Friday, December 16, 2011

Let's Get Emotional for a Moment.. Shall we?

Y'all this week has been crazy for me and very emotional.

 Lots of things are going on in our house...... 

- we have a mice problem. I can not even get into it, b.c it wrecks me so.. .... ( that is a whole other blog in itself)

- Today when I was setting up my office,  I found an email from my Mother in law ( in 2005)between she and my husband. It was one she printed out and kept in her vanity.  We found it after they passed. She and bubs were talking about his plans to engage me, and she was SO excited and so sweet. I had forgotten about it for a moment but seeing it just brought me to absolute tears. I miss her SO much. Few people probably have such a momentous occasion preserved forever in writing, and I TREASURE  it.  The way my husband talked about his love for me to his mother and her excitement and complete approval was so SO sweet. I always miss my in laws, but having a baby that they never got to meet, and he never gets to experience their awesome love is heart wrenching.

- Peebs has been under the weather, and today took a turn for the worse with the croup. I hate seeing him feel so bad and hearing his awful seal like barking. 

- Grizas, my ipad and iphone case company has been enduring many issues. Too much to get in to really, but let me tell you guys that it is SO hard. There are so many things to consider when making a product, and for me this is very much a passion project, more so than even a business, so I am fighting hard to make great , quality designs that are also affordable. The road is long... VERY LONG.

If you have read my blog for a long time then you know that I am an apple fan:  fierce devotee through and through. 
Steve Jobs passing was  sad for me. Many of you sent condolences which I really appreciated and thought was cute. My cousin generously gifted me the kindle version of his biography which I have been reading in every free moment, and to be honest it leaves me rather disappointed. My hero was really more of a jerk than a hero. 
After he died, I devoured every magazine and show about him. 60 minutes did a great show about how he changed the world.  ( watch that clip if you have time)

The part of that show that REALLY touched me was how children with disabilities are able to use the ipad to communicate and learn. 
One family in particular, whose son had autism, realized after introducing the ipad that she did not know her son at all. He had all these intense thoughts and passions that he was not able to communicate before he ipad.
How AMAZING. It broke my heart, but also really amplified a cause I was already very passionate about. 

In designing the cases for the ipad and iphone for kids, I really want to make a case that works well for these families with children who have downs or Autism or other disabilities. 
It was a just thought and a passion until recently.
This week I have been contacted by some moms about my cases, and what their kids really need. They showed me cases/devices that are currently available for their children that range from $300-8,000.  WOW. That is SO expensive. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.
But the feedback could not have been at a better time, and is SO helpful during this design process of my business. 
I am so inspired and utterly passionate about making this happen for them, about bringing cases to the market that are not only affordable, but that can make a big difference in their day to day enjoyment and use of the ipad.

I will share more about this later, but wanted to out it out there so that if any of you have friends or family that you think would be interested in giving me some feedback please pass this on to them! 

So you can see its been a roller coaster up in here! Scared, sad, sick , MAD, happy and inspired! 

Thanks for listening, and reading. I know this was a HUGE mishmash. Sorries! That is just where my head is at these days. Momma's head is FULL, house is messy, and nose is stuffy! ha

Another Story on abc news about this ( click here)


The Macons said...

You are such an amazingly strong Momma! You are doing so many things and taking your time and putting your heart into it (ALL) is what makes you so special. Erik's parents are looking down right now full of love and peace watching you 2 raise an amazing boy and trust me L.G. they know their grandbaby :) Love ya'll and so so proud!

Cas said...

I really enjoyed this post. thanks for sharing. Good luck with your business, it's going to do great things. Finding that email is awesome! Who said email can't be a personal connection.

KM said...

Ok MICE are NOT COOL...yikes! I hate you are having to deal with that on top of Fenn getting sick and the long road for your inventions. {{{HUGS}}}

I know that letter would be a huge and special part of my life too. You are so blessed to have that, so very blessed. Know your in-laws are watching over you and they are beyond proud of the woman, wife, and mother you have become. <3

Julie Bray said...

Your in-laws are definitely watching over you guys and I agree as mentioned above, they know their grandbaby and are oh so proud of you guys.
I love that you share the special things that you have found and treasure since their passing. It's very inspirational to me and helps me understand the importance of these little things and treasures that I hopefully can leave for my kids one day.

As for the mice, YIKES! Cuddle up and spoil Fenn, hope he'll be feeling better very soon.

Anonymous said...

That is so precious - you are so lucky to have that email between Erik and his Mama - I love it! I am also in agreement with Sarah - they know and love Peebs more than you can ever realize. And they're watching over you guys, all the time. I hope Peebs feels better soon - my heart breaks for him, I can VIVIDLY remember having the croup and, oh the cough, it makes me cringe!

If you ever have questions about using the iPad with kids with disabilities - let me know, G works with kids and I've got several psych friends who use the iPad with kids on the spectrum. I can see if G can give you a psych perspective on it if you need? You're doing such great things!


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

What an emotional week :-/ It's so wonderful that you have that email between your husband and your mother-in-law. That's such a great keepsake. And I think that it's wonderful how much you have done with the iLatch and all of the other products that you are working on. I can't imagine how hard and involved that must be. It must be SO great to hear from other parents who want to use it for their kids :-)

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