Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tip Tuesday : Managing iCloud

I have been getting lots of chatter about iCloud and lots of questions. To be honest, I still have not spent to time to educate myself on it either, but maybe I can shed some light on a few things for you guys.

What is iCloud?

 iCloud will back up your entire device; your messages, call logs, contacts, photos, calendars, and notes all will be backed up. And certain apps like Pages, Keynote and Numbers,... iCloud can also make a backup of those documents. As for the apps, iCloud will not backup the app but its data, and when you restore from your backup, the apps will be downloaded from the App Store.
How Can I Adjust my iCloud settings?
Settings>iCloud> and adjust the tickers to what you want to back up.

Why do I keep getting these annoying messages about not enough storage in my cloud?
Likely you have checked every box on your phone to back up to iCloud and are not backing up to your computer so you used your 5 Free Gigs up quickly! If you have IMAP email like gmail or yahoo, no need to back up your email to the cloud. Same for your calendar.

** Also I have not confirmed but I did hear that iCloud has been running up the data plan for some people by constantly backing up so be aware that could happen**


grizaham said...

i cannot set up the iCloud for some reason.

Linzy said...

Thanks for posting. I just realized I am backing up everything and my data use has been ridiculous. Now I am backing up nothing. Thanks!

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