Friday, September 23, 2011

A Collection of Random Thoughts...

  • I will never understand why I am so much more productive when PB and I are here alone and bubs is at work. It makes no sense because when he is home, he can watch peebs while I do chores, but when he is away I do SO much more.
  • We saw the Pearl Jam 20 Documentary this week and it was amazing. You know those movies that you watch and you still think about days later.... it was one of those. Not just because I love Pearl Jam, but also because I like music and seeing the behind the scenes stuff about bands and the record industry was intriguing.
  • I have plans to write a post about children watching TV, but I will wait a few days since this week has provided just about all the blog drama I can handle. 
  • A girl left a comment on another blog this week about me being a good momma, and I have to say it has left me on cloud 9. It was so sweet and she said so many things about my momma skillz that I don't give much thought to.
  • I am sooo glad all the Fall TV shows are back on in full swing. I LOVE TV, and I have no shame in my game. I think its perfectly fine. I watched " Up all Night" ... a new sitcom and it was hilarious. That couple is SO us. 
  • I have never been excited to dress peebs, until this fall. I got him so many cute Fall outfits from the consignment sales and he is finally moving around (instead of sitting in a scrunched up ball/blob) so that you can appreciate the cuteness of his outfit .
  • I always said I would *never* be that parent that talks about my kids BM s on the internet, but I have to always talk myself out of telling y'all these horror stories, like how peebs took a giant dump in the Nordstrom Kids shoe department this week. That wasn't embarrassing at all. Neither was carrying around that stinky cloth diaper in my purse for the rest of the day.
  • I need some cute Fall clothes like WOAH. I have hardly any cute clothes. I made a pact with myself during pregnancy that I would not fill my closet with nonsense and only but clothes that I LOVE and that look good one me.
  • I am starting to become terrified of my ilatch launch. This has been so much more work and money that I ever thought it would be, and more rewarding too , but dang it is intimidating. Today I had to try and find a "injection plastic molding manufacturer" in the US. That wasn't awkward at all. Especially with peebs squealing to the top of his lungs during all the phone calls.
  • Speaking of Peebs, He has learned how to spit. as in SPIT on purpose and he really enjoys it. I caught him laying in the floor today spitting on the floor, and staring then doing it all over again. He also enjoys spitting anything from his sippy cup through his teeth.
  • I can not stop thinking about that poor baby that died in the shopping cart this week. I am  sooooo sad for that family, and so THANKFUL that I have a healthy happy boy. I have prayed about it a million times in 2 days.
  • I have NO idea how Santa is gonna have any toys to bring my boy  because I don't think I can buy stuff this early without giving it to him. I can see this being a problem for years, because I still love toys at my age, and I remember what it was like as a kid to get a new toy or to be bored and so... no ability to restrain. ( Bubs pretend you didn't read that)
  • Have y'all seen that blog "Suri's Burn Book"? I just saw it this week and I DIE. It is so funny. It is someone writing a very sarcastic blog from Suri Cruise' s point of view.
  • I think Peebs is gonna be Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba for Halloween.


Courtney said...

Um, Suri's burn book...I LOVE. Thanks for sharing the blog name. I've been cracking up all morning!

Cory Holder said...

If you need someone to help you with the engineering ilatch stuff...ask me! :) I'm not an engineer, but I did talk to them everyday for 5 years strait! Ha!

Peebles has been looking extra cute in his fall clothes and I LOVE his new shoes!!!

I am also more productive when Chad is not here. I think it is because I take a breather when he is around. with W!

Julie Bray said...


grizaham said...


Sarah Stanley said...

Comment on first bullet: I think I have it figured out, Andrew makes a mess as I'm cleaning. He's like the Tasmanian Devil.

LG said...

LOL good one Sarah! I need updates on how you are doing!
Julie BRay I think its pretty cute that you don't know! Suri Cruise is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Daughter!

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