought it was hilarious
Look at that BELLY!

** Don't mind our scroungy yard clothes. I like for him to wear junk clothes and shoes out back because of all the dirt and sand**


grizaham said...

happy 19 fenn!
doing great.

Linzy said...

what a handsome little man!

suzy hammons said...

Love it! Time for another! (just kidding laura......chill!

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