Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making Personalized Shirts for Kids ( or anyone)

A good friend of ours, Andrea, made Peebs some really cute personalized onesies a while back and she was SO clever in doing it with themes that were personal to our friendships and every since then I have been meaning to give this whole T-shirt transfer thing a go. I mean did you guys even know that you can use special paper in your computer printer and just print out designs and iron them on? Craziness. 
So First things first:

Step 1: Materials : Tshirt and Transfer Paper. I bought both at Target $6 for the tshirt and $7.58 for about 7 Sheets of the transfer paper. So Each project costs about $7-8.

Then you can go to Google Images and search for pictures of whatever you are in to. I printed out several things.  The BIG trick is to remember to reverse print them. I changed up my settings in Print Preview before printing and it worked just fine.

I searched for Pumpkins because I wanted to make my boy a Fall Shirt. I also wanted his name on it and so I added the image to SKITCH which is a free program and allows me to write on top of pictures etc. ala Perez Hilton...  That is how I got Fenn's name on the pumpkin.
Then you cut it out:
Then you Iron it on.
Then you Peel off the backing!
and Maybe I made this one too.... cause he is a mini-Fan Boi. You better bet my boy will be wearing this in the line for the iphone 5!!
It was very easy and fun! I recommend reading the instructions that came with the Transfer paper because you will mention things you don't think about ( like printing the image backwards)
Have any of you tried this before? Any cool sites to get images from? My next big project is to create my own printables! Like checklists and such.


Beach Bum & Baby said...


Trey NEEDS the apple one to wear to get our 5's.

Dang it LG, why are you such a genius?

Mary Alice Mosley said...

What a great idea!! You are so crafty :)!

Julie Bray said...

LOve it! I'm going to try this ASAP!

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