Monday, September 12, 2011

RV Vacation Days 4-6 & Pearl Jam 20

So the motivation behind our little RV vaca was to go see Pearl Jam's 20th Anniversary show at  Festival in Wisconsin. Since it was so far away we just made a whole trip out of it and bubs stopped at lots of Goodwill and TJMAXX stores for me!

We had beautiful weather all but one day. The 1st day of the Festival it POURED all day! Peebs and I never left the RV! We napped, played, scrap-booked and watched TV.
This is one of our fun neighbors at the camp ground. We had a fun bon fire with them and a few other neighbors.
Peebs and Bubs at the  Pearl Jam Lot tailgating...
Family Shot!
Our boy loves to bite Erik on the nose. That is how they High-Five!
and we totally broke the peebs mobile out for the Pearl Jam Lot. It was a big hit!

That trip just added fuel to my " I want a vintage camper" fire! We all loved the RV life! That was a really nice one that we could never afford, but I want a vintage one that we restore and I can decorate will my collection of Retro stuff like Melmac and flowery sheets! ha

Something like this :

and here is one of my many GREAT goodwill finds. I think I spent about $35 at all the Goodwill stores combined and I got some great things! These are Oil lamps shaped like Lava Lamps! They have never been used but I will spray paint the pink parts a nice blue or avocado green I think.

and this Slide for my boy for $5. Sliding in the RV was mad fun!
and a Keurig Coffee Pod Carousel for $2


Cory Holder said...

I'm all for the camper purchase! Fennster looks adorable in that jacket biting Erik's nose! Ha!

Rachael said...

Looks like an amazing trip!! I am with you on the vintage camper, that would be such a fun project. I must get a picture of the TINY Airstream that tailgates near us in Auburn. They have navy awnings made for the camper with orange piping. ADORABLE!!

{swank}mama said...

Cute post and congrats on the iLatch website launch! Can't wait until November :)

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