Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Fenn is 16 Months Old!

"NO lady I do not wish to sit cute in the same chair with the same stupid doll every month. I'm outta here"

Lots of changes lately!! My boy is quickly becoming a little boy instead of a baby! He is all over the place lately and spends 90% of his day running around squealing.  
Height : 33"
Weight 32lbs
Head: HUGE

Clothes Size - 2T Shoes Size 6

Milestones - Babbling, Tantrums, Snuggling, funny actions. 

He LOVES to snuggle these days! He will come over and sit with me and watch me check my email, type etc, for long periods and snuggle up to me while I am doing whatever. He does this with his daddy too.  He has really become a daddy's boy lately.  He likes to do anything with his daddy and is very aware of where his daddy is and when he comes and goes now. 

Since his teething , he has had such a runny nose which drives momma crazy so I am always wiping and cleaning his nose, which he hates. Yesterday he started mimicking me and will come up to me and pinch and mess with my nose a lot. I guess he wants to show me how annoying it is! ha

He is very sad about the "no doggles in playroom" rule and stands at the gate crying for them or will take them toys and food to the gate. He will even lie down next to the gate to commune with them. 

Toys - Puzzles! We are all about the puzzles these days! I LOVE the Melissa and Doug Puzzles with big wooden knobs because if they do not have knobs he will stack the pieces up rather than put them in the puzzle.
Blocks. he LOVES blocks and plays with them alot through out the day! Stacking or sorting them by color. Throwing them, banging them or chewing on them. 

Books - He is pretty opinionated about what he wants to read these days, and will throw his back out if you pick the wrong book! He loves 
Llama, Llama misses Momma & 8 Silly Monkeys


TV: He will only really watch some baby Einsteins, or Baby Babble these days. He enjoys Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey Mouse Club but does not sit still for those, he just likes the music and likes for me to sing the them songs for him. As soon as they come on he immediately looks to us to sing the songs.

Diaper Bag :  Diapers, wipes sippy cup and snacks!

Eating : Eating is all over the place these days. he will eat ANYTHING except bananas and peanut butter. He sometimes wants baby food and sometimes wants table food. He is much more fond of sippy cup these days and drinks more than he ever did before. We don't do juice, just milk or water.

Sleeping Down at 7pm and up at 6 or 6:30 am. He is only taking one nap now ( sadz.. momma likes naps) at 11am he goes down and sleeps generally for about 2 hours.  He wakes up VERY angry from naps sometimes and it takes quit a bit of soothing to get him back happy! I guess he gets that from me as I am not fun when I wake up either.

Teeth : 4 new teeth since last month! The poor guy is drooling TONS and trying to chew on anything he can find, but mostly prefers his fingers. The red marks are on his 4 newest teeth.

Diapers : Size 5 and still in disposables for now.

Discipline: He has mastered the art of tantrums and LOUD screaming and screeching. I think it is mostly a result of his not yet being able to communicate. He knows that we generally don't acknowledge the crazy fits so they last about 5 seconds. Very entertaining. We do our best not to laugh, but he is so cute with his cry face on. He turns SO red and makes the most pitiful faces and has also started making huge tears during these bursts. I am amazed at how quickly he can turn it on and off.  He still minds well and knows what his boundaries are and will always look at me before misbehaving ( like when he wants to climb up on his train table, which is not allowed) and when I see him and say no, he just goes on about his business. He might cry and fall out for 5 seconds, but usually only does that if he is very tired.

All in all, I am sad that he is growing up SO fast , but I am enjoying it too. He is so funny these days, I spend a lot of time just watching him and laughing at whatever he is doing. His thought proccesses intrigue me. He LOVES to organize and group things and goes around his playroom sorting things all day.


Cory Holder said...

I agree we need to put a stop to this growing up! He's such a cute snuggle bug! :)

Anna said...

I love reading these updates on Fenn! He's really adorable.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

He's rebelling without even knowing it, haha!! I just love his hair and think he is so studly with it!

Julie Bray said...

Happy 16 Months Fenn!!!!!

Jessica said...

He is cute even when he throws a tantrum! I love that his personality is coming out so much more...this is such a fun age!

The Taylors said...

He is precious! I can't believe how big he is getting! Happy Holidays to you super cool Grizas! We love yall!

grizaham said...

hes is getting older and cuter!

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