Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Fenn is 18 months old!

 Height : 34 inches (92.95%)
Weight: 33lbs 13 ounces ( 99.98 %)
Head : 19.88 inches (99.05%)

WOW! I can not believe my boy is closing in on 2 years old! Our Pedi warned us that "Terrible Twos" really start at 18 months and boy was he right!  He seems pretty frustrated these days when he can not communicate his wishes ( and I am not catering to his every grunt so that he actually needs to talk) which can lead to the Mother of all Tantrums:

Generally the run down is : He wants something or I have taken something away from him that is inappropriate to play with ( i.e. nail polish) and he responds with a  huge dramatic show of unhappiness that lasts about 20 seconds. 
(MOST OF THE TIME. The video above was a clip from a 20 minute tantrum.)
I usually just lay him on his back in the floor ( because he thrashes around so, I don't want him to injure himself) and once he sees no one is paying attention he will either get up and go play, or he will run over and hurl his angry body in my lap.
Then I try not to laugh.

Clothes Size : His feet grow EVERY week. Now in size 8 shoe, which is a smidge big but I did that on purpose so he would wear them longer than 2 weeks.  He can still wear some 2T stuff but most of it is getting too small. 3T Jammers, some 4T shirts but still 2T or 3T pants.

Milestones : Mostly he is just perfecting his previous skills. His little brain has changed a lot.  for instance he used to thoughtfully work on puzzles or shape sorters and now he whizzes through them putting things in the correct place from memory without having to study each piece, each time.  Crazy to see how easily he does those things now. He is not talking at all yet, just babbling still but he has started communicating his thoughts  for instance going to his high chair and trying to climb into it when he wants to eat. Signing "more" when he wants more of anything, he uses that signal more in play than in food situations.

Baby Gear : Just the highchair and stroller really. He will still ride in the stroller without too much problem thank goodness because he is TOO heavy to carry around.

Toys : He is really enjoying books, and has started bringing them to us all throughout the day now instead of just art bedtime. This Fisher Price Car Track thingy, he is back into his incrediblock again, and some random little people villages I have on his train table. Still really enjoys his rocking chair and his grocery cart with all the plastic food in it.

I am dying for some new books! Any suggestions? He still really likes the same ones the Dolly Pardon peeps send him but Momma is tired of reading the same stuff all the time.  He loves lift the flap books and I only have one so would love any suggestions for that as well 

Diaper Bag 
I am pretty much down to just carrying diapers in my purse. Sometimes a snack and a sippy. I ordered a purse organizing insert from easy with zippy cup straps in it so I don't spill milk in my good handbag.

This is a crazy topic, daily. Sometimes he eats great, sometimes not at all. Sometimes he eats table food, and sometimes he eats mash. He will eat ethnic food which I am proud of, but I worry that he has TOO MUCH dairy in his diet.  I don't offer juice because it is too sweet and filling.  Since every day is different, I am not sweating this stage too much. It does hurt my feelings that his once perfect diet has been tarnished, but we can get back on track when he is older and can communicate better. For now, we are just getting by with what we can, when we can.

FINALLY the boy has started sleeping later. I honestly can not tell you if he is sleeping better/more, of if the fact that Erik and I have started using a sound machine in OUR room. ha Either way he is going down at 7-7:30 and waking up at 8 usually! The last 2 days he did start night crying again, which involves me going in there and rocking him, partly cause he sounds so sad, and partly because I just wanna snuggle him! I really wish I owned a recliner for these moments because my back is killing me holding him like that sitting straight up.

I think his last little teeth are coming in now. He has been drooling and the runny nose started and small fevers. Sherry our babysitter said they were swollen so maybe they will break through soon.  The doctor said today that he does have more teeth than most kids his age ( I get LOTS of commentary about him having a mouth full of teeth). 

Still size 5 and still in disposable right now . We just started using the cloth again. They are a little tight but seem to be working out. Glad to be back because I was feeling so guilty about that.

My biggest challenge right now is just mastering the fits. They don't last long normally, but he is SO persistent when he wants something. After telling him no 45 times I will move the object of his desire.  That is generally our only issue. He wants to play with things that are off limits, like kleenex, wipes, nail polish, my computer , my coffee.

Still not talking with real words, just babbling or sign language. He communicates quite effectively so I usually  know what he wants or means, but most kids his age can say quite a few words.
The doctor yesterday said he wants us to work with a speech therapist and somehow this is a government funded deal ? Anyway I am all for it because I too, would like him to start talking.
 My first reaction when he mentioned it was to assume he thought something was wrong developmentally which made me feel kind of defensive, so I just straight out asked him that and he said, Peebs does all the things he is supposed to in other areas so nothing is wrong. Speech therapy is just to help him hurry up and talk. He did the same with his son who was not talking at age 2. That relaxed me a little , and then i realized that it is gonna be good for him regardless to have a trained professional teaching him so I am kind of excited about it now, and also very curious if it will actually help, since my feeling is his stubbornness is the issue.

Below are some pics from the 18 Month Pedi appointment. AS you can see he no longer enjoys them all the way through. He goes NUTS if anyone tries to hold him down for anything at anytime. When I change his diaper we have to sing "twinkle twinkle" in order to get him to stay still and not try to kick my face off! ha So each time they needed him to lie down at the doc's office he went BANANAS. You have never heard anything so loud.

 He was about to kung fu her boob in this pic:

*** Gonna start adding a new section to these updates***


  • Over the next month we will work on his talking, however I feel like that is just gonna happen when HE is ready.
  •  I also need to work in making him feed himself.  He can and will do it, but if you want to insure a well eaten meal of all the right stuff,  then we have to feed him his bites. Otherwise he may sprinkle some on the floor, feed ralphie etc. but it would be so nice for me if he could use a spoon and feed himself while I am doing other things. When did your kids start feeding themselves with a spoon or fork?


AP said...

I wish I could be sweet Peebs' speech pathologist! Speech therapy really is such a great and fun thing for kiddos to do. I can't wait to hear how it goes and what kind of progress he makes! Keep on growin' Baby Fenn!

Susannah said...

He is so cute and funny! I think an SLP will be a great thing for him! Another blog I read started doing this with her 18 mo old and now he's really got it. I think he will do more when he's ready too. Harry still opens his mouth like a bird when he sees me coming with a cracker and I know he can put it in his mouth. Hims a lazy boy. Ha! Can't wait to see y'all soon, I'm gonna move some stuff around to get up there and shop!

grizaham said...


Julie Bray said...

I love how they start really looking more and more like little men! Love his shoes! He is destined to be a tall boy for sure.
I'm curious how speech goes. I had to go to speech when I was little, but my problem was I couldn't say "r".... Fenn will do great, will be so fun to hear him and so nice to see him communicate clearly.
I'm interested in hearing what others say is a "normal" time to start using a fork and spoon. We waited cause I'm OCD neat and clean and didn't want to bother with the clean up. We did find that those shorter plastic utensils worked the best for him. Somehow the long handled ones are harder to hold for Ben. He still doesn't get utensils with every meal. He likes to use them tho......

Cory Holder said...

Those smocked bass fish are just too freaking cute. I'm glad to know that W isn't the only one freaking out for the nurses. He's not a fan of the measuring/weighing either. Love you Fennster! You are going to be such a big guy...and I love watching you grow. Auntie CB and W are coming over in a bit...I'll bring some flap books!! :)

Anna said...

LOVE how detailed you are with your updates! Finn sounds almost exactly like my two (except much bigger..ha!). The pedi recommended speech for them too since they don't really say much. Can't wait to hear how it goes for y'all.

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