Monday, September 19, 2011

All Star Toys 9-15 mos.

I like making these toy lists because I WISH someone would make them for me to read so when I go to consignment sales I can think ahead lol.. So  this is my list of toys that not only Peebs really enjoys but any kids that come over to play with him also love. 
The All-Star Toy List:

I learned about these puzzle magnets from my friend Emily. Her kids love them. They go on the fridge and can keep your babe busy when you cook. They come in several different "themes" and on average are about $13.
The Fisher Price Incrediblock. I have NEVER heard or seen this thing before my SIL gifted one to my niece. She also gave Peebs one for his birthday and he Loves this thing, and kids of all ages that come over also love it. It is kind of like one gigantic musical puzzle. Comes with some neat blocks too. I have only ever seen them on Amazon but if you ever come across one you should totally buy it!
A ball pit! I made my own and it was pretty cheap. I just use a tent filled with balls. This thing is MESSY. I pick up balls about 87 times a day, but  I don't care. I get a surprising amount of exercise picking up after my boy. He and all his friends LOVE this ball tent. They get in there and kick and squeal with glee. Its adorable and very funny.  If we go out of town, the 1st thing he does upon being reunited with his playroom is book it to the ball tent and roll around! ha

Radio Flyer Sport Coupe. This car is pretty awesome! It lights up and has lots of buttons to push ands sounds to make. It has an extendable ( and removable) handle for parent pushing. The floor board retracts so they can power it with their feet when they are older! I also love that you can order spare parts from Radio Flyer website , in case say ( *cough, cough*) you leave it outside and the dog chews the steering wheel...

The ilatch! Y'all didn't think I would do this post without an ilatch shout out did you ? LOL but I am being sincere. It is something we use daily and he really does love it. The ilatch is a kid friendly ipad case that allows it to hang from the car headrests, pack n play, stroller etc. It is what makes running errands with children possible! 

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House or FarmGate. These are soooo popular with kids. Lots of activities they like , for instance opening and shutting, or spinning wheels, pushing buttons,
Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker! This was  a gift from fellow Blogger My Chiquaqua Bites and he LOVES this thing. He mostly enjoys THROWING the wooden pieces cause they make alot of noise but he plays with it every day!

What toys do your kids love did love at this stage?


grizaham said...

toys are cool.

Alicia said...

Thanks for this list!!!!

Alicia said...

Thanks for this list!!!!

Mallory said...

Thanks for this list! I'm wondering what to buy Grace for Christmas. I love that the things on this list aren't all light up battery powered contraptions. I feel so OLD when I go to Toys r Us and wonder what kids did before the days of powered lighted toys :) (Granted, we do have some of them, it's inevitable!)

AndreaLeigh said...

i'm glad you did this list. i need to do the same, but I can't remember that far back. Ha.

i am so glad he likes his toy! i love, love, love M&D.

Cooper has the leapfrog fridge toys. we have one with the alphabet and one with animals.

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