Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Tidbits...

Here are some clips of our Christmas Decor downstairs.. 
I went old fashioned with the tree this year and got a HUGE one, and used colored lights and tinsel! I also tried to use the non breakable ball ornaments for obvious reasons.:)

This is one of my favorite decorations; the bannister. I hate having stairs, but love decorating the bannister on every holiday! ha
And here is the collection of framed Christmas cards from all of the years:
In other news I tweeted about using this color from Sephora this week and was pleasantly surprised from it. I needed to touch up my roots while toning down my "too blonde" tips and this did just the trick without stripping my hair and making it feel all brittle and dry afterward.

Color Couture Light Blonde

I am very excited about an online review that was posted today at Tech4Moms about the ilatch. You can read that HERE

and now I must try and clean this disaster of a house. With all my usual hoarding + Christmas Decor + presents + Grizas Business materials like 500 boxes etc... this place looks crazy.
We have all 3 been sick lately with runny nose, and my dogs as well as my boy LOVE to shred any kleenex ( or box of kleenexes) they can find so now on top of the mess, it looks like a heard of goats live here! 

We are going to ICE today at Opry Mills and Hockey game tonight so gotta get crack-a-lackin.

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