Friday, December 23, 2011

A New Emotion and Behavior

My boy has learned how good it feels to be Proud and get cheers and acknowledgement for something! We are probably  definitely guilty of cheering for every little new thing, and now he wants us to do it ALL THE TIME. 
He has developed his own little sign language for this which he demonstrates in the video. He claps his chest and/or  holds his arms and hands out as if to say " TA-DA"! and when he does that ,he is expecting Fanfare! 
Pretty funny. Not sure what to do now. This kid is gonna have one heck of a ego if we don't slow our roll on telling him how smart/cute/genius/awesome he is all the time. HA


melissa said...

That is too cute. They learn pretty fast how to get the reactions out of Mom & Dad that they want, don't they? Smart boy!

grizaham said...

what up baby fenn!

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