Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So The Craziest Thing Happened Yesterday....

I got an email from the Books From Birth Foundation about a fundraiser they were having in our neighborhood. They frequently partner with retailers and seek people to go support the retailer to raise money for the foundation. Its an amazing thing, that they provide children with a free book every month till they are 5! Peebs has really enjoyed his so yesterday we stopped by to show our support, only to my surprise this was like a CRAZY Situation.
I walked into an office building filled with boxes FULL of very nice and expensive things, most were brand new. There were a lot of handbags.. and i mean like 200-300 of them and expensive ones and I knew they were authentic so I started being a little concerned about why all these new things were being sold so cheap. 
The lady then told me that her mother in law who was very sick had a home health care worker. That worker was taking her credit cards for a ride for YEARS before they caught her, and they only caught her when she started maxxing out credit cards with a 30K limit. She was arrested, all of her purchases seized and have been in custody until now and this poor girl has storage units full of stuff that it is too late to return to the stores so she is selling it like a yard sale and giving proceeds to the book foundation. 
It was very sad to look a room full of frivolous expensive things and know how badly she took advantage of her patient. She must have the coldest heart EVER. I have to say it was pretty interesting seeing ALL of her stuff, I know a lot about her now, just from that.  For instance she loves the color pink and anything by BRICS.
So what could I do but my part to help get some of thats stuff off her hands! To give you an idea of the kind of deals I mean... I got a pair of FRYE boots new for $20.

Check out this box with about 45 sets of brand new Williams-Sonoma Dish Towels
I got this set of utensils and cannister and dish towels $5 for the utensils and $5 for the towels. I added up the price tags on those utensils when I got home and it was over $100!!
Brand New North Face Jacket $30
Brand New Pottery Barn Sheet Set for a Queen bed $20 I have actually been shopping around for this very thing in this very color.
All the makeup and perfume was free so CoCo I got you a ton of perfume! I will mail  it to you soon! :)
Now is that not a wild story or what?


Jade Colquett said...

oh my gosh...i'm moving to Nashville and following your every bargaining move!! Super sad story but glad you ran upon this.

Courtney said...

That is straight crazy. So sad that the caretaker did that, but hopefully she will get some money back from all these sales!

Sarah said...

Why does this shit never happen to me??? (of course I mean the awesome sale shit, not the steal all your money shit)

Courtney said...

That is crazy! Glad to hear they are donating to the Imagination Library. I love that foundation and wish Alabama had something like it. Can't wait to get my prize!!

brooke said...

can i send you to get me some things?!

AndreaLeigh said...

that is amazing! i can't believe the cool deals you find. you are the master shopper!

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