Friday, August 5, 2011

Playroom Updates..

We have taken our house off the market folks! We had a buyer that messed with us and got us all frustrated and after that we decided to take a break from the housing market. It is ALOT of work to show a house with a babe and 2 pups and I hated living in limbo!  We are happy either way as we love this house, but eventually we will need to be in a better school district for the boy.
So now I will put out all of my obnoxious holiday decorations for each month, and work on a few house projects. The playroom has been getting some work. We didn't want to do anything if we were about to move, so now that we are staying, its time to work!

I found the paint for this room in our basement and did some touch up. Peeps who painted this house made a lot of mistakes! They forgot to paint that triangle above the desk,  so I did that and I also painted our attic door the color of the wall to make it blend it better.

It was Dark Wood to start, then 1st coat then 2nd coat and its all blended!

ZGallery Inspiration

I bought an orange curtain at my discount store for $6 cut it up and sewed it to my existing curtains to extend the length and add some color. They were way too short. We also raised them up about 12:" and painted the curtain rod orange to extend the color up there. The couch bases are twin beds so I bought some $5 orange sheets at Wal-mart and plan to use a bunch of Euro pillows along the back to add print and more color. If any of you see any Euro shams in my color scheme please let me know!! The ones above are at Z-Gallery and I love them! They have curtains in that print as well.


Cheryl E. said...

Its coming along so cute. Sorry to hear about your housing situation but at least you know what you are doing for the time being.

melissa said...

The playroom looks great. I love the penant banner above the window!

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