Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making Your Blog Easily Readable on Mobile Devices

WHEW! I have done some mad researching on how to make my blog easy to read on iphones and the like. ( Thanks jessiD for the suggestion)! 
So.... after all that work I thought I would share it with you guys incase you wanted to do  this as well. 
I went HERE and read this tutorial. This blog has great advice for tricking out your blog! The Tutorial has screen shots.

It basically involves you going to mobify.com and entering in your blog URL. From there it gives you some options but one is pasting the code into your blog header. See below where that box to paste the code is located. I just pasted mine right at the top of all my design code. 

Grab This code:

That will enable automatic detection by mobile devices so that they can see an easy and clean view of your blog. The meaty part.....
Here is where you paste the code:
 and then it will look like this when you access it from the iphone:

Email me if you have any questions. Sometimes when I muddle through this sort of thing I can never remember what steps actually worked so it is possible I left out something!  


grizaham said...

this blogging stuff is mad complicated!


The Parkers said...

Oh yes! I was just wondering about this today! Thanks for doing the work for me! ;) And I totally missed out of the craziness from your Monday post, but good job! I agree.

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