Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend In Review : Linzy, Adam & Maia in Town

We have been SUPER busy this weekend with our friends in town Thurs-Monday.  We have had Avett Bros concert ( which was amazing), Preds Game, Titans Game, Boo at the Zoo , shopping , Pumpkin Carving.... You name it!

Remember that police sale I told you guys about? They had round 2 Friday! Linzy got to go with me and got some amazing things like a pair of Gucci Boots for $10!
I got this brand new Pottery Barn Kids Dragon Costume with matching treat bucket for $10. I have to say it is really cute and VERY well made!

I picked up a few things for my mom at the sale like this brand new pottery barn light fixtures for $15 each.
and I got myself some Yard Flair. I LOVE these blow up yard things. The tackier the better! But I never wanna pay what they costs! I got a Halloween one and Christmas one from that sale for $10!

Peebs may have a little Crush on Maia. They are very cute together. I have forgotten how much fun 3 year olds are and how hilarious they are. She was singing "Santa Clause is coming to town yesterday" and she made up all of the lyrics, one line was " and you better be still when you sit on his lap and smile" or something like that. HA
Here are Erik and Adam putting up my pumpkin yard flair. They told the kids that of they hugged him he would come to life ( they plugged him in so he was inflating during all this hugging). We had some other friends over (Kristy and Cade) and that is Cade with Maia in the pic. Peebs is the round head at the bottom looking on....
Boo at the Zoo is where we went Saturday night and peebs was about maxxed out. He did not enjoy the zoo or his costume and REFUSED his head piece. I LOVED watchin him try to get around in that costume though. Its hilarious.
Maia was "Tiny" from the dinosaur train. She had  a great time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cousins Who Snuggle

I have noticed lately that my boy is such a snuggler, not just to me but to other children which is ADORABLE (to me). Here he is with his cousin Wilburs at my moms house. Will was getting annoyed because peebs was all up in his personal space and was " too heavy" to lean on him and share the chair with. HA These pictures KILL me! 

Then last night at the hockey game, he was sharing his daddy's lap with cousin Chloebell and started snuggling her with his hand around her back and leaning his head on her shoulder. I could NOT get ENOUGH. So sweet. Chlo had the same reaction as Wilburs thinking he was too heavy for her tiny body!
 see that sweet chubby little hand?
 Chlobell is showing her cousin her favorite Hockey Player!

melt my HEART!

We're Baaaaacckkkk!

Well, Back in the US that is but not back to normal just yet! I am swamped in housework, life and business stuff ( not complaining) just sayin... the blog is suffering so he is a little random summary:

  • We were in Mexico for 7 full days, without Peebs. It was glorious and fun, and I was not sad for him like  I thought I would be. He was having a blast with my family and we got lots of cute happy videos of him daily. After 7 days, I was DEFINITELY out of shape as far as being able to carry and pick up my heavy boy, and even out of parenting practice. Took us a while to get back in the rhythm. He did remember me when I came home and still loves us so that is good. 
  • We had a guy in Mexico that I called "Sitch" because he reminded me so much o fthe situation. All he needed was a huge pair of sunglasses, some Ed Hardy and a tanning bed. I spent a lot of our trip making friends and handing out business cards :)

  • We came home and had to drive 9.5 hours to get peebs and see some friends. .
  • Brother wade was here this weekend for a visit!  Such a good house guest! Cleans up after himself, brings FOOD, and trinkets! Love that.
  • Thursday-Monday my friend Linzy arrives from Florida with her little girl Maia and her boyfriend Adam. We have lots of plans for the kiddos and the Avett Bros Concert on Friday Night which will be awesome.
  • I am desperately awaiting the arrival of my Cambridge Satchel. (Neon Green) The back order is fierce. 
  • I am so mad at Teresa on RHWNJ. She was horrible on that reunion show and she has lost her mind alienating all of her family and friends. Also the made of words she uses KILLS me. " I am gonna distant myself from them" . Team Melissa.
  • I have some huge and great things happening with the ilatch and i will do a blog soon to discuss. some of it I can not really talk about till it is final ya know?

    • Loving the new iphone 4s and still don't have mine set up all the way yet. Siri really is incredible for practical reasons and entertainment. Erik has asked her to marry him multiple times to which she replies " But we barely know each other" or "Im blushing" HA

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    Cabo Day 2 & 3

    Cabo has had some great weather and we have done a lot of relaxing by the pool and reading! I am really enjoying this beach case for the iphone.( I bought it in Mori Luggage in the mall) It protects the phone from water and sand but you can work the touch screen through the plastic.

    my niece is not quite 2 and she has been amazing on this trip. I had no idea how it would be with a toddler but she has been having the time of her life. She took a 2 hour nap at the pool!
    How cute is this?
    bubs Reading Game of Thrones
    Shauna and Chloe in the pool!
    Dinner at Mi Casa last night but I didn't take my big camera :(

    Saturday, October 15, 2011

    Cabo Day 1

    We woke up at 3 am yesterday for a 6am flight to Cabo! We made it! This is the first year we have ever been over here with any babies or rented a car. ( If you are a new reader, The Grizas take a family vacation to Cabo every year with my husbands family. We were married here in 2006. )
    So it is SIL, BIL and his wife and almost 2yr old Chloe, and Me and Bubs. Quite the crew! We are having a great time and some internet issues so hopefully I will do better blogs later. 
    Shout out to my parents who drove 6 hours to get my boy! He is staying in Bunroebille with them while we are here. Shout out also to Bug and Mary for house sitting and dog sitting! We appreciate you guys! 

    Quick Pics:

    This is the dirt road we were on in  a rented minivan while following GPS instructions for the stores I researched for Gluten Free foods for my SIL who has Celiacs. Quite the goose chase!
    Sky Pool at sunset.
    Chloe in the lobby of our hotel while checking in.
    SIL checking us in. I love the front desk. So pretty.
    The property is so big and on a huge hill or mountain so they take you everywhere in Golf Carts. Chlo LOVES These golf carts.
    Our room. ( bubs and i share room with SIL)
    SIL in Skypool with chlobell. She is obsessed with her Auntee this trip
    **Melia I am gonna try to to better detailed travel posts just for you:)**

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Fall Menu for Babies and Toddlers

    Below is a Fall Menu for Babies and Toddlers
     (Printable CLICK HERE) 

    I was interested in making some Fall foods for PB since it is important to eat local, and seasonal. After doing some internet research this is what I came up with. Feel free to print, use, blog etc.

    **Im no chef so use at your own risk lol**

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    How to import your own Movies/DVDs to Itunes/Ipad/Iphone

    This is a quick tutorial on how to get your own Dvd's or movies into iTunes so that you can put them on your ipad or iphone. This is only for MAC computers, as I do not own a PC .... ( sorries)

    Before watching the tutorial video you will need to :

    - Download Mac the Ripper (free Software)
    - Download Handbrake ( free software)

    Step 1:
    Insert the DVD into your DVD Drive. If it starts playing just hit escape. We don't need it to play, just need it in the drive.

    Step 2: Open up "Mac the Ripper" software from your applications folder ( Finder >Applications>mac the ripper) and wait for it to recognize your DVD. Notice where the DVD will be saved to once it is done ripping.
    Orange arrows point to the location where your Rip will be stored and also the status bars showing progress.

    Step 3: Now that you have ripped the movie , you should find a saved copy on your computer. I have mine saved to the desktop for ease of finding ....( it will look like a file folder)

    Step 4: Open "Handbrake " software and click on "source" and find the file you just saved to your desktop. You can choose the size fall in the right margin. I always choose "ipad". 
    Then click "start". 

    Once this starts it will take about 40 minutes or so. When it is done it will pop up a notification for you. It will also create a video file on your desktop. Take that file and drag and drop it into itunes.

    You will see in itunes it saving there. You can press "command" and "i" to get to the info screen and change the title or other info.

    Once you are done and you know it is in  itunes, you can click and drag all the files we used to the trash.

    See a Demo Video Below:

    Email me if you have any questions!

    *** Disclaimer: Don't steal DVDs . This is just for films or movies that you OWN.****

    The Boy Walks!

    Over the weekend, Fenn decided to start walking. He did it Saturday night in a room full of people while we had friends over watching football. Everyone cheered and clapped once he made it about 10 steps and he sat down and SCREAMED with terror from all the attention. It was really funny! Since then he has done it a few more times, but not non-stop. Crawling is still faster! ha

    Monday, October 10, 2011

    The Gentry Farm and Pumpkin Patch!

    Saturday we joined SIL Juliel, Rico and the girls at the Gentry Farm. It is a cool farm in Franklin with a Corn Maze, Hay rides, Petting zoo, playhouses, and a pumpkin patch and actually much much more. Perfect for kids in the fall. Peebs was a little young for this sort of thing, but let's be honest : Momma is never too old for this stuff! AND it could have been the perfect Christmas card backdrop. HA
    Corn Maze:
    I thought I was kickin the Farm them with that Denim shirt but it does not look as good in pics, as it did in my head. Le sigh...

    My Mens:
    Trying to get pics with peebs is rough right now. His belly is always hanging out of his shirt adn his pants are always hiked up too far .. etc...
    then the sun was in his eyes....
    But he is still pretty dang kissable!
    The part he did really enjoy was the corn troughs. He played in the corn for as long as we would let him! Don't worry, he doesn't try to eat it. My boy knows what is food and what is not.

    Then he did the "daddy slide" which he LOVES.
    and this was my favorite pic of the day. A very dramatic laugh...

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    How about a little Christmas Shopping?

    As you guys know, the ilatch has been a lot of work for me and has softened my heart to all mom founded businesses. Krista is my Kappa lil' sis, and a mom to 2 beautiful little girls. She has started selling Usborne books and below is a message from her.
    The Pioneer Woman blogger is a big fan of Usborne ( more on that below)
    Remember Christmas is only 8 weeks away! 

    From Krista:

    I am so excited to be able to share USBORNE BOOKS with LG's readers!

    My favorite thing about USBORNE BOOKS is how engaging they are for young children and me!  Some of the features that make these books so engaging are:
    • filled with color 
    • interesting pictures
    • books with flaps
    • hidden pictures to find
    • texture books
    • activity books 

    There are books for
    If you are interested in sharing these books and earning an income, then please let me know ( and I’ll get you information on joining my team and becoming a consultant!
    I am offering one of Laura’s readers $30 in free books.  All you have to do is go to my website: and tell me what book would be first on your wish list in the comments below. I will choose one of the comments from a random number generator next Friday the 14th!
    Thank you, Krista Landenwich

    Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    iPad App Review: JibJab for iPad

    I think most of you out there have had some fun with Jib Jab cards and such in the past. They now offer an ipad app that makes personalized books for your kids. It works very easily. There are some free options and then some themed monthly books. Below is the $3.99 Halloween Book I made for Fenn. It is kind of hilarious and it is very animated. I was surprised however, that it did not have any sounds!

    It even inserts their names in the book:

    But it does have a few glitches.. you can see the text showing up on the home screen here. Hopefully they will work that out soon, especially for a $3.99 charge per book....

    One of the best things about the app is that once you create a character, you can re-use that same character in each book, but if you want to change the character you can do that too.

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