Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hoochie Reunion 2011

"Hoochies" is my group of college girlfriends and that term goes back to far to start trying to explain! Below are a few pictures from our weekend. We did not take too many because we were busy talking the whole time!

A chili Cook off in Emily's neighborhood. She lives in a really neat neighborhood !
She (emily) also hired a masseuse to come to her house on Saturday morning and give each of us a 1 hr. massage. It was phenomenal. I have not had a massage in over 2 years and I got deep tissue massage. I was sore for 2 days after that but it was much needed thanks to all the time I spend on the computer and hauling around my big baby.

We had so much fun talking about our kids and swapping stories and tips. My favorite part of the whole trip was when everyone started mimicking their childrens breakfast demands all at the same time. I have not laughed that hard in a while. I can only imagine what peebs will be like, because I know (as a kid) I was after my mom when the sun came up to make my jelly toast!

Emily also had these awesome mules that I fell in love with. They were SUPER comfy and the Gianni Bini brand from Dillards. I promptly came home, sold an old pair of Uggs on Craigslist and purchased some for myself.
It was such a fantastic weekend and just what I needed before coming home to ceiling high boxes of ilatches!


Krista said...

That is great that you all have stayed in touch. I would love to see those ladies again.

Cary said...

Y'all are just too precious! Only missing Brooke!!!!!!!!!!(well and maybe me?) If I had access to a computer earlier, I would have commented on the shoes last night! Love them, loved seeing you, Erikface and the Peebs!! ♥U!

Sarah Stanley said...

Oooo I covet those clog/booties!

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