Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Post I have been trying to Figure Out How to write for Weeks..

Catchy title no? Well I have been noticeably absent from the blog lately, and with good reason. I have been working VERY hard on a new project. and that project is NOT a new baby! ha (I plan to work on that job this winter!)
I have been trying to figure out when and how to tell you guys about my project and when I was legally cleared to discuss.
I am sure you guys remember when I first introduced you to my ipad holder for the stroller and you are all aware of my passion for all APPLE products!
   At the time, I had no plans, but was just desperately trying to solve some of our travel woes with all of the upcoming trips for summer. After some time, and some tweaks we started taking that thing everywhere and LOTS of people would stop to ask us about it, and some more passionate than others others but  quite a few who tried to buy it or wanted to know where I bought it. After that we decided maybe we would try to make it.  Many times I get nervous and each time bubs is there saying DO IT.
So that has lead us down a long and crazy road. It has been much more work (and money) than I initially expected.
I say all of that to say that the ilatch is coming to life! I have a patent pending, trademark and a logo! Now I am seeking backing online via Kickstarter is an awesome site for inventors to share their idea and seek funding! Please check out my page and pledge if you feel up to it! Even $1 helps! It is an all or none type deal, so my goal is to raise $7000! If I do not raise the 7000 in 30 days then I get no funding! 
You can view my Kickstarter Page Here:

You can "Like" my kickstarter page straight from that link , tweet it or get the code to repost my video! 

I would also REALLY appreciate you guys to pass this along to your friends, family and such. A tweet, a facebook status, a blog, a conversation... anything you can do would be awesome! If you wanna pledge thats great too! 

Thanks so much! Wish me Luck! 


Amber said...

What great news! Good luck and I can't wait to get my hands on an iLatch! So proud of you for taking a leap!

Sarah Stanley said...

I'm very impressed! Maybe Mr. Stanley can get me an ipad for Christmas so I can buy your doo-hickie!

Cassandra said...

Awesome idea!

Julie Bray said...

YAY! Exciting!!!

Amy C. said...

So cool! I thought when you posted before that someone would end up making a similar product...I'm just glad it is you getting to reap the rewards of your own creativity! I had already decided I was going to have to make myself one of these when I have a baby, but I can just buy the iLatch and save myself the trouble. Congrats on your newest "baby."

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Wow this is amazing! Great job!

Garden of Egan said...

I saw a recipe someone had posted on Pinterest that linked to you for homemade laundry soap.
I haven't been able to find the recipe.
I'm very interested.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I am so, so proud of you!!!!!

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