Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple's Announcement Yesterday: The Summary

No iphone 5 Was announced! Instead an iPhone 4s... Kind of disappointing but still some important new Changes:

  • One phone no matter which carrier ( CDMA/GSM) and added Sprint to the carrier list
  • 8 MP Camera
  • Faster processor
  • now offering 64 gig versions
  • New Software is available Oct 12 for free.
  • Siri Personal Assistant & voice commands added to iphone 4s

You can watch a demo video HERE ( click on video box below pics). That makes Siri look pretty rad awesome. I wonder if it will be able to understand my southern weird voice and translate like that. 
Guess we will find out! 

Pre-orders start on Oct 7th and Phone Sales start the 14th... the VERY day we leave for Mexico. RAH to the RAH.

What did you guys think of the announcement? Who is upgrading?


KVH said...

I still have a 3GS and debating if I really need the 4S or save $100 and get the 4. I don't need a new phone but I sure would like one.

Cory Holder said...

I'm on the cracked screen 3GS is looking pretty sad today. It's looking at me like "my days are numbered right?"...guess they are. Now...should I switch to Sprint? Hmmm?

katie said...

I'm preordering and switching to Verizon so we no longer have two phone bills. I have Taylor's old 3GS since the screen light went out on mine back in April. I've been waiting on the new iPhone before I made the switch.

grizaham said...

nothing better than a shiny new iphone.

melissa said...

I'm still so confused by all things apple but this helps - thanks! I tried getting an iPhone from Verizon but bc I don't have an upgrade they said it would be $600!!!! I passed. I'm hoping maybe now I can score a 4 for less. They better drop those prices! I'm tired of living in the stone age with my BB. :)

Cas said...

I'm still rocking the old 3G, but I'm thinking it's time to upgrade. I'm hoping I can get off this terrible AT&T and switch over to Verizon. My company pays my bill, so I'm hoping they can get me on a grandfathered unlimited data plan since that's what I have now.

Mississippi Candice said...

preordered TODAY!!!

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