Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iphone App Review: Pushpins

Lots of good app reviews coming up in the New Year! Pushpins is  a FREE  app that is working to integrate coupon clipping, grocery lists and customer reward cards all in one place. Thank GOD for that! I can never actually make it to the grocery with a list, my coupons, and the membership card. 
Matter of fact I HATE clipping coupons because of the mess and the headache and planning required so this could make all my dreams come true!

It is still a new app so we all must request our grocery stores to participate. Kroger and Publix are the stores I visit most often, so I emailed and tweeted them! 
(feel free to copy and paste)

" Hey @Kroger @publix, Please work with @pushpins to use digital coupons for all us busy mommas! Digital coupons = customer loyalty! "

 Currently no southern stores are participating but I think Kroger is about to.

It allows you to make individual grocery lists which is nice because I do shop different stores for different things.
It can locate nearby stores.
This is one of my **FAV** features: the ability to track your savings... without having to work at it.

It also allows you to scan the bar code of products you have to make an easy grocery list. I love that capability.

All in all it is a great app, and will probably be a big player once everything is finished and most stores are participating.  I love a well designed app that actually makes your life easier ( real life, not the fun life) ha because I HATE going to the grocery store.


John said...

Hey great review of the Pushpins app! My wife uses it all the time and she loves it. Especially the barcode scanning feature. So helpful!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Downloaded this app and it works like a charm. I emailed my store.

grizaham said...


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