Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tip Tuesday : How to Add Emojicons to Your ios Keyboard

You know those fun little smiley faces and what not? Well you can add them to your iphone /ipad easily.

First Step: Go to Settings and click on "General"

 Step 2: Click on  Keyboard
 Step 3: Click on International ( emojicons are considered an International keyboard)

 Step 4: Click on "Add new Keyboard" and Scroll through all the languages to the E's and click on Emoji. Once it has been added it will show up in your list like you see below.
 Then anytime you are in a screen to type you will see the keyboard has a Globe on it next to the space bar. When you touch the Globe it will bring up the emoji keyboard.
 and then you will see options like below. The tabs at the bottom are extra pages (by category) with more Emoji.

Done!! Enjoy your new smileys etc!


Sarah Stanley said...

It's like iPhones for Idiots (Sarah) 101, I love it!

Linzy said...

I have no Emoji keyboard. :(

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