Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Updates On Doggles & Babies

 I have had a rough week here with my dogchildren! Turns out there may be some harder adjustments that I was expecting. Peebs is VERY fond of his woofies, and they are so-so about him. They care about him, and are upset if he is unhappy, and they want to guard him, but they do NOT want him to man handle them, which is the only way he knows how at this age.

Ralphie, my 1st born, LOVES wood.I do not know why, but his WOC (wood of choice) lately has been peebs blocks and puzzles. True to form, Ralphie does not go for the cheap wood, only Melissa and Doug Puzzles or the Plan Toys Blocks. He chews them, ruins them, then leaves splinters everywhere in the playroom. This happens in SECONDS. Notice how the DOG in the puzzle remains un-chewed... coincidence?

His second transgression is attacking peebs puppets when I give him a puppet show. My boy LOVES puppets. It is his fav thing on Baby Einstein Videos, so recently I bought him a puppet theatre ( complete with 6 puppets) at a consignment sale for $15. Every time I get behind the curtain my boy is giggling and loving life, and Ralphie starts dive bombing the stage trying to attack the puppets. So that's not annoying.....

But things got serious this week when Bossie attacked my boy. He was climbing into my lap and she was sleeping next to me on the couch and he accidentally touched her booty ( which she hates) and she jumped up and went crazy. I am not sure at this point it was teeth or claws,  because it happened so fast, but even with me sitting RIGHT THERE, I could not prevent it. 
 It was eye opening. If she had left him with a scar, I would NEVER forgive myself. ( or her) 

He did cry about it, and his lip was bleeding but he cried FAR worse at me yelling at her.

 We sit next to one of the best eye surgeons in Nashville at the Pred's games and he told me that he sees lots of cases of family dogs attacking children, and aiming for their nose but actually getting an eye. That was terrifying to hear, but a reality check.

So while I am embarrassed to admit this happened, I want you guys to know because I know most of you have pups, and you might want to consider these things. Luckily my dogs are small and the damage is also small, but it is not a risk that most of us would want to take.
Now this incident has not diminished his love of his woofies what so ever. He is very upset that they have been banished from the playroom and he stands at the gate and whines/cries for them to be let in. He will also take them food and toys and throw it over the gate. ha

 (we started Christmas Jammers Early) ha

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Michelle said...

I grew up with an English Springer Spaniel and I have a scar on my hand from him. That dog nearly lost his life that day after my mother saw all of the blood and heard me screaming....and I was in high school.

Poor Peebs. :(

Dogs are funny guys & gals. We have two Boston Terriers and we're always reminding our children to give them space & not get in their face. I love my boys, but I know they can have their moments, too.

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