Friday, January 27, 2012

Iphone App Review: HeyTell

So I am WAYYYYY Behind on the HeyTell Train. I know all my tweeps are deep into HeyTell... so here I am late to the party but I have to say I love it! 

So what is HeyTell? It is an app that allows you to talk like a walkie talkie.. Same concept as texting but you are using your voice. It is super convenient when driving or trying to say ALOT in a short time. 
 You need to change your privacy settings to LOW if you want people to be able to add you.

Also it is a FREE app with no extra usage charges incurred. You can purchase extra features if you wish (shown above).

Erik and I use it all the time just to communicate when he is downstairs and I am upstairs with the boy!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinterest Projects In The Works..

I have been a busy bee lately with a few craft projects in the works! 

First up is recovering some pillows for the playroom. My girlfriend CB found me 2 really cute fabrics that work well with my color scheme at The Fabric House in Nashville. (great fabrics, RUDE employees.. ) so I went and bought 1.5 yards of each to cover 4 Euro Pillows. I inquired about them making the shams, because lets face it, I am a basic sewer ( at best).  Can you believe that they charge $125 minimum for labor on each pillow? That is $500 in labor for my 4 pillows!!  I all of a sudden became much more motivated to make them myself. 
Since being a mom, my free time is at a minimum and I always try to weigh out the benefits of paying someone else to do the handwork on projects like this, but this time it was totally worth it for me to give it a go. 
I have a basic sewing machine that I bought at Target for $87 about 2 years ago. That sewing machine has paid for itself many times over ! All in all it cost me about $10 for the labor since I already had the sewing machine, I had to buy some zippers at $2.50 each
They are not professional quality by any stretch of the imagination, but they get the job done and I can remove them for washing which is imperative in all playroom linens!

Next up is this little Valentine Garland I saw on pinterest. I saw a similar one in Pier One for $12 for every 6 ft. 

I spent about $6 on supplies and got about 2 strands from that. 

  • Felt sheets .38 each
  • Crayola Clay $3.99 a pack ( makes about 60 balls)  I substituted this for the felted balls shown in the tutorial because I could not find those anywhere!
  • Yarn 
The tutorial was in Chinese, but thankfully the pictures spoke for themselves. Here is what I can tell you from my experience:

 You can fold the felt horizontal for small hearts(8) or vertical for big hearts(6) per sheet.  
  It takes about 1 minute ( literally) for the sewing portion per sheet. SUPER easy.  
  In the end I think it would be worthwhile to just buy one. I think it turned out better than I   expected but the string is so thin that strings it all together I imagine it will be a tangled mess when I pack it up

And I have been making lots of pinterest recipes lately. I normally hate to cook, but it is much easier to do when I know WHAT to cook. Pinterest has really helped me meal plan too.

Chicken Roll Ups ( This recipe needs tweaking.. too bland)
Tomato and Corn Pie ( delish and easier than it looks)
Hummus Melts ( I LOVED these. Erik notsomuch.)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Grizas Update!

Sorry I have been so lame lately! I guess just been busy.

Peebs has been a full time job lately. The other day I left the room to heat my dinner up for 30 seconds and in that time he stole a bottle of nail polish, bust it open and painted himself, the door, curtains and floor with it. ( t was totally awesome if you were wondering) so... that is just an example of how he is looking for opportunities to be devious! SO momma has to keep her eye on him!

I have also been organizing. You know how January is the month for that!I have piles of stuff EVERYWHERE and I really need to deal with them.

I have been trying lots of interest projects lately. Funny how almost 1.5 years later ( post peebs birth) I am finally kind of finding myself again, and hobbies and interests that don't completely revolve around him. Gonna post pics of those soon.
Here is a link to my Pin Board of "Projects I have tried" and I leave comments on if they worked or not or if the recipe was any good etc:

Bubs has been working a lot lately. We are super behind on all our shows cause we have a rule about watching them without each other. He gets a video game every Christmas and plays it until he beats it. So that is what he has been doing in his free time, and I watch Mad Men on Netflix while he plays. Let me say I am OBSESSED with Mad Men. It took me forever to get into it but dang... its so DEEP. And I LOVE the 60's!

I am having LOTS of issues with my back lately. I think its Peebs related. Last weigh in he was over 33lbs and that is a lot to lift and move around all the time. Carry up stairs etc... It feels muscular so I am not sure what to do? Massage? Chiropractor? I mean other than back strengthening exercises... what can I do?

Still using the Clarisonic. Wanna give it a week or 2 before I write my review! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tip Tuesday : Managing iCloud

I have been getting lots of chatter about iCloud and lots of questions. To be honest, I still have not spent to time to educate myself on it either, but maybe I can shed some light on a few things for you guys.

What is iCloud?

 iCloud will back up your entire device; your messages, call logs, contacts, photos, calendars, and notes all will be backed up. And certain apps like Pages, Keynote and Numbers,... iCloud can also make a backup of those documents. As for the apps, iCloud will not backup the app but its data, and when you restore from your backup, the apps will be downloaded from the App Store.
How Can I Adjust my iCloud settings?
Settings>iCloud> and adjust the tickers to what you want to back up.

Why do I keep getting these annoying messages about not enough storage in my cloud?
Likely you have checked every box on your phone to back up to iCloud and are not backing up to your computer so you used your 5 Free Gigs up quickly! If you have IMAP email like gmail or yahoo, no need to back up your email to the cloud. Same for your calendar.

** Also I have not confirmed but I did hear that iCloud has been running up the data plan for some people by constantly backing up so be aware that could happen**

Sunday, January 22, 2012

HomeMade Cleaning Recipes Printable

Still trying my hand at making printables .. and am getting better at the function part but the stylizing is still a struggle! Oh well... at least it's practical !
These are a few natural cleaner recipes I pulled from pinterest. I just typed them up on one sheet for convenience and so I could keep in my home organization binder. 

**Note: That detergent recipe is safe for cloth diapers***

**CLICK HERE if you want to download this printable**

Pin It

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

iPhone App Review: Jo-Ann's Craft Store Coupon Clipper

I LOVE apps that allow you to carry coupons on them so that I don't have to clip them and carry them around. It NEVER fails that I leave them at home when I go to shop. 
Jo-Ann's Craft store is all over the place so I am sure most of you know about it. I do not LOVE the store but I do go there on occasion for various things and am so stoked that I can just pull up coupons while shopping.
It is a FREE app download in iTunes. CLICK HERE to download\
 Click on Coupons:
 and clip them to your virtual wallet if you want to use them.
 Shop online if you want too!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Closing Open Apps

Tip Tuesday is back with a tip that works on both iPhones and iPads.  If you have an app that won't work, crashes etc then this trick will likely solve your issues! It is important to close apps as often as you can remember to do it! Think about how slow your computer runs when you have 55 applications running... same concept.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty Products Review and Buzz..

In the last few years I have really let myself go. I rarely dress up anymore and showering makeup is more for special occasions! In 2012 I am planning to change that. I miss the days of wearing trendy clothes and cute pictures that are the result of social interaction and not indulgent shots in the bathroom mirror before heading to Target.
My girl over at Sephora Junkie linked to a girl on you tube who does make up tutorial videos. She has very bad acne and has learned how to do movie star make up to hide that. Its fascinating. Through watching her videos, I realized how very little I know about proper make up application and face care.
Watch HER it will blow you away!
Sooo I have been making a solid effort to get dressed every day and wear make up  , AND wash my face every night. I know .. i know.. Gross but I hate washing my face before bed.

So here are some things I have tried and loved!

Cover Girl Aqua Smoothers Foundation.
At my age, foundation is a must. I have ben using Bobbi Brown, but this youtuber girl explains that CG Aqua smoothers is water soluable. So easier to get off at the end of the day blah blah. She suggests buying 3 colors in your range to see what works best for you. I just bought one and it matched well and really works well. I am very happy with it ( and the price compared to Bobbi Brown).

I have loved Nail Polish for years and do my own mani/pedis except for when I was pregnant , and about maybe 4 times a year when I get a groupon or something. I recently bought some stuff at Ulta that I love. I am mostly an OPI girl but I do not like their base coat or top coat.
I love this Cuticle Cream from Ulta 

and with my Christmas Money ( thank you Santa) I finally pulled the trigger on the Clarisonic! I have heard you guys raving about that thing for 2 years, and after the review on GMA this week from an anchor, I am sold. I can't wait to get it and tell you guys what I think about it. Who has one? Thoughts?

My SIL has had eyelash extensions for quite some time, and I am BEYOND envious. They look SO amazing! I think it would be hard for me to sit still that long, and cough up the cash, or commit to the maintenance but I am not nixing the idea yet, because  they really do look AMAZING. I'll let y'all know if it ever happens!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Music and NYE

Before peebs I had quite a bit of music reviews and concert posts, and even though I have not posted much to that lately, we are still loving music and going to shows ( when we can).  I have large dreams of a nekkid hippie peebs running through the grass at an outdoor music festival ( bonaroo?) HA
So for New Years ( also our anniversary) Erik and I joined  our good Buddies from Florida ( Linzy and Adam) in Chattanooga and Greenville, SC to see the Avett Brothers back to back nights.

I REALLY love the Avett Brothers. They are super talented, lyrically and musically. Passionate performers, and all around good Christian dudes/daddies/husbands. It is a really refreshing music scene. One of their concerts I went to they had their mom and wives and kids on the side of the stage jammin in those big headphones to protect their ears and it was SO cute.

They have some really moving songs, and one of my fav's is called " Murder in the City"  in which he talks about if he gets murdered, or dies, what he wants his family to think and feel and it makes me cry every time I hear it.

I really can't imagine the pride their mother must feel when she sees them making such beautiful music.  Every now and then their sister Bonnie will join them on stage.  SO awesome.

So basically I love them and put them up on my super fav lists with The Indigo Girls, Death Cab for Cutie, Jason Mraz, R.Kelly and Usher.

So speaking of my random music tastes.. Here are some downloads from 2011 I hope you didn't miss:

Paramour - The only Exception ( beautiful song)
Adele - Someone Like You
Tpain & Lily Allen - 5 O'Clock ( good beat, hilarious lyrics like "waitin on me naked with one of my gold chains on)
Drake - Headlines
Little Wayne - She Will
Jason Mraz - I won't give up ( so sad about his break up with Tristan Prettyman, but dang he needs to get off the Reefer so he can live in this universe)
Audio Push - Teach me How to Jerk
Thompson Square - You gonna kiss me or not

A Collection of Random Thoughts...

I recently learned about these Kids Shoes from a company called Livie and Luca. They are kind of Euro-Baby style and soft leather. I ordered peebs a pair and I ADORE them. So if you have never heard of them you should totally check them out. 

Erik and I both got money for Christmas this year so I ordered a few things ( like the shoes above) and I also took a risk of ordering custom made blue jeans from a neat website called INDI Custom. I was pretty skeptical but had to try it because I do always have trouble with jeans.  This website allows you to create a jean that solves all your current fitting problems like length, rise, how the pockets look and where they hit you on the butt, color fabric, stitching ..
 My jeans came in while we were away and they look pretty awesome!  I made the front rise too high so they look like mom jeans at the top, and thankfully INDI guarantees satisfaction so you can return for free and have that fixed. Once you create your perfect fit it is all saved on the site so you can reorder easily or create new styles. I will post better pictures of the new jeans once they come in so you can get an idea of the look. I would recommend this service though. 

Next up, we got the SONY NEX 3 , which is a new camera that is combining the world of point and shoot with SLR. SO many of you are like camera geniuses and enjoy that stuff. I am not that lady. I got very frustrated( with our SLR) and am just too busy right now to invest the time to learn my way around that thing. Enter then NEX which I think takes awesome pictures and talks in easy to understand lingo like "click here to blur the background" "click here to create warmer tones" .  it is also much smaller than my SLR so I am very pleased with the purchase. You can judge for yourself by the pictures I will be posting on the blog in the future. 

I downloaded the 1st Season of PanAm FREE in iTunes over the holidays and watched it while we traveled, and fell in love. It is a great show. I love that period of time and am glad that MAD MEN and PANAM are finally writing shows about it. I also started watching Mad Men. It is very interesting. Not sure that I can say I love it like the cult following it has.  
Still obsessed with all things Kardashian. No shame either. I just like them and find them so interesting and I ain't mad at Kim for divorcing that dirt bag. 
Also loving RHWBH. Its my fav of all those shows and I was just talking to JessiPetti about how last season I hated Camille , and now I love her and think Taylor is a wackjob.
Glad Parenthood is starting back up too! I LOVE TV! ha

My boy no longer wants to eat! It is the strangest thing! He will show very little interest in food most of the time. Sometimes (most times) he will have a MELTDOWN when we put him in the high chair. If he didn't have lots of food stored up in that 25" belly I might be worried about the food strike. Our babysitter and pedi both assure us this is typical Toddler behavior. In the meantime I am about to start reading this book:

Recommended by @HappyHolders and @beachbumandbaby ! It is about how Americans "dumb down" our children's palette by feeding them simple and bland foods so that when they get older they only want Chicken fingers and fries. So this book is supposed to teach me how to expand his palette so he can appreciate tasty foods.  I am super guilty of giving him simple foods so I will be relieved to have some instructions and suggestions on this.  Y'all know about my food hoodoo.
You can buy paper version or download it to your Kindle or Kindle App on the Ipad.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tip Tuesday : How to Add Emojicons to Your ios Keyboard

You know those fun little smiley faces and what not? Well you can add them to your iphone /ipad easily.

First Step: Go to Settings and click on "General"

 Step 2: Click on  Keyboard
 Step 3: Click on International ( emojicons are considered an International keyboard)

 Step 4: Click on "Add new Keyboard" and Scroll through all the languages to the E's and click on Emoji. Once it has been added it will show up in your list like you see below.
 Then anytime you are in a screen to type you will see the keyboard has a Globe on it next to the space bar. When you touch the Globe it will bring up the emoji keyboard.
 and then you will see options like below. The tabs at the bottom are extra pages (by category) with more Emoji.

Done!! Enjoy your new smileys etc!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Chloe's 2nd Birthday Party!

Cousin Chloe turned 2 on December 28th and she had her party yesterday at The Monkey's Treehouse in Cool Springs. It is one of those cool indoor playground places and the kids all had a BLAST.
 Peebs was very interested in Shauna's mother and Marti G and was trying his best to entertain them. ( He is looking at them in this picture to make sure they saw him come down the slide, and provide appropriate attention and applause)
 Cute party room!
 The cake looks just like the invitation:
 The Birthday girl. She blew out the candles and let everyone sing to her and opened her presents with great glee! She was the perfect birthday girl!

  and this little joker was exhausted! He slept for about 2.5 hours after the party!
 I have a feeling we will be going to the Treehouse many more times this winter as it is too cold to play outside!

Nashville is full of places like this :
Inside Out Play Park
Gymboree Play and Music
Monkey Joe's 
Shipwrecked Playhouse
The Fun and Party Zone

Happy Birthday Cousin Chloe-Bell!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Colquett Family Christmas

 He loved this little people nativity and I ordered him one stat!

 My Cousins got a ping pong table for Christmas and there was some mad competition going on for the next few days! 

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