Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Fenn is 16 Months Old!

"NO lady I do not wish to sit cute in the same chair with the same stupid doll every month. I'm outta here"

Lots of changes lately!! My boy is quickly becoming a little boy instead of a baby! He is all over the place lately and spends 90% of his day running around squealing.  
Height : 33"
Weight 32lbs
Head: HUGE

Clothes Size - 2T Shoes Size 6

Milestones - Babbling, Tantrums, Snuggling, funny actions. 

He LOVES to snuggle these days! He will come over and sit with me and watch me check my email, type etc, for long periods and snuggle up to me while I am doing whatever. He does this with his daddy too.  He has really become a daddy's boy lately.  He likes to do anything with his daddy and is very aware of where his daddy is and when he comes and goes now. 

Since his teething , he has had such a runny nose which drives momma crazy so I am always wiping and cleaning his nose, which he hates. Yesterday he started mimicking me and will come up to me and pinch and mess with my nose a lot. I guess he wants to show me how annoying it is! ha

He is very sad about the "no doggles in playroom" rule and stands at the gate crying for them or will take them toys and food to the gate. He will even lie down next to the gate to commune with them. 

Toys - Puzzles! We are all about the puzzles these days! I LOVE the Melissa and Doug Puzzles with big wooden knobs because if they do not have knobs he will stack the pieces up rather than put them in the puzzle.
Blocks. he LOVES blocks and plays with them alot through out the day! Stacking or sorting them by color. Throwing them, banging them or chewing on them. 

Books - He is pretty opinionated about what he wants to read these days, and will throw his back out if you pick the wrong book! He loves 
Llama, Llama misses Momma & 8 Silly Monkeys


TV: He will only really watch some baby Einsteins, or Baby Babble these days. He enjoys Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey Mouse Club but does not sit still for those, he just likes the music and likes for me to sing the them songs for him. As soon as they come on he immediately looks to us to sing the songs.

Diaper Bag :  Diapers, wipes sippy cup and snacks!

Eating : Eating is all over the place these days. he will eat ANYTHING except bananas and peanut butter. He sometimes wants baby food and sometimes wants table food. He is much more fond of sippy cup these days and drinks more than he ever did before. We don't do juice, just milk or water.

Sleeping Down at 7pm and up at 6 or 6:30 am. He is only taking one nap now ( sadz.. momma likes naps) at 11am he goes down and sleeps generally for about 2 hours.  He wakes up VERY angry from naps sometimes and it takes quit a bit of soothing to get him back happy! I guess he gets that from me as I am not fun when I wake up either.

Teeth : 4 new teeth since last month! The poor guy is drooling TONS and trying to chew on anything he can find, but mostly prefers his fingers. The red marks are on his 4 newest teeth.

Diapers : Size 5 and still in disposables for now.

Discipline: He has mastered the art of tantrums and LOUD screaming and screeching. I think it is mostly a result of his not yet being able to communicate. He knows that we generally don't acknowledge the crazy fits so they last about 5 seconds. Very entertaining. We do our best not to laugh, but he is so cute with his cry face on. He turns SO red and makes the most pitiful faces and has also started making huge tears during these bursts. I am amazed at how quickly he can turn it on and off.  He still minds well and knows what his boundaries are and will always look at me before misbehaving ( like when he wants to climb up on his train table, which is not allowed) and when I see him and say no, he just goes on about his business. He might cry and fall out for 5 seconds, but usually only does that if he is very tired.

All in all, I am sad that he is growing up SO fast , but I am enjoying it too. He is so funny these days, I spend a lot of time just watching him and laughing at whatever he is doing. His thought proccesses intrigue me. He LOVES to organize and group things and goes around his playroom sorting things all day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

iPhone App Review- Sizer

Finally, an app I have been dreaming of for years. I really wanted a way to organize and keep up with size clothing for family members and especially friends kids. This app does that and goes a step further by showing the sizes they wear in all countries!

Sizer is $1.99 in the App Store

To get started hit the + sign and add people ( from contacts or manually)

Kids sizes are already outlined for you so that was easy.

You can see below how it shoes American shoe size and several others as well. Nice! I do love a good European shoe:

It will show you a list of the profiles you have created and allows for easy editing.

The one thing this app REALLY needs , is some sort  of sync service and social integration so that instead of me asking each person in my address book for all their sizing info, if they already have this app I can see and just add their card to mine. That way if they update it, like you so often have to do with kids, then my card will automatically update as well..

Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday Shopping & Christmas Decor is UP!

Black Friday this year for me, was more about the holiday decorations on sale. I have a long wish list of the perfect holiday decor and every year I try to knock out a few things on that list. After perusing the Thanksgiving sale paper I decided on a few things below:

Pre-Lit Fir garland. I line our bannister upstairs and down with it and hang big ornaments on it, but didn't have enough garland so I bought another 9ft for $8 at Old Time Pottery.

I have always wanted some porch trees in urns and Old Time Pottery had a door buster on these for $20 a pair!! So this was a biggie for me!  They look awesome by the front door and I am really excited to finally have them.
Then every year we go to Home Depot to get the $1 Poinsettias, $5 fresh wreaths, and half price Christmas Trees!

Peebs enjoyed Christmas Tree Shopping:

Here is our outdoor wonderland. Yard Flair is very Cool in our neighborhood, however this pic probably embarrasses my momma.
He helper really enjoyed all the decor and so far has been very good about minding the Christmas tree rules!
We went retro with tree this year and used big red and green (shatterproof) balls , big colored lights, and icicles..

Friday, November 25, 2011

iPhone App Review : FastMall

Just in time for Black Friday, Here is an app you should all download if you are going shopping, or shop regularly, especially if you shop with kids.

It is called FastMall and is FREE in the App Store

This app will :

  • Locate Malls close by
  • download the layout of the mall for you so you can see where any store is
  • shake the app to find closest restrooms
  • locate ATMs within the mall
  • Allow you to save your favorite stores on a list
  • Show you which stores are in the mall you are looking at
  • Locate Escalators, Stairs , Food Courts and Theatres
  • Allow you to search by category like "show me stores in this mall that sell tennis shoes"

Overall the app is brilliant, but a little buggy. Can't complain since it is Free. Oh and I forgot to mention that there is a deals tab you can click on to view sales happening in whatever mall you are navigating. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! I have too many blessings to count ! I thank God every day for all he has given me/us. 2011 was the best year of my life and I am SO looking forward to the holidays! I have always loved holidays but now that I have a child to do fun Holiday stuff with I am SO PUMPED! 
Prepare yourselves for obnoxious pictures, decorating, crafts and more!

I have had 3 good friends lose someone close to them recently and am praying for you all. I hope all my blog buddies will pray for you also. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hoochie Reunion 2011

"Hoochies" is my group of college girlfriends and that term goes back to far to start trying to explain! Below are a few pictures from our weekend. We did not take too many because we were busy talking the whole time!

A chili Cook off in Emily's neighborhood. She lives in a really neat neighborhood !
She (emily) also hired a masseuse to come to her house on Saturday morning and give each of us a 1 hr. massage. It was phenomenal. I have not had a massage in over 2 years and I got deep tissue massage. I was sore for 2 days after that but it was much needed thanks to all the time I spend on the computer and hauling around my big baby.

We had so much fun talking about our kids and swapping stories and tips. My favorite part of the whole trip was when everyone started mimicking their childrens breakfast demands all at the same time. I have not laughed that hard in a while. I can only imagine what peebs will be like, because I know (as a kid) I was after my mom when the sun came up to make my jelly toast!

Emily also had these awesome mules that I fell in love with. They were SUPER comfy and the Gianni Bini brand from Dillards. I promptly came home, sold an old pair of Uggs on Craigslist and purchased some for myself.
It was such a fantastic weekend and just what I needed before coming home to ceiling high boxes of ilatches!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Few Tidbits

I notice the blog becoming a little stale! Sorry about that! I really have been so busy lately and am working to put the blog back on the priority list!

- I had an AMAZINg weekend away with my college girlfriends in ATL last weekend. A blog on that soon as they email me the pictures.

- I am working steadily on our Christmas cards. I just want to warn you all now that I am LAZY, and that my program only prints ONE persons name on the address so instead of the couple, it will say either the husband or wife on the label. Hope everyone can understand that because I am not hand addressing 200 Christmas cards!

- My boy keeps trying to grow up! He is doing all sorts of things lately. Cracking me up and being a lot of fun and a good snuggle bug. He is also FINALLY over the time change and sleeping till 7am again. WHEW.

- Santa found him a $15 Train Table in Goodwill yesterday! I have plans to make it over a bit and am contemplating painting it expresso to fit in the playroom better. I also want to paint one side of the table with chalkboard paint so stay tuned for that makeover. The weather is way too nasty here right now.

- ilatches are being delivered today so I will be knee deep in shipments for the next bit! I also received a notification yesterday that the ilatch was nominated for a cribsie award this year! Please PRAY that happens. I need the Publicity! 

- Did you guys see that pinterest tutorial on painting fabric? I kinda want to do that!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

In Loving Memory...

It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I don't agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone."
— Rose Kennedy

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Updates On Doggles & Babies

 I have had a rough week here with my dogchildren! Turns out there may be some harder adjustments that I was expecting. Peebs is VERY fond of his woofies, and they are so-so about him. They care about him, and are upset if he is unhappy, and they want to guard him, but they do NOT want him to man handle them, which is the only way he knows how at this age.

Ralphie, my 1st born, LOVES wood.I do not know why, but his WOC (wood of choice) lately has been peebs blocks and puzzles. True to form, Ralphie does not go for the cheap wood, only Melissa and Doug Puzzles or the Plan Toys Blocks. He chews them, ruins them, then leaves splinters everywhere in the playroom. This happens in SECONDS. Notice how the DOG in the puzzle remains un-chewed... coincidence?

His second transgression is attacking peebs puppets when I give him a puppet show. My boy LOVES puppets. It is his fav thing on Baby Einstein Videos, so recently I bought him a puppet theatre ( complete with 6 puppets) at a consignment sale for $15. Every time I get behind the curtain my boy is giggling and loving life, and Ralphie starts dive bombing the stage trying to attack the puppets. So that's not annoying.....

But things got serious this week when Bossie attacked my boy. He was climbing into my lap and she was sleeping next to me on the couch and he accidentally touched her booty ( which she hates) and she jumped up and went crazy. I am not sure at this point it was teeth or claws,  because it happened so fast, but even with me sitting RIGHT THERE, I could not prevent it. 
 It was eye opening. If she had left him with a scar, I would NEVER forgive myself. ( or her) 

He did cry about it, and his lip was bleeding but he cried FAR worse at me yelling at her.

 We sit next to one of the best eye surgeons in Nashville at the Pred's games and he told me that he sees lots of cases of family dogs attacking children, and aiming for their nose but actually getting an eye. That was terrifying to hear, but a reality check.

So while I am embarrassed to admit this happened, I want you guys to know because I know most of you have pups, and you might want to consider these things. Luckily my dogs are small and the damage is also small, but it is not a risk that most of us would want to take.
Now this incident has not diminished his love of his woofies what so ever. He is very upset that they have been banished from the playroom and he stands at the gate and whines/cries for them to be let in. He will also take them food and toys and throw it over the gate. ha

 (we started Christmas Jammers Early) ha

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Factory Updates on The iLatch!

I am still feeling really grateful for all of the support from you guys on our kickstarter campaign. I printed out the mailing list yesterday and was overwhelmed by all the names on it! I hope to reward your faith in me soon enough!
This process has been really overwhelming, but exciting. I feel like I am back in school again but on the fast track. Every night when Piggles goes to bed I have to read all these educational books about marketing, finance management, branding etc. 
Every now and then, there are moments that make this feel more real and its really exciting. Today I woke up to one of those moments when I got some pics of the production from my factory! It was awesome to see that. I will share a few with you guys here:

FYI : These should be shipped this week to me, and I will stay up as long as it takes to get them all promptly mailed to you guys that bought one! I am sorry it has taken longer than I projected. I had NO idea of the process when I started but I can confidently say that my next round will be much more efficient time wise!

Now I shall spend the rest of my free time today learning new accounting software end entering 4 months of receipts!  Wish me Luck.

**Oh and for those of you that have an ebay or etsy business, I just learned about this FREE online accounting software that will pull your data automatically which is pretty rad! It is called OUTRIGHT. Check it out if you are interested.**

Sunday, November 13, 2011


 and just when I was starting to worry... he began to babble! We borrowed the "Baby Babble" DVD from Cory like 4 days ago and watched it the morning before his debut. He of coarse waited till I was not home to show his daddy all these tricks.  He came out with a few sounds babababab and vvavavavavav!
Like any proud momma, I dreamt last night that he started speaking full sentences and I was proclaiming his genius to Erik! ha 
Stay tuned!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Preview From Our Christmas Card Shoot

So I bought a groupon for a local photographer , who I think is actually a pet photographer...oopsie! DIdn't know that at the time, but she did well with us humans too!  I know this will probably wreck all my photog friends, but the way I choose my photographer is finding someone that will give me a disk of images because I like to use them for blog, facebook, linked in, my website, ...whatevies.. and especially CHRISTMAS CARDS.
I have to say, I want to give myself a huge pat on the back for scheduling, going, and getting these pics back this early in November, AND for having the doggies in the family photo. It was much harder than I ever imagined getting all 5 of us comfortable, cute and looking at the camera. Peebs decided that he was way too busy playing with leaves and rocks to take part in the shoot, so it was rare that he ever looked up and I was shocked that we got some good pics from the whole extravaganza. 
I also have to share that we were taking these pictures in the park, and while he was scrompling around playing he found himself a big fresh pile of dog dookie and picked up some. GREAT. it was totally disgusting and luckily I had wipes and all but it was also hilarious. I mean that whole experience was so chaotic and SUCH a pain. 

Here are some of the pics.:

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