Sunday, November 13, 2011


 and just when I was starting to worry... he began to babble! We borrowed the "Baby Babble" DVD from Cory like 4 days ago and watched it the morning before his debut. He of coarse waited till I was not home to show his daddy all these tricks.  He came out with a few sounds babababab and vvavavavavav!
Like any proud momma, I dreamt last night that he started speaking full sentences and I was proclaiming his genius to Erik! ha 
Stay tuned!


Cory Holder said...

The Baby Babble DVD is awesome! Walker still loves it. Bought that at my first consignment sale for $5! Good stuff.

Anna said...

So cute! Way to go Fenn!

Virginia said...

Yay, Peebs!!! There is nothing as sweet to a mama's ears as the sound of your own baby's little voice:)

Julie Bray said...

Awe! Sweet Fenn talking it up!

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