Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Fenn is 14 Months Old!

Height & Weight : We have not been to the Pedi in forever so I am gonna guess about 32lbs and 32"

Size Clothes : 2T in most things but 4T in t-shirts. Shoes 5.5 or 6
New Tricks/Milestones:  Spitting! He has learned to spit and does it ALOT.  Not walking yet but he can, he just gets scared and decided crawling is faster and pops down to the floor and takes off. if he is not thinking about it he will take a few steps.

Toys :  Still loves the incrediblock, ball hut and books
Baby Gear: Got the Fisher Price Apptivity Case this week and LOVE it. Its awesome. The only downfall is, it takes a minute to get the iphone in and out of  the case.

What's in the diaper bag : Diapers, Snacks, sippy cup, the apptivity case, a book, tylenol.
Breast Feeding - Nope
Eating - Eating very well these days. Still having porridge with table food.  Still having reactions to dairy. Each time he drinks milk or eats yogurt he spits up for a few hours afterward. 
Sleeping -  Sleeping from pretty much 7pm - 6am. For the last few weeks he has been waking up SCREAMING in the middle of the night. Have no idea why. I usually will go in and rock him then lay him back down. He stops screaming the second I pick him up. Sometimes he will still he laying down asleep while screaming and other times he is standing up at the edge of the bed facing the door ( waiting on me).. 

Teeth: He currently has 8 teeth in but is in serious teething mode. I think it is for incisors? Green = teeth that are in and red= in progress

Diapers - Still using Charlie Banana Diapers size large but REALLY struggling to snap them. I need some cloth diapers made for babies with big ham hocks. Working on that now. Open to suggestions!
Books: llama, Llama Red Pajama, and the Pop Art Books from Mel
Behavior/Discipline: Normally he minds very well, but we are encountering some problems with him feeding Ralphie from the high chair and he screams his head off for diaper changes again. 

This pic is hilarious. He is laughing at his daddy. Nothing makes him laugh like his daddy and Ralphie. 

 We tried for a little mom and peebs photo opp before the Hockey Game since We were both showered, dressed and not covered in food. Unfortch, the settings on my camera were off. I am slowly teaching myself with tutorials off pinterest ( this one is my fav.) and not quite a pro yet. Anybody know how to fix this exposure so we don't look so WHITE?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Iphone 5 Will be Announced on Oct 4th!

Finally Apple gives a date for the announcement of OSX 5 and Iphone 5! Now if they do the iphone launch when we are in Mexico I will be SO SAD.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

UpCycling Toys....

I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about upcycling old toys, mostly because I need to be able to remember this process myself! I am the queen of toy hoarding, and a lot of that is because I find them at Goodwill and bring them back to life. 
 The Perks:

  • Use toys are MUCH cheaper.
  • keeping plastic out of the dump/better for the earth
  • and.... it is kind of fun.

I always have a running list of toys that I am looking for or know are cool, and so when I find them I snatch them up. Pretty much any toy company out there offers the option of buying replacement parts or stickers if you are trying to bring a toy back to life. 
For instance, Remember this Fisher Price Laugh & Learn House?
Retail is $90 and I paid $5. I did have to scrub crayon off it! But,  My boy loves this thing! It has a set of parts that come with it, and were missing from Goodwill, so I went online to Fisher Price Web parts and ordered them for $5. So total was $10. A great savings and my boy LOVES that thing.

Recently we went to The Monkey Tree House with Walker and played and the ENTIRE time we were there, Peebs played with a grocery cart and some fake food, so I made a mental note to put that on on Christmas list.
But Yesterday I found one in Goodwill for $6! (Retail $30-35) .. So we scooped that bad boy up! It was pretty dirty those so I did an intense cleaning on it and let it dry overnight.
Before and After pic:

and because I am nerd about making the toys look their best, I went online to google images and found the Little Tikes logo, resized it, printed it and modge- podged it on.

Not Bad ehh?

So if you are interested in doing a little toy restoration of your own, I leave you with these tips:

1.) Don't be discouraged about buying a toy that is missing parts or has the stickers ripped off or faded. Almost all major toy companies sell extra or replacement parts online:

Buying Replacement Parts : 

2.) Don't let the dirt scare ya. It comes off! Below are some easy cleaning tips for toys to sanitize them and clean off any dust and grime from being kept outside:

Clorox Wipes are great for just wiping down any hard toys
Lysol Fabric Spray can also be good for anything soft surfaced. I use a cycle on my washing machine called " sanitizing" which uses really hot water and that works wonders for any stuffed animal type thing or fabric books.

3.) Get Creative. They make all kinds of plastics paints these days. My favorite brand is Rustoleum, but others have had good results with Krylon. 
You might remember the Peebs Mobile? You find old Kiddie cars on Craigslist easily and bring them back to life!

This lady did a great job with the coupe and has an EXCELLENT tutorial on her blog. Click that link if you wanna Pin it or read up.

and here is another awesome make over of the Cozy Coupe.  Head over to her blog to see more pics , as it was a Michigan inspired makeover! Also she has triplets so @2to5 and @lifeofmegan might wanna check out her blog!

4.) Upholstry. I am still working on this one. I found a Pottery Barn Kids chair for $7 recently at a consignment sale and I need to figure out how to clean it since it is too big to fit into my washing machine. Anybody have any tips for that?

I did a rough talley this week of all the toys and stuff in my playroom to see how much I have spent and it was just over $200! Which is hard to believe because there is SO much stuff in here! HA but that is a pretty thrifty playroom.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Iphone App Review: Diptic+

I am sure most of you know about Diptic by now, but just incase I thought I would share it with y'all. It is a very user friendly app that allows you to make photo collages. Great for bloggers when you have tons of pics to post. Also a great way to show before and after pics or side by side photos.

There are several options for how many pics you can add and the layout:

Works on both ipad and iphones!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Collection of Random Thoughts...

  • I will never understand why I am so much more productive when PB and I are here alone and bubs is at work. It makes no sense because when he is home, he can watch peebs while I do chores, but when he is away I do SO much more.
  • We saw the Pearl Jam 20 Documentary this week and it was amazing. You know those movies that you watch and you still think about days later.... it was one of those. Not just because I love Pearl Jam, but also because I like music and seeing the behind the scenes stuff about bands and the record industry was intriguing.
  • I have plans to write a post about children watching TV, but I will wait a few days since this week has provided just about all the blog drama I can handle. 
  • A girl left a comment on another blog this week about me being a good momma, and I have to say it has left me on cloud 9. It was so sweet and she said so many things about my momma skillz that I don't give much thought to.
  • I am sooo glad all the Fall TV shows are back on in full swing. I LOVE TV, and I have no shame in my game. I think its perfectly fine. I watched " Up all Night" ... a new sitcom and it was hilarious. That couple is SO us. 
  • I have never been excited to dress peebs, until this fall. I got him so many cute Fall outfits from the consignment sales and he is finally moving around (instead of sitting in a scrunched up ball/blob) so that you can appreciate the cuteness of his outfit .
  • I always said I would *never* be that parent that talks about my kids BM s on the internet, but I have to always talk myself out of telling y'all these horror stories, like how peebs took a giant dump in the Nordstrom Kids shoe department this week. That wasn't embarrassing at all. Neither was carrying around that stinky cloth diaper in my purse for the rest of the day.
  • I need some cute Fall clothes like WOAH. I have hardly any cute clothes. I made a pact with myself during pregnancy that I would not fill my closet with nonsense and only but clothes that I LOVE and that look good one me.
  • I am starting to become terrified of my ilatch launch. This has been so much more work and money that I ever thought it would be, and more rewarding too , but dang it is intimidating. Today I had to try and find a "injection plastic molding manufacturer" in the US. That wasn't awkward at all. Especially with peebs squealing to the top of his lungs during all the phone calls.
  • Speaking of Peebs, He has learned how to spit. as in SPIT on purpose and he really enjoys it. I caught him laying in the floor today spitting on the floor, and staring then doing it all over again. He also enjoys spitting anything from his sippy cup through his teeth.
  • I can not stop thinking about that poor baby that died in the shopping cart this week. I am  sooooo sad for that family, and so THANKFUL that I have a healthy happy boy. I have prayed about it a million times in 2 days.
  • I have NO idea how Santa is gonna have any toys to bring my boy  because I don't think I can buy stuff this early without giving it to him. I can see this being a problem for years, because I still love toys at my age, and I remember what it was like as a kid to get a new toy or to be bored and so... no ability to restrain. ( Bubs pretend you didn't read that)
  • Have y'all seen that blog "Suri's Burn Book"? I just saw it this week and I DIE. It is so funny. It is someone writing a very sarcastic blog from Suri Cruise' s point of view.
  • I think Peebs is gonna be Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba for Halloween.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

@edwardsedition and her crew visit the Grizas

My sister wife @edwardsedition was in town with her 2 bambinos from Thurs-Monday. I love that she is now a SAHM so we can play midweek! We had the best time and ran these poor kids ragged with all the consignment sales and fun.
I had forgotten what it was like to have a baby this small and it was so sweet. Having 2 more kids around did both, give me the feva, and made me realize how much harder it will be with 2...or 3.

PB and Emma played so sweet together! She loved his ball hut.
They also played house with the Laugh and learn gates. Every now and then Peebs would get on her nerves and she would drag it out of his reach.
and from the looks of this hurricane... they had fun! Emma would wake up every morning and tell Sus " I play with toys" ha
and on Saturday we had lots of friends over for football! You can see these 2 presh War Eaglers below. Look how big peebs is, 13 mos next to that 24 mos old.
I like to call this one, play yard divided. Walky is an Alabama Baby.
and we played some corn hole in the back yard with all the babes and let them run around free in the grass. They loved those boards.
Then Sunday we tailgated for the Titans Game. It look like a traveling Day care out there! ( the daycare was behind me when shooting this picture)

And after tailgating we went to see Granny Annie! 

All in all it was a great visit. One of my fav things about hanging out with friends like this is learning parenting tips and tricks. I can tell you that Sus is an expert diciplinarian. Emma was one of the most well behaved children I have ever seen. When she did get in trouble it was interesting watching how Sus handled it. Now I know who to go to if/when Peebs starts getting out of control!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WEN Shampoo

Have you guys ever heard of WEN? I recently fell prey to an infomercial and it was like an hour long on WEN and I was way too curious so I tweeted about it and several people said they use it and liked it. So then I got on Amazon and ordered some!
Here is the guy that invented WEN... this picture is a little Creepy McCreeperson....

Anyway, I say all this to say, I love WEN. I have very thin hair and ever since pregnancy my hair has been dry. This stuff made my hair so soft , shiny and slick WITHOUT weighing it down and making it all greasy!

Just thought I would share incase anyone else had seen the same infomercial! HA

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making Your Blog Easily Readable on Mobile Devices

WHEW! I have done some mad researching on how to make my blog easy to read on iphones and the like. ( Thanks jessiD for the suggestion)! 
So.... after all that work I thought I would share it with you guys incase you wanted to do  this as well. 
I went HERE and read this tutorial. This blog has great advice for tricking out your blog! The Tutorial has screen shots.

It basically involves you going to and entering in your blog URL. From there it gives you some options but one is pasting the code into your blog header. See below where that box to paste the code is located. I just pasted mine right at the top of all my design code. 

Grab This code:

That will enable automatic detection by mobile devices so that they can see an easy and clean view of your blog. The meaty part.....
Here is where you paste the code:
 and then it will look like this when you access it from the iphone:

Email me if you have any questions. Sometimes when I muddle through this sort of thing I can never remember what steps actually worked so it is possible I left out something!  

Monday, September 19, 2011

Here's What I Have to Say About That....

I gotta tell y'all.... lately some things have been getting on my nerves.. or some people rather... and so today we are just gonna go there.. Shall we?

- What the H is with women who like to break down and insult other women? I mean that as bloggers and as moms. It is SO irritating to me. I am fully aware that most people parent and blog and do a lot of things differently and I actually enjoy it. I find it stimulating and interesting. But some women..... they use it as an excuse to launch a witch hunt. I have seen it a lot lately on twitter, facebook and in blogs and I am so over it. Being mean on the internet is so cowardly you know?
and I am having to take my own advice and not say anything about the Rudy Judi's but It is hard not to defend my internet friends against maliciousness.

- Another thing that blows me away is, how at this age in life with marriage and kids how anyone can actually make the time to say " but that was my idea, or I thought of that 1st ... or you copied me/plagiarized my blog".... seriously? WHO CARES.  There is very little that is actually an original idea of any kind. There are WAY too many people in this world.. so thinking that you are the only person who can like something or do something is pretty delusional.  Once I did some artwork with a chevron pattern on it and someone emailed me threatening to sue me because "that was their idea" HA for reals? I'm pretty sure the Indians own the patent on Chevron patterns.. next in line would be Missoni!
In other words, whining all over twitter about the fact that people LIKE your free printable or re-pinned your idea? Yeah that gets a big UNFOLLOW.

- AND.... while I am on my soap box let me tell you that I don't like for anyone to try and pressure bloggers to put it all out there. I think it is a personal choice to decide when and what you blog about. Personally, I am not a person to hide anything, BUT my blog is not just about me! It reflects on my family and friends and one day I am sure my SON will read it. 
    Do I want him to read about how one day his daddy and I battled it out because he likes all lights off and I turn every light ON in this house? No... I don't. Also I have the blessing and curse of a terrible memory and can generally forget all about something in 3 days time. Blogging is way for me to remember things that I WANT to remember.. ya know? Sometimes, like right now, it is a great way to vent.
Saying all that to say that is how I feel, but I certainly don't mind reading posts of all kinds, just don't like when people try to box you in as "trying to appear perfect" for not putting it all out there.

WHEW , alright I am done whining now. Thanks for listening !! HA

All Star Toys 9-15 mos.

I like making these toy lists because I WISH someone would make them for me to read so when I go to consignment sales I can think ahead lol.. So  this is my list of toys that not only Peebs really enjoys but any kids that come over to play with him also love. 
The All-Star Toy List:

I learned about these puzzle magnets from my friend Emily. Her kids love them. They go on the fridge and can keep your babe busy when you cook. They come in several different "themes" and on average are about $13.
The Fisher Price Incrediblock. I have NEVER heard or seen this thing before my SIL gifted one to my niece. She also gave Peebs one for his birthday and he Loves this thing, and kids of all ages that come over also love it. It is kind of like one gigantic musical puzzle. Comes with some neat blocks too. I have only ever seen them on Amazon but if you ever come across one you should totally buy it!
A ball pit! I made my own and it was pretty cheap. I just use a tent filled with balls. This thing is MESSY. I pick up balls about 87 times a day, but  I don't care. I get a surprising amount of exercise picking up after my boy. He and all his friends LOVE this ball tent. They get in there and kick and squeal with glee. Its adorable and very funny.  If we go out of town, the 1st thing he does upon being reunited with his playroom is book it to the ball tent and roll around! ha

Radio Flyer Sport Coupe. This car is pretty awesome! It lights up and has lots of buttons to push ands sounds to make. It has an extendable ( and removable) handle for parent pushing. The floor board retracts so they can power it with their feet when they are older! I also love that you can order spare parts from Radio Flyer website , in case say ( *cough, cough*) you leave it outside and the dog chews the steering wheel...

The ilatch! Y'all didn't think I would do this post without an ilatch shout out did you ? LOL but I am being sincere. It is something we use daily and he really does love it. The ilatch is a kid friendly ipad case that allows it to hang from the car headrests, pack n play, stroller etc. It is what makes running errands with children possible! 

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House or FarmGate. These are soooo popular with kids. Lots of activities they like , for instance opening and shutting, or spinning wheels, pushing buttons,
Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker! This was  a gift from fellow Blogger My Chiquaqua Bites and he LOVES this thing. He mostly enjoys THROWING the wooden pieces cause they make alot of noise but he plays with it every day!

What toys do your kids love did love at this stage?

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Home Organization Binder....

Twitter has been all abuzz with the Erin Codren Life Planners lately, and they are so pretty, that I was indeed tempted! I am a sucker for making lists and anything planner/calendar related. I am a former Franklin Covey addict! 
But over the years, I have discovered that what really works best for me, is to make my own planner. 
After years of searching, I found a leather 3 ring binder at Staples a few years ago, ordered a monogram decal from Etsy and had beautiful binder! 

Then I personalize the inside with whatever I have going on. Currently my tabs are:
Home ( for cleaning lists etc)
Fenn ( anything kid related, Dr. Print outs, shot schedule, Birth certificate, )

Behind each section I have a page that holds business cards that pertain to the tabbed section:

I use TONS of page protectors!

I love  to go and find neat printables on pinterest and print them out for each section! 

My current favorite printable is this Blog Post Planner:

and I have other printable sheets that have things like check register forms and contacts list that I use for my business tab

I finally made my very own printable, (using pages on a mac computer) for my weekly cleaning chores. If you want you can download it as well for Free by clicking HERE

What are you guys using to stay organized? A blog friend recently did an awesome VLOG on comparing the Mom Agenda and the Erin Codren Life Planner. I highly recommend you guys watch it because that is full of good info.
Any neat printables I should know about? Please leave links in the comments!

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