Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Collection of Random Thoughts...

I recently learned about these Kids Shoes from a company called Livie and Luca. They are kind of Euro-Baby style and soft leather. I ordered peebs a pair and I ADORE them. So if you have never heard of them you should totally check them out. 

Erik and I both got money for Christmas this year so I ordered a few things ( like the shoes above) and I also took a risk of ordering custom made blue jeans from a neat website called INDI Custom. I was pretty skeptical but had to try it because I do always have trouble with jeans.  This website allows you to create a jean that solves all your current fitting problems like length, rise, how the pockets look and where they hit you on the butt, color fabric, stitching ..
 My jeans came in while we were away and they look pretty awesome!  I made the front rise too high so they look like mom jeans at the top, and thankfully INDI guarantees satisfaction so you can return for free and have that fixed. Once you create your perfect fit it is all saved on the site so you can reorder easily or create new styles. I will post better pictures of the new jeans once they come in so you can get an idea of the look. I would recommend this service though. 

Next up, we got the SONY NEX 3 , which is a new camera that is combining the world of point and shoot with SLR. SO many of you are like camera geniuses and enjoy that stuff. I am not that lady. I got very frustrated( with our SLR) and am just too busy right now to invest the time to learn my way around that thing. Enter then NEX which I think takes awesome pictures and talks in easy to understand lingo like "click here to blur the background" "click here to create warmer tones" .  it is also much smaller than my SLR so I am very pleased with the purchase. You can judge for yourself by the pictures I will be posting on the blog in the future. 

I downloaded the 1st Season of PanAm FREE in iTunes over the holidays and watched it while we traveled, and fell in love. It is a great show. I love that period of time and am glad that MAD MEN and PANAM are finally writing shows about it. I also started watching Mad Men. It is very interesting. Not sure that I can say I love it like the cult following it has.  
Still obsessed with all things Kardashian. No shame either. I just like them and find them so interesting and I ain't mad at Kim for divorcing that dirt bag. 
Also loving RHWBH. Its my fav of all those shows and I was just talking to JessiPetti about how last season I hated Camille , and now I love her and think Taylor is a wackjob.
Glad Parenthood is starting back up too! I LOVE TV! ha

My boy no longer wants to eat! It is the strangest thing! He will show very little interest in food most of the time. Sometimes (most times) he will have a MELTDOWN when we put him in the high chair. If he didn't have lots of food stored up in that 25" belly I might be worried about the food strike. Our babysitter and pedi both assure us this is typical Toddler behavior. In the meantime I am about to start reading this book:

Recommended by @HappyHolders and @beachbumandbaby ! It is about how Americans "dumb down" our children's palette by feeding them simple and bland foods so that when they get older they only want Chicken fingers and fries. So this book is supposed to teach me how to expand his palette so he can appreciate tasty foods.  I am super guilty of giving him simple foods so I will be relieved to have some instructions and suggestions on this.  Y'all know about my food hoodoo.
You can buy paper version or download it to your Kindle or Kindle App on the Ipad.


Erica said...

Love PanAm too! I'm anxious to see how you like that camera, I'm in the same boat as you at not wanting to spend the time learning a new fancy camera, but we're going to need a new one soon. I hope you love it and it takes amazing pics!

I also got a post on toddler eating in the works...maybe you'll find it helpful. :)

Cory Holder said...

This toddler eating thing can sometimes be tricky. If it were up to W he would live off of bananas.

Julie Bray said...

I can't wait to see the pics from your camera!

Good luck on Fenn eating..... I may check out that book. I read online a couple weeks ago to make sure to put one thing he likes on his plate at each meal. My food chemist sis says to always offer a new food at least 3 separate times. If they continue to be absolutely repulsed by it 3 times, they may truly not like the food. She also made the suggestion to eat as wide a variety of foods while breastfeeding as well. Not that that last part is relevant..... But, so far I do those things and Ben is an awesome eater.
When he's sick he's much more picky! And toddlers are suppose to go through many picky stages.....

Please share any helpful tips you read!

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