Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty Products Review and Buzz..

In the last few years I have really let myself go. I rarely dress up anymore and showering makeup is more for special occasions! In 2012 I am planning to change that. I miss the days of wearing trendy clothes and cute pictures that are the result of social interaction and not indulgent shots in the bathroom mirror before heading to Target.
My girl over at Sephora Junkie linked to a girl on you tube who does make up tutorial videos. She has very bad acne and has learned how to do movie star make up to hide that. Its fascinating. Through watching her videos, I realized how very little I know about proper make up application and face care.
Watch HER it will blow you away!
Sooo I have been making a solid effort to get dressed every day and wear make up  , AND wash my face every night. I know .. i know.. Gross but I hate washing my face before bed.

So here are some things I have tried and loved!

Cover Girl Aqua Smoothers Foundation.
At my age, foundation is a must. I have ben using Bobbi Brown, but this youtuber girl explains that CG Aqua smoothers is water soluable. So easier to get off at the end of the day blah blah. She suggests buying 3 colors in your range to see what works best for you. I just bought one and it matched well and really works well. I am very happy with it ( and the price compared to Bobbi Brown).

I have loved Nail Polish for years and do my own mani/pedis except for when I was pregnant , and about maybe 4 times a year when I get a groupon or something. I recently bought some stuff at Ulta that I love. I am mostly an OPI girl but I do not like their base coat or top coat.
I love this Cuticle Cream from Ulta 

and with my Christmas Money ( thank you Santa) I finally pulled the trigger on the Clarisonic! I have heard you guys raving about that thing for 2 years, and after the review on GMA this week from an anchor, I am sold. I can't wait to get it and tell you guys what I think about it. Who has one? Thoughts?

My SIL has had eyelash extensions for quite some time, and I am BEYOND envious. They look SO amazing! I think it would be hard for me to sit still that long, and cough up the cash, or commit to the maintenance but I am not nixing the idea yet, because  they really do look AMAZING. I'll let y'all know if it ever happens!


Courtney said...

Good for you! Even though I LURVE makeup, I haven't been really doing much for myself since I started working at home. Trying to get back into the swing of it though as well. Let me know about that Clarisonic for SURE I am soooo intrigued by it.

Michelle said...

Now that I'm not working & in grad school I find that my makeup stash is used less and less, but when I do get dolled up I seem to have some "staples" that I turn to.

I'm going to check out that foundation. I've never worn foundation, but I started wearing tinted moisturizer when I put on makeup & I love the look. Sounds like the CG stuff is similar, but a lot less expensive than the Origins stuff I'm currently using. I LOVE Seche Vite top coat. It's the best stuff EVER. And, you'll fall in love with the Clarisonic after one use...promise. I love it. I only use it once a day, but I can tell when I skip a few days because my skin rebels.

jenn said...

I know someone that will do your lashes and it's not that expensive, they last about a month & if any become detached you can just stop by and she'll fix them. Let me know if you want the info. :)

Anonymous said...

I got the clarasonic for Christmas as well! I have been using it once a day, and it's made my face worse! I am breaking out like crazy and my skin is dryer. However, I've heard that this is normal and after a period of six weeks it'll dramatically improve. I had a girlfriend at work tell me all about it, so I am trying it and sticking it through!

I would LOVE to get me some eyelash extensions - let's do it during convench!!!

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