Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cousins Who Snuggle

I have noticed lately that my boy is such a snuggler, not just to me but to other children which is ADORABLE (to me). Here he is with his cousin Wilburs at my moms house. Will was getting annoyed because peebs was all up in his personal space and was " too heavy" to lean on him and share the chair with. HA These pictures KILL me! 

Then last night at the hockey game, he was sharing his daddy's lap with cousin Chloebell and started snuggling her with his hand around her back and leaning his head on her shoulder. I could NOT get ENOUGH. So sweet. Chlo had the same reaction as Wilburs thinking he was too heavy for her tiny body!
 see that sweet chubby little hand?
 Chlobell is showing her cousin her favorite Hockey Player!

melt my HEART!


Michelle said...


ml said...

Love that snuggly boy! And I TOTALLY agree with you about Teresa. She used to be my favorite, but now I am SO anti!

Catherine said...

So sweet! Watch out! He's going to be a Teddy Bear for all the girls one day!!! :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

okay that picture of his hand on her back just melted. my. heart. love his sweet heart!

Susannah said...

Those are some seriously cute babies-all around! Peebs gettin his love on. Emma is still saying she's coming over-get her a room ready! Peebs' house!

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