Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We're Baaaaacckkkk!

Well, Back in the US that is but not back to normal just yet! I am swamped in housework, life and business stuff ( not complaining) just sayin... the blog is suffering so he is a little random summary:

  • We were in Mexico for 7 full days, without Peebs. It was glorious and fun, and I was not sad for him like  I thought I would be. He was having a blast with my family and we got lots of cute happy videos of him daily. After 7 days, I was DEFINITELY out of shape as far as being able to carry and pick up my heavy boy, and even out of parenting practice. Took us a while to get back in the rhythm. He did remember me when I came home and still loves us so that is good. 
  • We had a guy in Mexico that I called "Sitch" because he reminded me so much o fthe situation. All he needed was a huge pair of sunglasses, some Ed Hardy and a tanning bed. I spent a lot of our trip making friends and handing out business cards :)

  • We came home and had to drive 9.5 hours to get peebs and see some friends. .
  • Brother wade was here this weekend for a visit!  Such a good house guest! Cleans up after himself, brings FOOD, and trinkets! Love that.
  • Thursday-Monday my friend Linzy arrives from Florida with her little girl Maia and her boyfriend Adam. We have lots of plans for the kiddos and the Avett Bros Concert on Friday Night which will be awesome.
  • I am desperately awaiting the arrival of my Cambridge Satchel. (Neon Green) The back order is fierce. 
  • I am so mad at Teresa on RHWNJ. She was horrible on that reunion show and she has lost her mind alienating all of her family and friends. Also the made of words she uses KILLS me. " I am gonna distant myself from them" . Team Melissa.
  • I have some huge and great things happening with the ilatch and i will do a blog soon to discuss. some of it I can not really talk about till it is final ya know?

    • Loving the new iphone 4s and still don't have mine set up all the way yet. Siri really is incredible for practical reasons and entertainment. Erik has asked her to marry him multiple times to which she replies " But we barely know each other" or "Im blushing" HA


    Susannah said...

    Glad y'all had fun, you needed that! I love the backpack and I'm jealous of your new phones! See you soon!

    Cory Holder said...

    Yay! Glad ya'll returned! :) So excited about the iLatch stuff going on...very good stuff!

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