Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Fenn Turns 19 Months Old!

This month has really marked the transition of my little baby into a little boy! I do not know why, maybe it is because he wears jeans all the time now instead of jammers, or maybe it is because he is starting to talk and stuff like that? It has certainly not been without it's challenges.

Sometimes he likes to go stand straight up against a wall? See below:

Height : 34" (Last check in)
Weight: 34 lbs.
Head : larger than life.

Clothes Size: 2T in most things. He can stills wear 2T Jammers but he needs 3T in Tshirts and jeans now. Shoes are still an 8 but they are starting to get small!

Milestones: TALKING! finally! When I say talking I mean, he not just says words or syllables but knows what/who they are.  Momma and DaDa are his 2 most used phrases. He does not do it a ton, he is still signing LOTS. He has kind of melded together his "more" and "help me" signs and does that when he wants something, but then I have to try and guess what he wants. When I get it wrong he almost loses his mind. (until we started disciplining the melt downs)

- He seems more interested in TV these days. He has always check out out when he played but not for very many minutes or seconds at a time. He now will sit and almost watch a full episode of Mickey Mouse Club House! and now you are wondering why I am excited he likes TV? ha well I want to be able to take this joker to Disney movies ! I can't wait till he cares enough to watch one of those.

- Dancing! I have been wanting him to dance forever and now he finally does and it makes me LAUGH so much! He will do it at the most random times too. 

Baby Gear : 

Toys : His favorite toys right now are: Fisher Price Little People Race Track , his SANDBOX, his playhouse, BALLS !!!!! any and all balls . He really loves all his fake food too, although he doesn't treat it as though its food, its more like bullets, or missiles or whatever. 

Books : He has reached the point where he is VERY opinionated about the books we read and now likes to read the same ones OVER AND OVER again. His current books on repeat are:
Easy Street and Sleep Baby Sleep

Diaper Bag: Just using my purse these days. Diapers and Snacks

Eating: Ugh. Working on that. Now that my boy is on the mend we will have a show down over his eating and I will only offer healthy stuff and he will have to miss meals until he eats what he is given.

Sleeping: Great. napping twice a day most days for an hour each time.

Teeth: Mouth FULL

Diapers: Back on the cloth! Going well and is super easy but they are still pretty tight around the ham hocks.

Discipline: Yowsa! This will require a separate post. The gist is that he is having a lot of frustration over not being able to talk and so he acts out. I have been having to place him in a time out spot to wail away until he learns that is not an OK way to act. It took him about 1.5 days to curb all that fit throwing and it has actually been so wonderful for me not having to navigate or fear his tantrums anymore. 

He likes to call this his "sexy jeans model pose" HA jk but i thought it was hilarious
Look at that BELLY!

** Don't mind our scroungy yard clothes. I like for him to wear junk clothes and shoes out back because of all the dirt and sand**

Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY Colorblock NEON Toms

Y'all saw my post about going stir crazy with a sick toddler.. well today my bubbies was off and I got to go out a bit in the sunshine and do a fun project! I have been dying for some neon TOMS but can not find any, so I decided to make my own. I had a few fun ideas, but decided that in the end it , simple was better! 
I bought a pair of plain canvas TOMS at Whole foods and some Neon fabric paint from Michaels and went to painting... 

Not gonna lie... I LOVE Them! 

I only did one coat because I think they looked good just the way they were. The neon paint I bought had some shimmer to it that I was unaware of but I ended up loving it! 

 I realize neon is not for everyone but if you are interested here is the paint I bought :

Materials List:
- Canvas TOMS ( Approx $44)
- Fabric Paint Brush $3
- Tulip Fabric Paint. $2 
(The small bottles will be plenty for one pair of shoes. I bought the big bottle and learned the hard way)
- Scotchguard ( for protection once you are done painting. I was worried about the white part staying white when I wear them)

Weeks ago I ordered a pair of Tom's Leopard Ballet Flats ( like the DAY they came out) because they were so cute and I love them but they are too big! I have tried everything to get them to fit and no luck. They are sold out in every size now so I can't exchange them. If any of you want to buy them at cost, holla! Otherwise, I will list them on ebay marked up! ha 
Size 8:

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Straight to the Crazy House....

Remember those post from me and other blog moms who talk about the "tears of tired momma" when you are in the newborn phase? Well... this is kind of like that except it is a mix of a toddler who can't shake off the germs and some terrible twos coming to roost.
Erik has been working a lot lately ( he is a nurse so he works weekdays and weekends 12 hour shifts) so I have been home bound with the boy being sick and on single parent duty a lot lately. I may be close to losing my mind. (that's not a jab at bubs, he is working extra hard to save money to take us on a special trip) 

anyways.. our day goes kind of like this:

wake up happy
breakfast? yes I think I will have some
Augmentin NONONONONONO! SCREAM! ( me hold him down while I fight his fierce 35lbs and squirt the medicine down his throat)
cry cry cry

Oh Mickey Mouse Club house? YES MOMMA . smile. dance a jig. watch Mickey and snuggle
play... maybe?
change my diaper. NONONONONO scream, kick, maybe hit his head in the process. Kick Kick KICK me right in the gut.
Once off the diaper table, he thinks he can handle life again.
all is well. 
Lunch? "Yes I am hungry!" ( tries to climb into his high chair).. bring out the first course ( mash or yogurt) NONONONO $&^%&*()*NO. Cry, flail, try to knock the high chair over while still in it. Smack the spoon sending mushy food flying everywhere. Then take his hands and finger paint the high chair with what he got on his hands.
Exit the high chair , lay in the floor for  a tantrum.
Get up, smile, try to climb back in the high chair . 
Start over.. next food try something solid and finger food like.. NONONONONONONO SCREAM.  flail, try to knock the high chair over while still in it .
Violently throws all the food that I just slaved over and cut up to the floor for Ralphie.
Commences screaming and trying to throw his back out.
Exit the high chair and have fit laying in the floor. The tantrum is so major that he kicks himself clear into another room. ( all while laying on his back)

and so on and so on. Dinner is the same except we have to have more medicine after dinner so. yeah. that again.

We have not really gone anywhere because I don't want to spread germs, although I do not think we are contagious anymore at this point in the game ( I say "we" because we have both been sick), We try to stay at home unless we must go somewhere.
..... and we both go to bed exhausted at night. I think we are equally happy about hitting the mattress since he does not make a peep when I put him to bed. 

I think I am going crazy. I find myself toward the end of the day losing my patience and becoming super annoyed. The house is a WRECK. 
Thank goodness, sickness will eventually leave and we can go back to good health, however the attitude problem I feel like is gonna need some work.  Either he feels terrible from his medicine, or demons have taken him over.
So I guess when he is well again we are gonna have to start some baby boot camp up in here with his eating habits and tantrums. Either that or I am gonna have to learn how to start an IV, go buy a box of wine and hook that sucker up while I lay in the floor convulsing from the mind blowing experience of a screaming toddler 98% of the day who may or may not have dis-located my nose with his sippy cup when that milk didn't taste like he thought it should.

Ok, Off I go to clean up the 87 pieces of diaper that Ralphie so considerately stole from Susannah's kids and left in the closet for me. sweet.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Current Loves:

She sure is pretty for a crackhead! and I love all her shades for Rimmel! Totally affordable and chic! She also said in an interview that she will sometimes apply it with her fingertip to achieve a more stained look and less color which does look marvelous!

Jurlique is a brand I stumbled onto in 2005 when a Spa in Vail used it for a facial. It is AMAZING. I can't always afford it but I did get some for my winter skin and it feels so wonderful! Sephora started selling it a year or so ago.

These tops from Victoria Secret Catalogue. They have built in bras which is heaven for me since I hate wearing a bra. They are cute too and will be super comfy for Summer.  I have a green one I bought in 2005 that I still wear a lot every summer and it is WORN out so I finally decided to order some new ones. The ruffled bottom one was not as cute on me as it looked in the picture ( surprise surprise) .. ... 

Well that is it for now! I am late posting today because like an idiot I took some cold medicine last night that woke me up at 1am and had me wired like a crackhead. It was absolutely terrible, and i did not get any more sleep last night past 1am so I am exhausted today! 
Looking forward to my hooch Susannah arriving today with her 2 kiddos! Also Sunday we are taking our kids to a brunch with lots of lady bloggers who are in town from Blissdom! So excited!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a little Thursday Randomosity...

Let me start by saying it has been a FABULOUS day in Nashville today. Warm, beautiful weather that has me blasting music and in a fantastic mood. My sickle boy and I took to the yard today for some play time and it was awesome, but let me also say that our back yard is GROSS. I found a number of disgusting things back there. For one, today is the first time i really realized that our dogs actually DO poop outside! Albeit on special occasions ( we just had valentines day) but I thought they saved that for our bath rug. Anyway... gonna have to work on that situation before we roll around in the grass again! We got lucky today. He tried out his new sandbox and really enjoyed it!

We strolled around in the car and in the stroller. I love having neighbors that we enjoy so much. We have several great neighbors over here. I think this picture is SO cute because peebs is congratulating our neighbor Chad on his upcoming child. Today was an exciting day for them!

Did you guys realize that the instagram app is social? I had NO idea. I had no idea that I had friend requests or when people could or could not see my pictures. Thanks to JessiDesign for the quick tutorial because I enjoy it so much more now! It is like a visual twitter! I love seeing pics of people's days. 
Anyway I am lg2006 on there if anyone is interested!

Our house is still yucky! I took Peebs back to the doctor the other day because he had a bad fever again. Turns out his ear infection had not gotten any better, so he got a new antibiotic. UGH. This joker hates taking medicine these days and it has gotten so bad that just when we walk into the kitchen he starts a MAJOR meltdown, which is making it hard to get him to eat. In fact he has eaten very little in the last few days.  I am ready for us to all be well again. 

I searched high and low but I finally found the last bin to complete my shelves for the playroom. ( I got them all at Target) and printed labels from the BHG Website that is pinned on pinterest. Loving it so far! Still gotta add the doors to the bottom. But this has given me project fever! I Have so many new projects I want to start! 
I saw this today at Goodwill and think it would be so fun to refinish! It would be so PURTY white!

I swear I love pinterest! It has inspired me to do sooo much! The best thing is that I have been so lame in the kitchen for  my whole life ever, and the problem was I never knew "what" to cook. Now I have new ideas every week and have been menu planning. It makes me feel so good about myself when I cook for my family! 
One of the recipes I tried and really loved was this chicken with roasted veggies

So that is what's happenin with us! What's up with y'all?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chevron Iphone Wallpaper

It's been a while since we have done fun iPhone wallpapers so here you go! Just double click and save to your computer to load on your iPhone! Who doesn't love a good Chevron print?

And I found these on THIS blog with a cool tutorial on how to add them as your iPhone background. CLICK HERE to read those deets.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clarisonic Brush Review and Report

So I have been using the clarisonic for several days now and can give you guys some preliminary feedback! I have wanted one of these for 2 years and after seeing this review on GMA I finally took some of my Christmas cash and pulled the trigger! So let it be known it was no gift for this blog ( unfortch).

From a girl who would regularly go to bed without washing off my makeup, this is a lot of work! But it does feel good ( like a mini facial massage) and it DEFINITELY cleans/shrinks pores and eliminates black heads.
I have not really had a problem with breakouts from using the clarisonic which some people report. My skin has been more sensitive though, but probably because of the peel that came with the clarisonic I have been using every night.

*** 2 weeks later****

So  I have been using the Clarisonic for a few weeks now and I def. think it has helped out my skin. I am starting to see a little relief on my computer wrinkle ( forehead crease) and my pores are looking better.  It's no perfect canvas or anything but definite improvement! I am glad I bought it and am enjoying using it. 

I think it was a good purchase because:
- It has inspired me to take better care of my skin, and really committed me to doing so with all the washing and proper moisturizing. 
- My skin is tighter and fresher and DEF better with the blackhead issue.

I would liken it to an electronic toothbrush. Can you get the job done without it ? Yes. But it is more efficient and better at the cleaning that the old fashioned way.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Project: DIY Pottery Barn Kids Toy Shelves

This weekend, I talked my bubs into helping me with a project . GAH it's been SO long since we did a project and I miss that stuff. Generally the way we approach any project is with me full of ideas and spark, and Erik full of realism and not too confident in his abilities. Good thing I know what his talents are! I also knew that if I could just get him going he would get into it and do a beautiful job and that he did! 
I was catching up on my blogs and glimpsed this in the background of a bloggy pic On Bower POwer:
and was instantly coveting that toy organization. Little did I know, but read on later that she made those, fashioned after the pottery barn kids "Cameron Cubby Storage system". She printed off plans from Ana White's site and edited them a smudge. I prefer her version because she covered the bottom of the units with a door and self closing hinges.

And before Erik was even awake, I had printed of the instructions and planned our day out. I set off to Home Depot and had them cut all the wood out. I planned to make 2 of the units, which was probably best financially because they cut huge pieces of wood to get all the parts and so you either have a bunch of scrap wood on hand, or 2 units. All in all it costs me about $200 to make 2 units. I will break down all the costs later ( and add that info to the bottom of this blog) because that will vary for different people depending on what you have on hand and if you choose to add doors and hardware.

We did all of this inside as it was cold and nasty outside. Erik built them in the kitchen and I painted them in the living room. 

It took him no time to build these, but it took me pretty much 2 full days of sanding, puttying and painting.  That would be my biggest piece of advice for this whole project if you are considering it. The smoother your work surface, the easier it is to paint and the better it looks.  I realized after my first coat that all of the seams of the wood needed some putty in order to have a nice finished look and no black cracks or gaps in the paint. Here is a pic of what I mean:

If you add putty in these crevices, then when you paint it is all just solid and perfect looking. Obviously it shows up much better since I was painting these white. If you are staining them dark then not such a big deal.  I used a paint and primer in one in contractor white and used almost the whole gallon! 

I also used this wood colored Elmer's wood putty. You can see below in the pic where i puttied and sanded over the screws so you can barely see them and it makes a smooth surface for painting.

It was super labor intensive but worth every bit of the work. They have changed the entire room and I love how easy it is to organize and clean now. We still  need to add the cabinet doors to the bottom. I also need to purchase bins to go in some of the cubbies. 

So here is the semi-finished product. I can't decide if we should add the doors on the bottom or just used pretty matching bins? I am looking for some now and will decided that soon and post new pics once it has been completed and styled!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dear "People Who Wreck my Nerves"

Let it be said, I'm having a bad week for multiple reasons.. and I am irritable. If that's gonna annoy you, just skip this post. 
My friend over at My Chiquaqua Bites does these post and they are HILARIOUS. ( Click here to read) so I am taking a page from her playbook and gonna get a few things off my chest:

Dear Walgreens Pharmacy Workers,
I know it sucks when customers come to your counter and you have to actually work, and break out of the circle of gossip and your red velvet cake to get my sick boy his medicine. I really hate that you can't get paid to eat your &^%#$ cake, but, if you ever make me stand in line waiting on a prescription that takes 5 minutes to fill and you have had hours but chose to eat cake and gossip instead, not to mention the crackhead ( literally) that is in line with me talking my head off while I wait on this medicine that should have been ready hours ago , I will straight crawl over that counter and JACK YOU UP. and incidentally that annoyed attitude you give when filling my order is unacceptable. 

Dear Idiot who spilled coke all over my LV championship bag, 

While I get that this is a total white girl problem, I am still gonna tell you that it was straight up RUDE that you kicked over your stupid coke in the first place, but when you saw it splash all over the outside and inside of my pretty handbag, you should have immediately leaned down and apologized. watching me cleaning up the sticky mess for 5 minutes and then throwing me a used napkin over my shoulder does NOT help. And while  Im being all rude, let me tell you that those were not your seats and maybe you don't need to sit in the grown up section if you can not act like one. 
Good day to you sir., 
Signed a girl who is serious about her handbags

Dear PayPal, 
 Get bent. I am SOOO irritated that you charged my business checking account TWICE for the same transaction, and then are taking 13 days days to clear up the mess which put me into overdraft without knowledge of the whole thing since I only wrote down one transaction.  Saying stupid things in a nice sing song tone, DOES NOT change what you did or the mess that it caused. Don't you know I am knee deep in runny nose and diapers right now? I don't have time for your crap. I can not WAIT till someone else steps up to the online banking platform and wipes you off the map.

Dear Kris Humphries, 
I know we are not peeps in real life, but I obsessively follow your ex-wife's family on TV so we will skip that little detail and just get straight to it. Dude, no one cares. Take your divorce and get on with it. You should never have married someone you barely knew, and no one buys that whole "she made you look like a jerk" on the show because guess what, you WERE a jerk. All the time. On every episode. I think you have some sort of complex about being in charge and all and that translated on TV as you being super insecure. It was a dumb idea and you had dolla signs in your eyes the whole time. We get it.   Scott Disick should send you a thank you card though because you really improved his image!

Dear Mr. Temporary Post man, 
I say temp. because you are not my regular super stellar postman. You are some rink dink lazy jerk bag who takes his route every now and then.  I am just wondering, what exactly was in your job description if it was not to pick up and deliver mail? Seems fairly simple to me, so i struggle to understand why you are always bringing me someone else's mail and never take MY mail ? Perhaps you should consider a new career field.. .

Dear Germs, 
Get. OUT. of our HOUSE. seriously. I know my boy is one heck of a specimen with his bulldozing ways and unending happiness but he can only handle so much in one week!  Croup, then cough +snot + double ear infection? It is all very unfortunate. I have asked God to remove you and no doubt he will! Good day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our LOvE Story: Valentines special

FromMrstomoma is hosting a link up for Valentines about how you met your spouse! So here is our love story of those that don't know...

** Scrapbook photo from the night we met**

1. How long have you and your significant other been together?
We had a hard time calculating that this year! We met on NYE 2003/2004 .. so I think that NYE makes it 8 years! The whole NYE thing makes it tricky.

2. How did you meet? {What's your "love" story?}
We met at a New Years Eve party in Nashville. One of his frat brothers invited me to drive up from Alabama and I was terrified of going to a party several hours away when I only knew 1 person! My friend Linzy talked me in to it and it was a great time. Incidentally, that guy who invited me (D.O.) is responsible for Erik and I being together and then we returned the favor introducing him to my Kappa big sis and they got married too!  Lots of people could be credited with our love story for various reasons but those are the bones of it!

3. If married, how long have you been married? If not, is this the guy you hope to marry? 
We got married exactly 2 years after we met so that means we have been married for 6 years now! 

4. If you are married, where did you get married at? Big or small wedding?  If not, where would you like to get married? And will it be big or small?
We got married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico . It was small and amazing. Just my parents, his parents and his 2 siblings were there.  They played Rod Stewart as I walked down the aisle which was hilarious.

5. Do you have any nick-names that you call one another? Do share!
100%!  I don't think we ever use real names, for anyone in this house. I call him "Bubbies" or "bubs" and he calls me "snuggles" or "bubbles". ( gag me I know. I had no idea how corny we are till I typed that out)

6. Name 3 things you love most about your honey.
hmm well thats gonna be hard to put into words but I think first would be his sense of humor. My bubbies is one weird dude, and is very dramatic and funny and silly, and I think it keeps us young. I roll my eyes at him about 97% of the day, but I love every second of it (almost).

I love how thoughtful he is. That drew me in right away when we met because he did the sweetest most thoughtful little things for me always. and he still does them now, just not as often. BUt what is strange about that is the anticipation is fun and surprising. I never know when he is gonna celebrate a holiday, be romantic or if he is gonna ignore it. HA  It is always a total surprise and generally a VERY good surprise when he does do something for them. In general i would just say he tries to and wants to make me happy, every day and I like that my happiness is important to him. 

I could use my 3rd reason to tell y'all about what an awesome dad he is and how I love that about him, but thats just a given and too lame, since this is a survey about us and not peebs I will say my 3rd fav thing about bubbie cakes is that he enjoys my friends. I like that he knows all of my friends, and enjoys talking to them, hanging with them, and just in general shares those relationships with me and takes an interest in my interests.

7. Tell us how he proposed? Or your ideal proposal?
He proposed to me on the beach at sunset and was so nervous he started speaking in tongues. It was very interesting/memorable! 

8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day, or strawberrieschampagne, and rose petals?
None of the above really. He is more like Lillies from Fresh Market and hockey pucks. HA This will be the 1st year that we are not at a Hockey Game for Vday in several years. 
** another scrapbook photo of the year he made me a pink cake HIMSELF!**

9. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop a movie in and relax on the couch?
BOTH! I am currently dying for a beach get away! I wish we could just up and head to mexico right now and take peebs too! 

10. Tell us one thing you'd like to do with your significant one day. If you could do anything? Go anywhere?
ha wells this is for reals crazy but I think i would love for us to go over seas and do mission work as a family. Erik could use his medical skills and i had a heart for mission work and I think Peebs could learn lots of neat stuff.

11. Tell us what you plan on doing on this Valentine's Day.

um.. i have not gotten that far in life yet. I am not a planner ahead type of girl. I know bubs is working and that is all I know. I did decorate the house for Vday and that counts for something because it sure is cute!

12. Are you asking for anything this Valentine's day?
No, Cant say that I am. My bubs went all out for our anniversary so I think big gifts get to stretch far.

13. Give us one piece of advice of keeping a relationship strong and full of love. 
hmm. Hard to say just one thing. I think lots of things, but probably in our relationship our greatest asset is that we picked just the right person, meaning we both in our hearts are committed to us and working through whatever comes our way. We genuinely appreciate each other.

14.  Show us a picture of what love means to you.

These 2 jokers right here:
( more old pics. I tried to dye my hair dark at some point when we were dating and it would NOT stick, so it would fade out and leave me with reddish hair.. ) Not one single person I knew liked my hair dark. 

I have a good time, on a daily basis with my valentine and that is what counts. As I type this he is in the kitchen singing " The right stuff" by NKOTB. Keeping it real... and funny as usual. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

FitBit : A Review and Informative

Have you guys heard of the fitbit? I remember hearing about them in like 2007 before they ever hit the market and I wanted one so badly.. then years go by and I forget about it. Well my mom and dad recently got them and have been taunting us with it.  Now Erik, I and my aunt have all jumped on the band wagon. It is fun because we can compare our stats every day:

Mom: " It only took me 6 minutes to fall asleep last night"
Me: " Took me 8 minutes and I woke up 12 times!"

See it monitors your sleep! ( see pic below)

And it also monitors your activity which is super fun because I had no idea what a work out I was getting around this house, although I can sure feel it in my body every night when I am exhausted!  I only wish it would allow me to notate that I do most of this with a 34lb weight in my arms!

Now that I have something count the stairs and reward me for climbing them one bajillion times a day, I don't mind them so much ..
Pre-FitBit " Awww man, I left my computer upstairs. Will you go get it bubs? PUHLEASE? Dang, I guess I will go get it."

Post Fitbit " I left my computer upstairs. Sweet, now I can log ANOTHER flight of stairs!" HA 

** I may or may not be exxagerating that excitement for going up the stairs ***

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Speech Therapy Appointment!

Today was our first appointment with the speech therapist for Peebs! It was for screening to see if he was indeed in need of speech therapy.
 It all went really well. Right when she got here he clapped and got down and started moon walking for her. She thought that was hilarious. 
She asked a lot of questions about his lack of shyness, which scared me some. She asked how he differentiates his behavior with  us (parents) as opposed to say friends, family or strangers. That was kind of hard to answer. The only thing that came to mind is he shows out for other people, but not for us.

She played some games with him, like putting tape on the floor and asking him to walk on it in a straight line. 
She asked him to look for objects in a picture.
She asked him to play cup stacking and she would hide things under the cup and move it to see if he followed the object. 
She would give him commands and see if he followed them etc . 
She asked me lots of questions about how he does this or that.

So in the end, she basically said that she thought he was 2 yrs old when she made the appointment. The doctors office told her his birthday was Feb 28, 2010 ( not July 28). When I told her that he was 1.5 then she more or less said she didn't need to come at all because he is not showing any abnormal signs for 18 months. She said some kids can do more and some less but that he was pretty average with his speech and communication.

She said if by 2 yrs old we were in the same place then to call her but she expects him to change alot between now and then. She showed me his scores ( pictured above) and said that he passed all screening areas except "adaptive behavior" and the reason he did not pass that was because:
 he kicks his shoes off instead of undoing the velcro, 
and that he does not eat with a utensil. 

I told her that we rarely give him the chance because it is so messy and she said we need to start letting him try. She also said I need to start making him ask for things rather than catering to him. She said he def knows what is going on and that he has very high cognitive and social developments.
Translation: he is working his momma! He knows he can get what he wants by grunting etc so why should he do anything different?
 I have to train myself to make him ask and communicate for things instead of anticipating his needs. Giving in is much easier and I am guilty of that! 
This is more or less what I thought about his development all along, but it was good to hear my motherly instincts validated.

I asked her if my lack of teaching and drilling him was responsible for his lack of talking and she said no. Which was a relief.

We have never really discussed this on the blog I guess, but part of my parenting style is that I am against drilling small children or pressuring them into learning too much too fast. I  feel like their childhood is so brief, and I want it to be fun and carefree, until school age comes around. I could go on and on about why I feel this way and give you some data, but I will just leave it at that and say no judgment to anyone who does it differently, that is just my own personal style. 

Once this speech thing came around, I was concerned that my parenting style had effected his development but she assures me that it is not that, but more of a personality issue of my boy, where he is very relaxed and laid back about basically everything (but food). 

So all is good! It was VERY interesting and I am glad we did it and I am relieved to know that he is indeed fine and normal and that I am not a terrible mother after all! 

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