Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Fenn is 14 Months Old!

Height & Weight : We have not been to the Pedi in forever so I am gonna guess about 32lbs and 32"

Size Clothes : 2T in most things but 4T in t-shirts. Shoes 5.5 or 6
New Tricks/Milestones:  Spitting! He has learned to spit and does it ALOT.  Not walking yet but he can, he just gets scared and decided crawling is faster and pops down to the floor and takes off. if he is not thinking about it he will take a few steps.

Toys :  Still loves the incrediblock, ball hut and books
Baby Gear: Got the Fisher Price Apptivity Case this week and LOVE it. Its awesome. The only downfall is, it takes a minute to get the iphone in and out of  the case.

What's in the diaper bag : Diapers, Snacks, sippy cup, the apptivity case, a book, tylenol.
Breast Feeding - Nope
Eating - Eating very well these days. Still having porridge with table food.  Still having reactions to dairy. Each time he drinks milk or eats yogurt he spits up for a few hours afterward. 
Sleeping -  Sleeping from pretty much 7pm - 6am. For the last few weeks he has been waking up SCREAMING in the middle of the night. Have no idea why. I usually will go in and rock him then lay him back down. He stops screaming the second I pick him up. Sometimes he will still he laying down asleep while screaming and other times he is standing up at the edge of the bed facing the door ( waiting on me).. 

Teeth: He currently has 8 teeth in but is in serious teething mode. I think it is for incisors? Green = teeth that are in and red= in progress

Diapers - Still using Charlie Banana Diapers size large but REALLY struggling to snap them. I need some cloth diapers made for babies with big ham hocks. Working on that now. Open to suggestions!
Books: llama, Llama Red Pajama, and the Pop Art Books from Mel
Behavior/Discipline: Normally he minds very well, but we are encountering some problems with him feeding Ralphie from the high chair and he screams his head off for diaper changes again. 

This pic is hilarious. He is laughing at his daddy. Nothing makes him laugh like his daddy and Ralphie. 

 We tried for a little mom and peebs photo opp before the Hockey Game since We were both showered, dressed and not covered in food. Unfortch, the settings on my camera were off. I am slowly teaching myself with tutorials off pinterest ( this one is my fav.) and not quite a pro yet. Anybody know how to fix this exposure so we don't look so WHITE?


grizaham said...

what up fenn! you getting big!


KM said...

As always, I love your Fenn post! The spitting is crazy. C saw his Dad doing that and tried to copy him.

Do you use Picasa? You can adjust just about anything on your pics using that. I would suggest playing around with the shadows in your pics. If you make it a little darker it should help. You can also hit the fill light button if your shadows are too dark. I take pics all the time and play around for hours with the editing. If you have any questions just let me know!


melissa said...

Happy 14 months Fenn! Such a handsome boy!

Cory Holder said...

I love the spitting video! He is such a sweet little dude! Fennster!!!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

What a cutie pie!

Julie Bray said...

Love how concentrated on spitting Fenn is. He's having too much fun doing it.

I remember Ben doing that random screaming in the middle of the night. He did it for a few weeks. We stopped going into his room. We only go in there if he is standing at side of crib crying/screaming. (of course not when he is trying to go to bed, then he crys it out- but that doesn't happen often nowadays either)

Fenn is as cute as ever!!!!!

Wish we saw you guys more often and could play with Fenn!

emilie said...

hey! Mitchell was 17 months on Weds and he was doing the random screaming in the night thing, too! It started about 6-8 weeks ago and we just watched him on the monitor and let him settle back down and now it has pretty much totally stopped. Occasional whimpering in his sleep like maybe a bad dream or something, but no more screams! I think it's just something that some kids go through! So no worries! Can't believe how big Fenn is! So cute!!

AndreaLeigh said...

wow peebs! cooper is just 25 pounds. peebs would totally kick his butt. ha!

we went through the same phase with cooper. i think it is the age because it was around the same time. it did eventually stopped. could be a mild case of night terrors.

Anonymous said...

Fenn is such a cutie pie! Happy 14 months, Fenn!

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

My little one does the night screams, too, and she usually does it when she is working on a new tooth. Sometimes she will do it a few nights in a row, and then we finally notice a tooth trying to poke out. I also read a lot about babies who have separation anxiety during the day having night problems for a few weeks/months, so I guess that could be it for Fenn, too. Good luck with the diapers! If you find a good one for extra-large babies with ham hocks, let me know, because I will be needing those any day now. :)

Anonymous said...

Laura, Fenn is SO CUTE and those videos made me laugh! He is definitely getting that little boy look and less of a baby look. You are great with all of this documentation. And you look beautiful in the pic!
Kelli J.

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