Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Trunki : Children's Suitcase and Travel Companion

Truth be told, I have had my eye on the Trunki for a while! I am a girl who LOVES bags for unknown reasons. 
Anyway, I never pulled the trigger because I thought it was a neat concept for sure, but maybe not that practical. I didn't think it was big enough and I did not think any kid would really wanna pull it or keep up with it.

Then this Fall on our family mexico trip, my niece Chloe had a pink one that was SUPER cute and she adored that thing! She wanted to pull it and play with it in the airport the whole day which amazed me, and also kept her busy and occupied. Everyone who saw her in the airport thought it was precious ( and it was).  
So for Christmas, Fenn's Aunt Shauna bought him his very own Trunki ( A war-eaglish Tiger one no less) with a matching Saddle and Sticker set!

You use the stickers to give the Trunki a face and put the childs name on it. 

The Saddle is a bag that also straps to the Trunki so the child can ride it and it has a squeaker horn sewn into it. Its hilarious really. It has little pockets and such for the kids to keep colors books etc in and then if you wanna strap it on the suitcase and hitch a ride you can do that too!

 AND very well thought out. Every last detail from the entire line ( originated in the UK but is also sold in the States by Melissa & Doug, Amazon etc) has amazing attention to detail and design. 
You can see some neat items and demo videos by clicking here.

 They have plenty of other neat accessories and such which you can see on their site. 
Do any of you guys have a Trunki for your booboo? I can't wait to see if Baby Fenn co-operates!

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