Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Randomosity!

We had a great weekend and a busy one! Our friends the Warren's from Birmingham were in town and went to the Titans game with us! I actually got peebs babysitter to watch him so I could tailgate and not worry about him needing a nap etc and it was fabulous. I had a really great time and got to visit with everyone, and actually concentrate on my conversations! 

What did you guys think of the Kardashian Divorce? Sad but I was glad because i think Kris Humphries is a real dirt bag! I was shocked that she was marrying him after seeing him on the show. Basically if your friends and family don't like your boyfriend... that is a good sign you are making a mistake.

Now that my boy is walking, he needs some good socks with gripz so he doesn't bust it on this hardwood floor all day long. In my very tiresome search for plain white socks with a grip I found these neato things! Stickers that go on socks to give grip! PERFECT! 

We have pictures scheduled tomorrow to get that Christmas card shot! Whew! Hope they turn out cute because I would LOVE to cross that off the list. I have considered a "real life" pic this year meaning I will show up in my mom uniform, peebs in jammers, and erik in his concert tshirts and running gear. HA

I recently ordered my boy an Amber Teething Necklace. They get mixed reviews but some IRL peeps gave me good feedback so I thought for $13 it was worth a shot. The dark ones are supposed to be more effective so he now sports a small dark amber necklace which I think is so adorable in a hippie baby kind of way! HA
I did my best to capture some of his drool for you guys! 

 I watched this really neat special on GMA today about this lady testing out all of these new products to improve sleep. She happened to mention  the new SHEEX which I was already interested in.  I plan to get us a set since we have not bought sheets since we were married!  These would have been AWESOME when I was pregnant and having night sweats all the time because they are moisture wicking! Have any of you guys tried them yet?


Virginia said...

I love Peeb's necklace. I think it fits his "cool little dude" style. I didn't see the segment on Sheetz, but went to the website to check them out. When I get preggo again I will definitely need a set of these. I woke up every night sopping wet...I had completely forgotten about that pregnancy symptom until you mentioned it. Must tell all my pregnant friends about this new find, and I have ALOT of pregnant pals right now!!!

Cory Holder said...

I love a man in a necklace! Chad used to wear one! Ha! Can't wait to see the pictures...I enjoy the real life idea! Erik will need a couple of ponytails!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

I absolutely need to buy those sheets when we are in the States! My hubs is always burning up at night and these look perfect.

Amber teething necklaces are really popular here in NZ. Hopefully it will work for you!

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