Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day RV Family Vacation Days 1-3

You guys have have noticed via twitter that we took a Griza family vaca in an RV this week to Wisconsin. BOY was that an adventure! But it was super fun! Below is a pic of our home for the last 7 days! It was huge!! (31feet). It had a nice master bedroom that we had to give up to peebs so we could shut the door at bedtime and continue using the kitchen and TV in the living room so Bubs and I slept on the bed above the driver's seat.

And here is a pic of the inside. The side would let out when we parked making it much wider.

The back bedroom and closets. We set up Peeb's pack n Play on top of that bed.
We stayed at some awesome campgrounds. My Favorites were the KOA because they had lots to do and had free WIFI. The one pictured below was called Scenic Ridge in Wisconsin and those peeps were NAZIs! They would ride around on Golf Carts checking on all the "Concert campers" to make sure everyone behaved and were quiet. They also tried to board our RV at 2am and make sure we had not smuggled any extra campers aboard from the concert. They decided against that when a raging momma bear came out of the back ready to start swinging! My boy was asleep and I didn't want any flashlights and chatter around him.
I know it was a concert weekend and all but they should have taken one look at all the rainbow colored plastic toys and stuff and known we are too old to be smuggling campers so they don't have to pay the $5 pp fee. COME ON.
Anywhoodle... below is the awesome play yard my mom passed down to us after my nephew out grew it. It is rad and we have 2 sets so it will be coming to the tailgates from now on. The wall has  built in toys and noise makers and he was very intrigued by it all. He also spent a great deal of time just opening and shutting the gate on the play yard.

Our boy LOVES to play in the grass. It was hot this day so he got to play nekkid. Our neighbors at the camp site loved him.
I like to call this one "Mom STOP with the pictures already"
Another heisman pose
He LOVED this tree.
A Nature Stroll with daddy early one morning.
The View:
Wisconsin is a beautiful state! It was much different than I expected with TONS of Farms and little Farm houses. Every house we passed had the most manicured lawn. Lots of cute little old down town areas too.


Cheryl E. said...

Oh my gosh it looks like you guys had a blast. Especially Mr. Peebs! What a fun family idea.

The Skippers said...

I am dying to go on and RV trip! Phillip won't do it. Looks like so much fun!!

grizaham said...

That trip was awesome..
Sucks to be back!


Julie Bray said...

FUN! Love the "mom enough with the pictures" photo!

You guys are the most col adventurous family I've even known. I want to be like you...!

Cory Holder said...

So fun! He looks like he is surfing in the Heisman picture!

Marion said...

I have been trying to convince Nick to do this! I should have thought to throw Wisconsin in the mix bc he is from there. Looks like y'all had a great time.

Meliha said...

You are hilarious! I can't believe the line about the mamma bear coming crack me up...

The Masters said...

I talk about RVing all the time! So glad yall did this. I seriously secretly shop for them occasionally. If we did not live downtown and had somewhere to store one I would have probably already bought one! Love to hear about RVing trips! Glad yall had fun!

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