Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinterest Projects In The Works..

I have been a busy bee lately with a few craft projects in the works! 

First up is recovering some pillows for the playroom. My girlfriend CB found me 2 really cute fabrics that work well with my color scheme at The Fabric House in Nashville. (great fabrics, RUDE employees.. ) so I went and bought 1.5 yards of each to cover 4 Euro Pillows. I inquired about them making the shams, because lets face it, I am a basic sewer ( at best).  Can you believe that they charge $125 minimum for labor on each pillow? That is $500 in labor for my 4 pillows!!  I all of a sudden became much more motivated to make them myself. 
Since being a mom, my free time is at a minimum and I always try to weigh out the benefits of paying someone else to do the handwork on projects like this, but this time it was totally worth it for me to give it a go. 
I have a basic sewing machine that I bought at Target for $87 about 2 years ago. That sewing machine has paid for itself many times over ! All in all it cost me about $10 for the labor since I already had the sewing machine, I had to buy some zippers at $2.50 each
They are not professional quality by any stretch of the imagination, but they get the job done and I can remove them for washing which is imperative in all playroom linens!

Next up is this little Valentine Garland I saw on pinterest. I saw a similar one in Pier One for $12 for every 6 ft. 

I spent about $6 on supplies and got about 2 strands from that. 

  • Felt sheets .38 each
  • Crayola Clay $3.99 a pack ( makes about 60 balls)  I substituted this for the felted balls shown in the tutorial because I could not find those anywhere!
  • Yarn 
The tutorial was in Chinese, but thankfully the pictures spoke for themselves. Here is what I can tell you from my experience:

 You can fold the felt horizontal for small hearts(8) or vertical for big hearts(6) per sheet.  
  It takes about 1 minute ( literally) for the sewing portion per sheet. SUPER easy.  
  In the end I think it would be worthwhile to just buy one. I think it turned out better than I   expected but the string is so thin that strings it all together I imagine it will be a tangled mess when I pack it up

And I have been making lots of pinterest recipes lately. I normally hate to cook, but it is much easier to do when I know WHAT to cook. Pinterest has really helped me meal plan too.

Chicken Roll Ups ( This recipe needs tweaking.. too bland)
Tomato and Corn Pie ( delish and easier than it looks)
Hummus Melts ( I LOVED these. Erik notsomuch.)


grizaham said...

Those pillows are sick!
And seeing those chicken pics just reminded me those are still in the fridge so I know what I am having for lunch.

war eagle.

Susannah said...

I am super impressed with those pillows and would PAY YOU to make me 2 large and 1 small for my playroom-colors are sage green and tan. Hook it up! :) I'm super serious. Also, the food items look good, I'm impressed with your cooking lately! I would try those rollups and put some spices in the sour cream, maybe some kosher salt, cayenne, Mrs. Dash, and garlic salt. Also, I need to find some gf breadcrumbs, I'm sure they exist. The hummus sandwiches look good too! I could make those on my gf bread, and I think they have some gf english muffins too. Thanks for the ideas hooch!

Cary said...

I am super impressed with your sewing abilities!! Good job. The pillows are adorable!

Cory Holder said...

Pillows really look great in there...great addition. Kudos on the Pinterest cooking also. Pinterest rules. :)

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