Friday, September 16, 2011

My Home Organization Binder....

Twitter has been all abuzz with the Erin Codren Life Planners lately, and they are so pretty, that I was indeed tempted! I am a sucker for making lists and anything planner/calendar related. I am a former Franklin Covey addict! 
But over the years, I have discovered that what really works best for me, is to make my own planner. 
After years of searching, I found a leather 3 ring binder at Staples a few years ago, ordered a monogram decal from Etsy and had beautiful binder! 

Then I personalize the inside with whatever I have going on. Currently my tabs are:
Home ( for cleaning lists etc)
Fenn ( anything kid related, Dr. Print outs, shot schedule, Birth certificate, )

Behind each section I have a page that holds business cards that pertain to the tabbed section:

I use TONS of page protectors!

I love  to go and find neat printables on pinterest and print them out for each section! 

My current favorite printable is this Blog Post Planner:

and I have other printable sheets that have things like check register forms and contacts list that I use for my business tab

I finally made my very own printable, (using pages on a mac computer) for my weekly cleaning chores. If you want you can download it as well for Free by clicking HERE

What are you guys using to stay organized? A blog friend recently did an awesome VLOG on comparing the Mom Agenda and the Erin Codren Life Planner. I highly recommend you guys watch it because that is full of good info.
Any neat printables I should know about? Please leave links in the comments!


Anna said...

You are amazing. Seriously. has some great tips for a household binder. She did a series on it and had printables. They were free, but now I think she's selling them on etsy.

KM said...

I just printed out your weekly cleaning list! LOVE it! I don't have a planner and didn't get what the big deal was on Twitter. I really like your planner and might have to do one like yours ;)


KM said...

Oh, I just grabbed your button...shame on me for not having it on my blog...bad friend :( It's there now!


grizaham said...

nice book.

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