Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Decorations Open House: Fenn's Room

I have plans to decorate each(future) child's room in a different classic Christmas story character, and  Peebles gets to have the Peanuts Gang! ( playroom is the Grinch. More on that later) so here are some of his decorations:
Not a great picture but he has a wreath on his bedroom door with snoopy sleeping on top of a decorated dog house.

His tree has Charlie Brown and friends ornaments:
I frame his santa picture every year. It is so fun to see his changes! ( frames from Kohls. They seem to have the best selection each year, and good sales)
The Peanuts Nativity. I got this last year and I love it. This year he wants to play with it so I had to put it up high due to small pieces and him trying to eat Charlie Brown's head!
and I really want an advent calendar. Not sure which one yet. Both below are from Fisher Price. I like the one that  has pockets to store all of the pieces, but I prefer a Christ themed one like the nativity.

So do any of you guys have good advice on Advent Calendars or have you seen any cute Charlie Brown Christmas decor anywhere?


Mere said...

Great idea! Cant wait to see the playroom. Love me some Grinch!

Cas said...

I tried posting this a few days ago, but it didn't take. We normally do a Peanuts tree in our office every year, but not this year. We got a ton of stuff from local Christmas stores, Hallmark and Ebay. Department56 has some cool things as well. We've been able to collect enough ornaments to fill up a full 6 foot tree. Oh, and Whitman's chocolates puts out boxes of chocolates that have an ornament on them. If you want I can try and pull up some past pictures of the tree and post them in a blog. Let me know!

Matthew said...

OMG, Ms. G. I love that Peanuts nativity! I've never seen it--totally made me smile. And I hate to break it to ya, but I guess you've got to have at least 3 kids. Peanuts and the Grinch are great, but you can't leave out the wonderful claymation Rudolph! The abominable snow man, the dentist wanna-be elf, and the singing narrator snowman. My fave!

grizaham said...


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