Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guilty Pleasures and Confessions

I have to tell you guys about my bubs and I 's latest pastime. We LOVE the show Storage Wars.. and watch marathons of it but recently... we started our own version of storage wars. I LOVE to go to the Goodwill. It is like the best stress reliever for me, when I have a bad day, I got to the Goodwill for hours and come out having spent $3.80 but had a great time and cleared my head. Such cheap entertainment.

Last week, I came home with my literally $3.80 wares, and after @grizaham rolled his eyes all around, he became very interested in how one of my purchases was actually a collectible worth $70. Then we researched everything I bought! ha which made that $3.80 more like $300. So he challenged me to go back the next day and do it again. It is a very interesting experience which would probably scare the pants off of most of you.

Its a huge warehouse with rolling bins. They change out the bins through out the day, and they are not sorted organized or clean in the least. Everyone wears rubber gloves and you just dig like mad. Then, you pay by the pound, the more you buy, the cheaper it is by the pound!
If you are still reading and not fully convinced I have lost my mind, then see below a few examples.  I buy them and Bubs puts them on ebay or craigslist! It is completely random, and you have to keep in mind the return is like 1000% so if something only sells for $5... great because I paid about 10 cents for it. HA

Philip Starck "FLOS" Lamp ( Famous Designer, lamp no longer made so value is up to buyer really and changes daily. Estimated $200). I just bought it because I thought it looked cool.
 Fisher Price 1972 "Happy Apple" Toy.

 When I saw this: I flipped! You ladies recognize right? a HERMES BIRKIN Dust bag! I looked EVERYWHERE for the purse that should go inside! I have found several designer handbags there, including Authentic LV.
All items aside, there is some SERIOUS people watching to be had. I am learning, the more I go that most people go there every day, and they all know each other and look out for each other and there are certain unspoken rules... 
Every day there are Africans in there buying buggy after buggy FULL of shoes because they send them back to Africa. What a great idea!  Lots of antique dealers there as well because I see their car magnets in the parking lot and listen to them talking ...

Another odd find, a ventriloquist puppet called "Tina Talkatoo" from the 90's now turned collectible.
 Vintage Christmas Decorations :
 For my office:
 Very Vintage Gucci Leather Wallet
Random much? Yes! But so fun. The Hospital always cuts bubs hours during the holidays so it gives us something fun to do together and we have more time for that kind of thing when we are co-parenting, etc.
It is SO fun trying to guess what is gonna be the big win of the day like on Storage Wars. Today was Bubs actual first trip there with me and safe to say he will be spending his efforts on internet listings from here on out. He said "All he could see was garbage when he looked at the bins." LOL 



Jessica said...

Your Goodwill is obviously 100 times cooler than ours. The Fairhope one tends to have vintage furniture, which I LOVE, but I've never come across an LV or anything Hermes!

The Macons said...

OMG fun! I wanna go!

Melanie said...

Matt and I go to that Outlet a lot. My FAVORITE is when they bring a new bin out. OMG, it's crazy watching those people waiting in the two lines for it to come out and then just attacking it!

Julie Bray said...

Yeah, You're CRAZY!!! (;

Cheryl E. said...

Wow! That is just crazy! YOu always seem to find the best spots and stuff.

brown eyed girl said...

Dang girl, I think that we need to move Convench to Nash just so that we can all go to the Goodwill together, because that is INSANE!!! I am jealous of your opportunity to do those things. Because we totally are Storage Wars hookers up in this house - HA!

jenn said...

I love storage wars. It must be a Graham thing b/c I completely agree with Erik. I can't ever find anything fun. maybe I should go with you one day and watch the master at work!!! :)

Anna said...

You and your treasures are incredible! (And my mom totally still has that apple. The twins play with it when we're in Monroeville!)

grizaham said...


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