Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Fenn is 13 months Old!

No Longer a fan of sitting still

Or posing with his earless Blabla...

ONLY Blubear will do these days. he has been going alot of places with us. Also at bedtime, his first action is to pitch all his other fluffies from the crib. Only bluebear 1 and blubear2 can stay!

August 28th Peebs turned 13 mos! He has been doing all sorts of new things since his Birthday!


Weight: Approx 30 lbs

Size Clothes: 24 mos/2T except t-shirts he wears a 4T! Shoes 5.5

New Tricks/Milestones : 
- He has mastered pulling up and cruising along the furniture. He can stand up on his own but he eventually tries to take a step and face plants. It never bothers him much though.  
- Lots of clapping and slapping things together lately.
- he has discovered his weenie and boy does he love that thing! No need for bath toys anymore!
- He enjoys playing under things and in nooks and crannies.

 These pics are hilarious to me! He loves playing under my scrapbook desk.
 I call this "walking on his high heels" because he always crawls with stuff in his hands and it makes alot of noise like high heels and makes him taller. HA

Words: Nothing. Nadda. Just Caveman grunts and ear piercing squeals

Toys : His favorite toys right now are 
His Ball pit, the Incrediblock, ilatch,  books, dishes, and the Peebs Mobile

Baby Gear: Stroller.Car seat. High Chair. ilatch. pack N Play.

What's in the diaper bag: FOOD and diapers and maybe a book and extra outfit and a sippy. Snacks help appease him when we are out and about.

Breast Feeding : No more! 

Eating : a nice balance of solids and mush. I was trying to get rid of eating mush till I realized its much easier to eat healthy that way, solids are tricky! Breakfast he has milk, a whole grain waffle, yogurt and some fruit. Lunch is always a toss up with some food off my plate and some mush. Same for dinner. He still really loves breakfast bars and eats them way more than he should! 

Sleeping - He is still sleeping through the night, however right around midnight or 2ish he will wake up and scream out, he may even sit up but never opens his eyes. Not sure what that is all about but we just let him work it out and he is usually back asleep after 1-2 minutes.

Teeth - 7 in and maybe a few on the way. Lots of drooling and runny nose lately.

Diapers - Still using Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers with Hemp Inserts. He wears a size 5 in disposable dipes.

Books - Llama , Llama Red Pajama,  I love you Stinky Face, 

Behavior/Discipline - Wowsa. Bad boy this month. I think he is testing his limits. He has :

- been getting some leg pops for food throwing
- trying to stand up in the bath tub
-  being mean to Ralphie.(He is VERY protective of Erik and I showing attention to any other children and apparently Ralphie and Flossie are included so he tries to swat Ralphie out of my lap alot :( Not sure when this is gonna get better! )
- He has started showing a temper! He gets frustrated and will rip at his clothes of his diaper.. or my clothes! Its pretty crazy to see.
- Goes nuts when I change his diaper

He spends most of his time these days "filling and spilling" and if he can find a good napkin or tissue he will rip it into a gazillion pieces.

Most of my blog friends with kids his age are now walking and some even talking! Peebs is slower on the developmental train ( and so was I) but it is all good. He's just a babe and is doing well, just wanted to put that out there in case you are reading this and your babe is younger than peebs and getting jiggy with it! 


grizaham said...

What up baby Fenn!!

Amber said...

Oh my goodness those pics are hilarious! He's just so cute!

AP said...

Grow Baby Fenn, Grow!!! These pics are priceless! Hope you're holding down the RV, Peebs! xoxo

Anna said...

I love "walking on his high heels"! Hilarious!

Cory Holder said...

Sweet Peebs! Love that little guy! Happy Monthly b'day buddy!

Susannah said...

He is giant and I remember Emma doing these same things! Yay Fenn! Can't wait to see y'all in 8 days!

KM said...

Happy 13 months Fenn! Don't worry Mama, Fenn is on the same track that C was! I remember stressing about why he wasn't walking or talking. Now I can't keep him still and he wakes up talking and keeps on until he lays down to sleep. He doesn't say as many words as kids his age, but he babbles non-stop. I put SO much stress on myself on the "why's" and "what if." Because of this stress, I didn't get to just relax, let it be, and have as much fun as I should have during that time. You my friend have a cutie on your hands. I love the earless Blabla ;)

Julie Bray said...

As cute as ever!

I can't believe he loves those blue bears. Ben has two little ones and one big blue bear that he sleeps with every night. They are his fav as well. Are Fenn's the Gunt soft 1st bears?

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