Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby Fenn is 15 Months Old!

Peebs turned 15 mos last week and I am late with my update! This is my first real month of mom anxiety with his development.  I shall elaborate on that below.

Weight :  31.3 lbs ( 99.79 %)
Height:  32.75 inches ( 93.67 %)
Head:  19.13 inches (91.17 %)

Clothes Size : 24 months/ 2t and 4T in Tshirts. ( He is very wide across the back)

Milestones : WALKING! Finally and he is doing it very well! He has also learned a lot of new tricks about playing with toys. He knows now how to stack his blocks, replace all his rings on the rock n stack and in general clean up after himself instead of just DESTROY and THROW things.  He is also really interested in climbing up on things. Anything and everything. 
our problem is that he is not talking. He is very much a small caveman full of grunts and body language but no words. I don't know if this is my fault for not teaching him words all the time or if it is just developmental. Our doctor has said before that his laid back demeanor means he will be slower to start new things, mostly because he is just content with the way things are. I am hoping this is the case with his talking. The Pedi did mention speech therapy if he is not talking by 18 mos! YIKES. So I am now in teacher mode telling him words all day long.
Did any of you have late talkers? 

Baby Gear : Not much gear these days! I am really trying to just be able to wing it with him and not be reliant on so much gear. We went to Mexico with our niece a few weeks back and she does not require a bunch of gear or toys and is very adaptable. I am striving to be more like that with Peebs.

Toys : He LOVES books these days. Kleenex ( ripping them) , stacking and sorting any kind of papers, some large cardboard building blocks, his laugh and learn house and farm. 

Books: Current Favorites are Llama Llama Red Pajama, All of Baby Nose to Toes, and a Baby Einstein Huge Board Book that has liftable flaps.

Diaper Bag: Diapers, Snacks, portable broom ( for cleaning up his food messes... I was a waitress for many years) , sippy cup.

Eating: Still eating really well, all of his health foods and fruits as well as junky snacks. Is tolerating dairy ok these days. Mostly he still prefers "mash" (baby food) but eats finger foods as well if they are OUR food. He loves mexican food and black beans. Has not held a spoon yet, and  I don't think he wants to! ha 

Sleeping : He has just this past week started sleeping later! FINALLY! He now sleeps from 7pm- 7:30am. Still taking 2 naps a day 9am and 2pm. This week they have been about 2 hours long each nap. Either the teething or the new walking is wearing him out!  He does not sleep with covers and seems very uninterested. When did you guys introduce covers with your babes? It is getting cold here so I feel like he needs a blanket in the bed!

Teeth : Cutting some big time teeth right now. TONS of drool, red cheeks, low grade fever , all in all he seems kind of miserable but still acts happy mostly. I have ordered him an Amber teething necklace to see if it will help. I have read mixed reviews but am willing to try it. I feel like I should not be giving him so much tylenol. 

Diapers : Major issue here. My boy has the biggest ham hocks EVER. So all of his cloth diapers no longer fit him around the legs. Not only that but since the teething business has started back up, I am having trouble with any diaper..... keeping his business contained.  What a headache. This means multiple baths a day sometimes..  So I ordered a Knicker Nappies Diaper that snaps on the side and that seems to be much better but still pretty dang tight. I keep thinking he will lose a little girth on the leg once he walks around more. This past week we have been using disposables. :(

Discipline : I read BabyWise II while in Mexico and picked up some great tips for discipline. Even though my boy does not want to talk, he understands completely what I am saying, and he also minds me when I make a noise that means "NO" but this book gave me a few pointers like squeezing their hand and making eye contact when correcting bad behavior, and not to manipulate their environment ( i.e. move things out of their reach, just teach them not to touch) which is good advice if you plan on taking your baby out and about. You can not always manipulate the environment, and so it is a good idea to teach them to behave now. I had not thought that far ahead... 


Momma on the Run said...

My daughter is 14 months old and doesn't really talk either. Every once and a while it sounds like she is pointing to something and saying a word but nothing consistent. What makes me sad is she doesn't say 'mama' or 'dada!'

Anyway, I'm all concerned and obsessed about it but my husband (who reads all the baby books) says it totally normal...that she'll talk when she's ready and the important thing is that we are talking to her and she UNDERSTANDS (that's the big thing.) I say single words all the time now - shoe, sock, eat, snack, milk, outside, dog, cat, etc - in hopes that she is picking them up!

I would love to know more about the discipline book you read! Just the one idea you posted was awesome!

Susannah said...

One thing I did and still do with Emma is talking to her like an adult. We have conversations (and did when she was younger too) and I just acted like she could understand me, even if she couldn't. I think a lot of language exposure is important. Try (casually) flashcards with colors, numbers, shapes, etc and just have about 10 minutes a day with that. Ask him to say things you say (ie-can you say blue? mommy? dog?) He will get there! Reading is great for language development in babies too, so that is great that he is loving books. Read to him often, try for at least a few books per day when putting him down for the night or during the day to give him a break from playing. The discipline will come and it will continue until he's at least three, so get ready for adapting your plans-he understands more than you know! You know how they can manipulate situations and you thought they couldn't understand. Ha! I miss my big chunker (and you!) I would give him a blanket and try to have him in warm PJ's. When you go check on him before you go to bed, try to cover him up. Emma snuggles up in her little comforter and buries herself-girl can't get enough blankies! He may not like them though-Scarlet isn't a fan of blankets in bed. Anyway, sorry for the book-hope some of it helps, and I can't WAIT for hoochie reunion! Only 2 more weeeeeeeeeeeeeks!

Julie Bray said...

YAY! Happy 15 Months!

I know plenty of kids that don't talk till 18 months. Maybe it is because he just doesn't feel the need to talk. My 2 cents which you know is NOT worth much since I have NO experience with this is- talk in short sentences, single words mostly, talk to him about what is going on, point out things and name them. At least that's what we did with Ben, and OMG! he won't stop talking or asking what things are..... If you ever see him pointing to something and he grunts, tell him what it is and interact. Keep saying the word. I read some kids will learn one word at a time and say it over and over, others will keep pointing to things and try to say everything. Both are normal.

I totally agree "winging" the baby gear! Once I forgot Ben's stuff a time or two or we changed our plans at the last minute, we decided to down-size our gear. Now all we take is diapers, wipes, and a sippy cup. No toys either. He can be entertained by the food (at a restaurant) or pretty much anything you can find. I sometimes take a book with lots of pictures with us.

My latest trick with Ben when he is upset or squirmy in a store and has to stay in my arms is to go over what noises different animals make and pointing to body parts and naming them. He loves to show off his knowledge.....

Dang, I wish Ben would sleep more! That's totally awesome Fenn naps twice and still sleeps so well!!!

Last little bit of my 2 cents.... I absolutely agree with your book on discipline! It drives me CRAZy when I hear parents telling their kids something is "hot" so they won't touch it. no matter what it is, they tell the kid it's hot just so they won't touch it. Well, what happens when the kid actually does touch it and discovers it's not hot, then you loss your credibility and they won't listen next time you say hot...... Anyway, be honest, don't take the easy way out, and BE CONSISTENT! is my policy so far.

HAPPY 15 months FENN!!!!

Linzy said...

did you hear about new dosages for tylenol in infants and toddlers?

i wouldn't worry about him not talking, probably just means he is a very happy and content baby not needing to yell for things. consider yourself lucky. :)

Virginia said...

That baby boy is beautiful and coming along perfectly!!! I love these milestone post. Of course, you can't compare every baby, or I would be a nervous wreck. Britton is 10 months and not even close to walking, but my niece was running by 9 months. Britton jabbers constantly, but my niece didn't say a word besides "DaDa" till she was atleast 13 months old. To each his own. I think little boys do everything a little bit later anyway.

Brooke said...

I love Peebs rolls! My 2 year old only weighs 25 lbs and has never had any rolls. ;-(

She also wasn't talking much at 1 year which had me concerned as well at the time. She understood everything we were saying but just didn't vocalize anything. I actually taught her a few signs which she picked up very easily and calmed my nerves a bit. She now talks ALL THE TIME.

I think each child learns at their own pace and you really have nothing to worry about. We have actually considered taking advantage of early intervention therapy to help our daughter with a slight impediment that she will probably grow out of. But why not take advantage of the help when it's avaialble?

In the end, YOU are his mommy and know what is best for him and don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Kellie said...

As a mom of four, each of my children have crawled, walked, and talked at various times. My third child did everything late, including talking. At each ped. visit I was told, "wait and see." How I wish I had relied on my Mom instinct more! I certainly do not want to upset you, just say you and your husband know your child best. If you sense something is not quite right, look into it. My son slowly began to speak and by 24mos. his vocabulary was around 5 simple words--and still the doc. said wait and see. All other markers were good--walking, motor skills, etc. By 5 years old, he was talking, but only understandable to our family. At that point the ped. finally said, 'he should have seen a speech therapist long ago.' I regret not following my instinct and making an appointment on my own and just finding out for sure in those early years. It would have only cost a day at a doctor's office and an insurance co-pay. My one bit of advice--face it head on, find out for sure now and go from there. If this is only a delay, they will know, you will have peace of mind and not have to expend energy worrying over what might be--or in my case what could have been. My son is now 10 and progressing marvelously in speech therapy (his 5th yr now) with a long road still ahead. Praying the Lord gives you and your husband wisdom, knowledge, and understandiing.

Cary said...

Peebs is understanding much more than you are giving him credit for! He's a smart little cookie. I wouldn't worry too much about the not talking yet. Why should he vocalize anything? You know what he wants and/or needs and give it accordingly. He knows he doesn't have to waste the energy of conversing yet!! He's a cutie patootie!

Millie said...

The waitress inside me is beaming with pride... Portable Broom = Awesome. Slobbery crackers are the worst. As your childless friend, I have no advice, but it does sound like Fenn aced his report card with all those >90% scores. Ha! Way to go Fenn!

Anonymous said...

Love the update, Laura! And Peebs' hamhocks are SO CUTE! I hope you can have better luck with the cloth diapers soon though. :) As far as using a blanket, Lucy was very particular about what she would let me leave in her bed at naptime/bedtime but gradually let me leave a blanket in there with her. This was right at Fenn's age b/c she is 17 mo now and we have only recently started. She is getting the hang of it being for covering up and I will try to go back in and cover her up once I know she is asleep. I guess once she woke up with a blanket on her several times, she figured they were ok to have around. I was having the same problem though - knowing it was turning cold here in Utah but her not ever sleeping with covers.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Oh he is so big and I LOVE it!! I really wouldn't worry about his talking. Some kids just talk later. I've also heard that little boys talk later. Could be a myth but.. who knows.

E now sleeps with her "blankie" and we've just started letting her have the comforter that her crib set came with. Although she doesn't really get that she's supposed to cover up with it.

The Macons said...

I miss this chunky boy!! Can't wait to see yall Thanksgiving!

Linzy said...

just read that Einstein was a late talker. Didn't talk until the age of 4! So I would not worry. I also read that grunting is a form of communicating at this age. :)

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