Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby Fenn Turns 17 Months

Height : not sure.
Weight: 33.5 lbs
Head: HUGE
Belly: 25 inches. no. joke. (22" if he is standing)

Clothes Size : 2T Shoes Size 7 Pajamas in 3T now for the 1piece ones.

Milestones: Running, Walking, Babbling, Lots of new emotions, CLIMBING, making up his own sign language, and finally signed "more". I feel like he may start talking in a week or 2 because he has been trying SO hard to make words come out lately. ( whereas before he was completely uninterested)

  • Mostly he has just entered that "must be moving at all times phase" so he runs ALOT.
  • He very much enjoys hiding in the curtains, or hiding anywhere.
  • He tries to climb anything and everything.
  • He REALLY enjoyed our trip home because he got to run through the pasture so there was SO much space for him to just go wild in.
  • He is like a small hurricane. He loves to plunder things these days and after about 5 minutes he can make any room look CRAZY!

  • My Nonie gave him a mini rocking chair that was my moms as a child and he is obsessed with this chair. I think it is because it provides a slight challenge for him to get seated ( due to rocking) so its like climbing with a thrill.. 
  • He can be super sweet or super mean in 30 seconds .. kissing me on the cheek to trying to rip my hair out if I don't bend to his will. 

He has developed a sense of humor and its so funny to see him laugh when something really is funny on TV or with me and erik.  He also gets SO excited sometimes he looks like he might explode. I think he does not know how to process all of that effectively yet.  It is hilarious to see though. He has some funny little mannerisms. Wish I could get them on camera. He will waddle around with his big belly out and hands on his hips etc.

Baby Gear : nothing really other than stroller/car seat

Toys : Blocks, shape sorters, piano, guitar, puzzles, Wiggles Videos. Puppets. This boy LOVES puppets! My Nonie gave him a rocking chair and he thinks it is the bomb! He loves climbing into it, getting out and starting over. He requests applause each time too.

Books : Any "Lift the Flap" books, He does not want to sit still for most books so you really have to find one he loves. He is full of opinions these days.

Diaper Bag : Diapers, Snacks, Sippy cup, and sometimes the ipad depending on the outing!

Eating: This is tricky for me. I think he eats better for his daddy. He loves waffles and sometimes we spread them with a healthy "mash" which he enjoys. He still eats them plain/no syrup. 
He eats yogurt daily, usually mixed with a fruit mash. He loves our food. You can barely eat anything around him, no matter how full he may be he will come over to share your plate.
He drinks from the sippy like it is going out of style. We still do not offer juice, only milk. When the doc says we can stop the whole milk. I will change it to carrot juice.

Sleeping: He has been sleeping GREAT at night, especially considering he has been sick for a while now cold<croup<cold<pink eye.  Naps are quite a different story. He does NOT do well napping anymore. He only takes one for about 30 mins lately. I have moved it all over the map, trying to see if he would sleep longer if he goes down at a different time and it made ZERO difference. I miss naptime. :(

**update** since going home I realized that my boy was playing me! My momma and aunt could get him to nap, not once but TWICE a day and for over an hour each time! Lesson learned. Naptime bootcamp has commenced. Although he woke up at 4:16 am today so I imagine I won't have to beg him! ha

Teeth : He has almost all teeth now and is working on incisors. Drooling so much I have to change his shirt a few times a day. He is also putting EVERYTHING into his mouth these days which he never really did before. This may explain why he has been getting sick frequently. I caught him making spit balls yesterday with paper towels. 

Diapers : Still in size 5 disposable, but after Christmas (now) I plan to try our cloth diapers in again ( large charlie banana ones) because  He seems to have slimmed a little from all his running. This will be challenging since he drinks so much more fluids that before but dang I am sick of worrying about buying diapers or if we have any.

Discipline: WOWSA. I Could write a book here. He is SO challenging these days. On purpose. He will look me right in the eye while testing his boundaries. He is as stubborn as his momma so when we have show downs they are not very quick! 

For instance, I have a table in the playroom that I keep things on he is not allowed to touch ( laptop, camera, cords planner) and he will go over and try to throw everything off the table. I tell him no and he tries again over and over. Then I squeeze his hand and look him in the eye and say NO, to which he will cry a little, maybe throw his back out, but in 10 seconds he is back at the table and will start by just placing his hand on the table and looking at me, then he wants to scoot his hand over near something he can grab and look at me again.. ... on and on

You see this is quite a process. Im tired just typing it out. He has also started "melting" which is when you tell him No about something he wants and he sort of melts down to the ground and either lays there silently in shock that you said no, or wailing. Guess it just depends on how much energy he has HA. Either way it is pretty entertaining.

Yesterday we discovered Chickfila playgrounds! What a goldmine! I don't know if I have ever been in there to eat before but we were traveling so we had to stop to eat and feed Fenn. He had a BLAST on that playground and slept better after. I think we may have to start adventuring out and about to work off some of his curiosity and energy.

 LOVES to go outside these days!
 Making Friends

I think I am now to the stage of "How the heckle will I EVER get anything done around here" He is SO busy and in constant need of stimulation that I can not get by with things that used to keep him occupied.
He is alot of fun right now though too. He can understand so much more and keeps me laughing.

As more and more of his personality peeks out, I think my boy will be quite an entertainer. He has a love of being the center of attention and making people laugh. When we go out in public, he completely expects strangers to adore him like his family does and will work very hard to get their eye contact and smile and charm them until he has them clapping for him and talking to him.


Jessica said...

He's such a handsome little guy! When he starts talking y'all are going to have the BEST time :)

Anna said...

He is just adorable! And, I'm dealing with a lot of the same discipline/tantrum issues, so you are not alone. :)

grizaham said...

Cute boy you have there!

Julie Bray said...

Happy 17 Months Fenn!!!
Looks like a fun filled Christmas celebration with tons and tons of spoiling. As it should be!
If you're looking for free, easy places to go to burn off energy, we like local parks of course not this time of the year, but some afternoons it's warm enough to go with a coat. The best find we have lately is the library! It's warm and our library has reading time several times a week and TONS of toys for the kids to play with. They have a whole floor for kids so they can be a bit noisier. The kids play together, some not as well as others, but parents are close by and I get ot sit down and read or free wifi you can bring your computer/ipad and get some things done while Fenn plays in a safe place- no playground falls involved. Just a thought, let me know if you find any energy burning locations!

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