Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blog Sale : Designer Handbags

If you follow me on twitter, then you know I recently attended another police auction/sale. I bought a few handbags there that I thought some of you might be interested in.  I also will have a few from my personal collection.  I can not speak to the Authenticity of the bags that I did not purchase, I can just tell you what I think. Returns will be accepted as long as buyer is ok paying ALL shipping charges. If you have a brand that you love, and would like to see on here let me know and I will look for that brand at the next sale.

So this is how it will work, I will put up the pictures and you can text or email me ( lg2006@me dot com) a bid. Don't be scared to lowball , because I am a bargain shopper so it will not hurt my feelings! The highest bidder will win. Shipping will be extra and will be actual shipping charges whatever they may be. 

#1 Is a LODIS Brand new Briefcase/Computer Bag with detachable strap ( retail is about $250 I think).   Has front pocket for cards, pens and such. Back zipper pocket. It is darker than it appears in the pictures. 

#2 Is a Louis Vuitton Vernis Bag in Pink. It is Vintage from about mid to late 90's I think. It is also dirty and a little faded. It needs a magic eraser but I just have not made the time since I am not keeping it. I can not assure it is authentic, but I am pretty dang sure based on craftmanship and the leather handle. It has already turned patina.

#3  Is a Black Leather j.Crew Bag.  High Quality, Structured Leather. It has awesome pockets and is brand new as far as I can tell.( I have used it once when I was deciding wether to keep or sell it. ) Although I think I stained part of the inside with coffee. I spilled coffee and then put a coffee covered item in the bag by accident. See pics. It has 2 compartments separated by a zippered middle section. also has an inside zipper pocket .

#4 is a MulHolland Leather bag in Dark Brown. You can see it online HERE. Retail is $380 and it is brand new. Beautiful dark Leather and straps long enough to hang over your shoulder. 

#5 - Sold

#6 PRADA - This one is debatable. I really wanna keep it, so I will wait and see what kind of offers I get. I do not know if it is authentic or not for sure, but it has passed all my tests ( stitching, quality, lining) . *update* maybe it is not authentic because it does not have PRADA printed in the lining that I can see. So I guess it is a great knock off? I am no Prada expert but anyway.. its a good looking bag with a zipper pocket and a cell phone pocket on the interior. It has a snag in the nylon on the front and back of the bag. I am pointing to it in the pictures. It was VERY hard to photograph.


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linoperros12 said...

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